How to Woo Your Husband, Make Your Marriage Secured and Sweet

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There is more to sex than what happens behind closed doors between you and your husband. It is this thing that accounts for longevity of any marriage anywhere. You may ask;” What exactly is this thing?” Well, it is the most important of all things that happens in marriage – it is your ability to please your husband to his satisfaction. Pleasing your husband is a full-time job and sex is part of it.
You must be concerned with the way you look when you send your husband off to work and when you receive him back from office either in the evening or at noon day. You need to realize that wives should “always be lovers”, too. Jump into his arms the moment he shows up at the door. This makes him think there
is a peaceful, happy home and understanding wife to be with at home. At that moment his emotions are programmed for a great bedtime experience. This has been the most important capsule to heal and reclaim any ailing marriage to normality.

Many women that complain about insensitivity of their spouses are simply insensitive to the needs of their spouses. As a married marriage counselor for years; I have come to discover that, the best way to determined how your husband should treat you (The wife) in the day is best done in the night right behind closed doors. Give your man the satisfaction on the bed, and leave the rest as stories in the broad daylight. Any woman who can make a man as for more and more like Oliver Twists will have herself treated as Queen of his life in the bright daylight, and even before the public glare.

 There are two ways to a man heart. First is through his mouth. Any woman who can cook delicious meal for a man has indirectly stolen away his heart. It does not matter the social hierarchy or economic class he belong. The second way to a man heart is through his waist. If you can show reasonable tender care and love to your man, then, you have secured a permanent resident visa for your self in that marriage. Men are very mindful when it comes to love making. He watches out to the facial impression and the general body responses of the woman during the act of intercourse.

Make your marriage glow with fun. Drop your man mysterious love note here and there -Do this very often, and maintain variety. Paste a note on the bed side for him before he wake up, and put another suggestive one for him on the walls of mirror in the bathroom. Make him know that you are completely in charge of him. Men are simply over grown babies and love to be pampered a lot. While he is still at the table for his breakfast, ease up fast into a very sexy short skirt or gown that unveils much about the uncaged elemental tools beneath to bid him bye for the day work. As he departs for work the memory of your sexy picture dominate his mind all through the day.

Do not forget to drop a secret love note in his suitcase or in the pocket of his clothes. Your man will miss you so much during the day at work, and as the evening begins to emerge his fantasy will run riot in his wild imagination. This way you woo your spouse to love you for life and secure your marriage.

Make my marriage work is the wrong approach to take even if that’s the goal you want to accomplish. It requires finesse, art, and talent to make a marriage work, and brute force won’t work. There are a thousand things to do to ensure that your marriage has a good chance of being smooth. That is because it takes two parties to get married, and sometimes two parties can be at odds with one another even if one party wants to make it work. There are an infinite amount of solutions to the hard problems of solving marriage difficulties.

Marriages are established on continual mutual compliments of the other person. Most marriages last longer when they are based on friendship and appreciation of the other person. Marriages that don’t last are based on casual sex and lots of spice in the bedroom, and those marriages only tend to last 6 months to a year.
You can choose to make your marriage work, however. Marriage is a partnership, and oftentimes there are children. When a marriage is dissolved, there are lots of problems that can result from the breakup that can leave a lasting and indelible impression on the children and everyone else around you. For the sake of the children and everyone in you life, it is sometimes better to keep on going with the marriage even if it doesn’t make the two of you happy. You owe it to the people in your life to ensure that the marriage prospers over time for the sake of others, and your own individual happiness can be gratified in other ways, perhaps by agreeing to see other people on the side but still maintaining a solid core of love, respect, and togetherness when you’re around the children.

It’s also important to remember that love is a decision and not a feeling. If people just went by their feelings, then this world would be a very scary place. Decisions take commitment, reckoning, and reasoning. You have to choose to remain loving, devoted, loyal, and committed in order to make the relationship work.
Giving up is selfish because it hurts all those around you, and you have to realize that love is a sacrifice sometimes, and marriage is the full reward of that sacrifice.

Even if both spouses love each other sincerely, at times they might find themselves getting more and more distant from each other and getting close to a divorce. But like me, you too can take some steps into saving your marriage and turning it into a satisfying relationship.

Understanding the Concept of Sex

1. Sex within the marriage relationship was given by God for several reasons, the most obvious of which is producing children. But the other aspects are important too – the release of sexual tension, expression of deep love and mutual enjoyment of the physical pleasures of sexual intercourse.

2. Sex is great within the boundaries of marriage and with the one you love most. Sex is not an all men affairs or all women affairs. Every grown up adult has developed sex organs and consistently experience the urge to have sex with someone. Sex can and should be enjoyed by women as well as men. From age long research works, it is clear that women have same capacities as men to enjoy sexual intercourse.

3. Many women do not enjoy sex with their husbands rather enjoy sex outside their marriages. This is one of the fundamental challenges of the 21st century. They complain that, the man at home is yet to know much about sex. But, I think this is not the best way to handle issues of this status. For one to enjoy sex in marriage there has to be cooperation of both partners involved. There must be a rested harmony at the mind level of individuals involved. Then commitment is another thing.

4. Sex outside the marriage is quite expensive adventure. You stand the risk of losing your marriage to the monster of divorce. You stand the chance of actually infected with viral diseases that can destroy the happiness in your marriage. It is true that sex can heal almost everything, but it is never everything itself. Physical pleasure that goes with sexual intercourse is temporal, but the pains and regrets that cluster the mind after sex with a stranger is permanent. Character of individuals in marriage is everything to the survival of marital union.

5. In marriage or courtship every man looks up for a great time with his mate. It becomes reality only if the man himself is real in both mind and physical psychology about himself and his lover. Character should feed sexual behaviour of every adult and not sex the other way. For it is usually destructive to any marriage when sex or the urge to have sex determines the behaviour of the partners involved. You can delve into all manners of errors if you are driven by sexual tensions than by the actual sense of falling in love. Men make love to faces, especially if the woman involved is beautiful and has sexy eyes. Many men after find it difficult to relax their element in between their legs.

6.It is obvious that the weakest among women know how to torment a man sexually. It sounds like a sweet-nonsense to hear a man grumble away his pay check just to get under a woman thigh. It is even much more funny to witness where strong and influential men go on their kneels to beg a girl of less than 25 years for sex in the brothels. That is why, I did submitted above that sex outside the marriage borders is expensive because the man pays in two ways, namely with money and with his integrity.

7. Ability to appreciate the primary values that God enshrined within instruction of marriage will help you to fulfill the purpose of marriage with ease. You can start now to appreciate the values of woman hood so that you become what God has destined you for in marriage.


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