How to Create an Atmosphere for Marriage

There are many factors that can hinder a young man or lady from marrying. There are many young people who are matured and are not yet married. Whether we know it, accept it or not, the fact remains that we are all in the business of buying and selling our ideas, our beliefs, and of course, ourselves. For a young man or lady to sell, he or she has to position him or herself and create an atmosphere for marriage. There are a lot of Christian young men and ladies who are mature for marriage, but are still single.

Some empirical studies carried out by me and some other researchers have shown that there is a significant relationship between marriage and the way we package ourselves.
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From these studies it was observed that many young men and women have remained unmarried because of the way they package their lives.

Step 1: You must be friendly: There are too many Christians who are too serious with life that they find it very difficult making friends. If you are not friendly you can hardly attract the opposite sex. This is for real and an extra-ordinary trick you use to shy him/her away even without knowing.

No man or woman will want to have anything to do with an unfriendly individual.

Be sure and careful about this, being friendly does not mean looseness as some may assume. Marriage is generally initiated via friendship and as such any sister or brother who is not friendly may find it difficult to get a life partner. I therefore would encourage our young people to develop friendly attitude.

Step 2: Maintaining a good Christian attitude: There is no Christian young man or lady who would want to have anything to do with a no serious minded fellow. If truly you are a Christian, you will maintain those Christian virtues both in and outside the church.

Many eyes are on you and if it is observed that you are not the serious types, the tendencies are that a lot of young people will not want to have any serious relationship with you.

Step 3: You must be neat: Neatness is a vital factor that enhances closeness that can lead to marriage. Ordinarily, people are attracted to someone who is neat and generally withdraw from people who are unkempt.

Any sister or brother who is unkempt is always avoided by the opposite sex who is neat. You may have just one or two clothes but they must be well kept.

A person who is not neat even if he has a dozen clothes. Cleanliness is a way of life.
I therefore recommend that young people should wash and iron their clothes regularly, under wears for women should be washed and changed daily and that of men changed after two days (or daily).

Both men and women should take good care of their hair; it should also be washed regularly. Young people should brush their mouth twice daily and should see a dentist at least once in a year.
Young people should have regular bath and take good meals. All these will enhance the look of a young lady or young man.

People are not interested in marrying an awkward looking fellow no matter how spiritual, educated or rich such a person may be.

If you do a sales job that take you to the streets always and you sweat a lot, you should avoid wearing the same shirt without washing it the next day. Because the odor that will come out from that dress will likely be unfriendly.

Step 4: Comport yourself: The way we conduct ourselves in Church, Schools, business centers, and homes speak volumes of us. Our behavior in and outside the church tells people our true character.
Our true character could be seen in the way we react to issues in and outside the church, in our temper outburst, nagging attitudes.

When people get to know us with these unhealthy behaviors, they will resist their friends, children and significant others from marrying such a person.

No young lady will want to marry a young man who cannot control his temper. Some of the ladies will say, “I don’t want him to beat me up or even kill me”. They are scared of such persons.
Furthermore, no young man will want to marry a young lady who talks a lot. He will conclude that such lady will be nagging in the home.

Step 5: Dress moderately: Dress the way you would like to be addressed.
It is important that we dress well since our dressing speaks volume of us.

However, cute young ladies should be mindful of extravagant dress style. Young men are always scared of marrying ladies whose dress code portrays extravaganza.

Young men are now afraid that all their money may end up in buying only clothes for such persons when they marry them. In situations like these, a young girl may be closing her path for marriage unknowingly.
I will advise therefore that our young girls/ladies should dress moderately and in the fear of God. There are still others who are not mindful of their dressing code.

It is not a most-church-goer factor. All I am saying in effect is that our poor and awkward dressing could be a hindrance to getting a life partner and of course has most unfortunately hindered some already.

Step 6: Work hard and smart: A hardworking young man or lady will not find it difficult to get a life partner if she has all the other qualities discussed in the previous steps. No lady will want to marry a man who will not be able to take care of her when married.

Even in the olden days several women rushed to marry the very strong and hardworking men. The parents desired their children to marry only hardworking men.

Things are not quite different today in this regard. Ladies are better disposed to marrying a hardworking young man than a lazy faithful, prayer warrior.

With the global economic recession, young men now look for hardworking ladies who will assist in the upkeep of the home and training of the children.

Young ladies who are not hardworking therefore may find it difficult getting life partners. No young man is ready to have a liability in the name of a wife.

Have anything to add to this last and sixth step on how to create an atmosphere for marriage?
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