18 Tips to Bring Your Relationship Alive Again

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Trying to convince your ex soon after the breakup will not yield positive results; in fact will only firm their resolve to stay clear of you. You need a much nuanced approach to convince them that you are their best bet and here is how you can do that. Read on…
Let the anger dissipate – No matter who is to blame for the breakup, both of you will be angry at each other and this anger will take some time to subside. Meeting an angry ex is not a very pleasant experience and you stay clear from him/her. Let your ex settle down emotionally before you begin your attempts to get them back.
What can you do to get your ex back? Is it possible to make up with your ex? 

1. Treat your ex like your past: If you can forget your ex temporarily it will do you a lot of good. This is easier said than done after all the investment you made in them; nevertheless, you need to put the past behind and look towards the future. At least pretend that you no longer pine for the past.
2. Take valuable lessons from your past relationship: While you are doing other things to forget your ex, try and come to some sort of conclusions as what exactly went wrong in your relationship. Make a mental note of all the troublesome issues and consult your friends and family for solutions. 
If possible call the relationship helpline and seek directions.
3. Check your ex’s status: Even before you begin your attempts you have to know if your ex is still single as if he/she has begun dating on the rebound then you will have change your action plan to factor in the other person as well.
4. Contact your ex: After a while just pick up the phone and make a call when your ex is at home after office hours or after school. Don’t call during the day when stress levels are usually high. Reestablish contact with your ex and from there on keep in touch on an intermittent basis. You need to renew the friendship and only then will you get a chance to get them back.

5. Begin to move on: Now comes the trickiest part and you need to summon your acting skills for this part. Start dating someone from your school or your workplace but keep it casual without any commitments. However, do express regret to common friends that your past relationship did not work out. Tell them that you still have feelings for your ex.
What can you do to get your ex back? Is it possible to make up with your ex? 

6. Send one last message: Your ex will show little or no interest in you as a way of getting even, however after waiting for sometime send a message across that you are now serious about your present relationship and will soon settle down if you don’t get any feedback from your ex. This will put your ex in panic mode and he/she will start sending you signal of them being interested in getting back.
The fact that your boyfriend needs convincing to give you another chance shows that you were the one that messed things up. Whether he gives you a chance or not depends on how sincere you are in obtaining one from him. Here is the right approach you can rely on.

7. Act in a dignified manner: Save what little self-esteem you may have by not begging, pleading, and groveling. To get him back after the mistake will take some doing and you have to be patient and dignified in your approach. Sure, you committed mistake but then who doesn’t?
What can you do to get your ex back? Is it possible to make up with your ex?
8. Stop feeling sorry all the time: Feeling sorry and guilty will not help you but will only make you look miserable. After the initial guilt trip get back to feeling normal as you have not killed anyone and it is just a breakup that happen everyday all around us.
9. Give him a break: Don’t try to be around your ex or stalk him thinking that his heart will melt and he will give you another chance. Please remember that nothing of that sort happens in real life and you have to earn his respect before he gives you another chance.

10. Focus inwards: Look inwards and identify areas in which you can improve as a person. Take care of all the negative traits you may have and try to be better person. However, don’t be too harsh on yourself as no one in this world is perfect, not even your ex boyfriend.

11. Remain cordial: Try and stay in touch with your ex boyfriend. If there is resistance in the beginning, try later, but maintain cordial relations with him. When his anger melts he will not be as hostile as he is now.
12. Stay single: To prove that you don’t fancy anyone else but him stay single consciously. Let him know that you don’t want to be associated with anyone although there is no dearth of suitors that will do anything to gain your affection. This trick will keep your ex hooked to you.
What can you do to get your ex back? Is it possible to make up with your ex?
13. Start getting closer: As his confidence in you begins to grow he will be more open to being friends with you. Once you are sure that your friendship has reached a stage where you can be candid with him ask him for another chance and tell him that you will accept his decision no matter what. Give him some time and he will surely agree to your proposal.
Many times a relationship will come to an abrupt end when someone makes a horrid mistake. It could have been unintentional, but still have a major effect on both people. If you are someone who has made a mistake, you may be searching for ways to fix what you have done. If you are sincere and have a desire to get your ex back, you will have to work on it and not give up.
14. Don’t Procrastinate: As soon as you have noticed that you made a big mistake, don’t waste any time. You should begin the process of making what is wrong, right. Though you are ashamed, you still need to talk to your ex. Your ex may still be quite angry, but you should attempt to stay strong.
What can you do to get your ex back? Is it possible to make up with your ex?
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15. Apologies Matter: There is nothing better than showing that you are sincerely sorry about what you have done. If you know that you have made a mistake, the best way to move past it is to apologize. Your ex will have more respect for you.
Communication is the Key

Without communication, you have nothing. Even after you have apologized to your ex, you still need to have some sort of communication in order to work things out. You will need to prove that you are sincere about fixing what you have done wrong.

16. Move Slow: Avoid being pushy, and instead move slow. Your ex will not want to feel that you are trying to control them, they want to see that you really care about them. After making a mistake, you will need to move slowly back into a relationship with your ex.
17. Spend Quality Time Together: Get to know each other again, and achieve this by becoming friends. Spend time together and enjoy doing activities that you once did together. It takes time to build a relationship back to how it used to be. Once you become comfortable again, you will see that your ex is much happier with you.
18. Remember the Past: Begin hanging out in places that you both once enjoyed. This will bring back happier memories for the both of you. Take this time to once again apologize for the past, and show him/her that you do really care.
Summary: See if you Have Chance; You never know the answer to a question, unless you ask. Take the risk and ask your ex for another chance. If they really care for you and believe things will work out, the answer will be yes. You may not get the answer you want right away, but never give up. Your ex may just need more time.

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