How to Use WhatsApp on Laptop without any Software

WhatsApp Messenger is a proprietary, cross-platform, encrypted instant messaging client for smartphones. It uses the Internet to send text messages, documents, PDF files, GIF images, video, user location and audio messages to other users using standard cellular mobile numbers. So, I’ve used WhatsApp on my pc for some time now, and also you received’t even comprehend it while you chat with me – except I tell you. in this submit, I’ll show you the way to use WhatsApp for your laptop without downloading any software or utility.

Before the setup, you need to be aware of the subsequent;

  • You have to have WhatsApp on your telephone (preferably the latest version).
  • Your smartphone need to be related to the net.
  •  Your computer have to additionally be linked to the net.
  •  Your phone should usually be at a near variety on your laptop due to the fact there may be a wireless connection between the 2 devices to sync messages.

    After you’re capable of do those, you could begin with the under setups.

    A Way To Use WhatsApp on Laptop Without Any Software

    Step 1

    The primary factor you need to do is to open WhatsApp web to your telephone. Don’t worry, I’ll display you the way to get there from one of a kind telephones.

    Android: Open WhatsApp on your telephone, click on on “menu” and pick out WhatsApp web.

    iPhone: Open WhatsApp in your cellphone, click on on “settings” and choose WhatsApp net.

    Home windows: Open WhatsApp in your cellphone, click on “menu” and pick out WhatsApp web.

    BlackBerry: Open WhatsApp to your smartphone, click on “chats”, then menu key and pick out WhatsApp web.

    BlackBerry 10: Open WhatsApp on your telephone, swipe down from the pinnacle of the screen and pick WhatsApp internet.

    Nokia S60: Open WhatsApp on your phone, click on on “menu” and pick out WhatsApp net.

    Nokia S40: Open WhatsApp for your cellphone, swipe up from the bottom of the display and choose WhatsApp internet.

    After beginning WhatsApp web to your telephone, you have to have some thing just like the photo under in your display screen.
    Don’t touch anything on your device, Just move to step 2


    Step 2

    Visit on your PC to scan QR code. You should see something like the image below on your computer screen.


    Step 3

    After beginning WhatsApp web for your phone, test the QR code to your computer. Try this by means of positioning your phone for your computer as if you need to take a shot of your laptop’s display. Make sure you’ve got some thing like the picture below to your cellphone display.

    When you’ve achieved this, the page to your laptop will load robotically and show your WhatsApp chats. This is what I had after doing mine.
    Logging Out

    If you’re using a public computer, it is strongly recommended that you log out after chatting. But if you’re using your own computer, like me, just close the tab after chatting. Your chats will automatically appear the next time you visit You won’t need to repeat the logging in process again.

    If you, however, want to use another account on the same browser, you’ll have to log out and repeat the procedure above with the desired account.

    Logging out is quite simple. You can log out from your PC or phone.
    Log Out From PC

    Click on the drop down menu, and select logout.whatsapp-4


    Log Out From Phone

    Visit WhatsApp web (where you scanned your QR code) and you’ll see where to “log out from all computers”. See a display shot from my phone.

    Returned to you?

    I’m hoping you apprehend all of the steps given here these days. when you have any query or not clean about any step, please allow me recognize in the comment container below. I’ll be glad to help you.

    Remember the fact that your comments, questions, and mind are enormously welcome and most preferred.

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