Creative Ways to Improve and Bring Back Love in Life

We meet people and we befriend them on business terms, casual or in a deep relationship. Personality is a character trait that has both natural and nurtured (i.e. acquired) perspective. Naturally people grow up in certain environment to pick up wrong and negative character traits from others in the environment. If such trait is nurtured overtime consciously or unconsciously the individual begin to have problem with others as they find his character and carriage repulsive. Such a person will hardly last long in any relationship. 

Some people on the other hand are born with wrong character traits that can be cultured but if uncultured will become a problem to the bearer and those he encounters in relationship in his journey of life. 
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We know folks cannot stay in our lives forever unless they are family. One day they have to leave. Then why is it that we cannot digest their separation? Why is it that we feel so bad and distressed when they look happy in their company and we feel something is not right. This is the feeling of overbearing or possession. It’s our basic instinct since ancient times. The medieval kings and queens had possession for jewels, richness, and kingdom. Some had addiction for protecting their beauty family or relations. 

 They did everything in their power to claim what they loved, but in the end, it fades off. This is what I want to stress here. People and things do not stay or live with you forever. They will have to leave someday whether you want. Even your soul leaves you when you are old and fragile. These are just material aspects then why to fret to over them and lose our lives just like that.

Some people are the greatest consumers and sound like control freaks. They think they can have anything or anyone in the world, which is pure hallucination. Psychologists term this as a kind of disorder and get a treated for that. It works ultimately if the patient lives in a recouping environment and gets a thorough understanding of what life is. We ought to let go of the things we cannot control. Truth is having everything in your life would not make you happy but anxious. The more you get the more you will fret about its protection and safety.

Where do I keep this gold, this money, and these jewels? How do I protect my man my girl, my friend from that good for nothing-loud mouth? This is mine, she/he dare not touch it, or I will slay him. My dear friends this does not make sense. What was yours will remain yours if it is ought to. There is no pointing in forcing someone to be with you or you both will suffer a lot. Manipulations will only lead to sadness and loss. 

Love is not tagged with a punch line of “BEING MINE” or “PRIVATE PROPERTY”.

 Some view its oneness in a single person while some make it divine. They respect and love everyone equally and categorically. Nothing is less or nothing is more for them. Such folks tend to live longer and without any bondage of affection.

The “2” Wrong Personalities to Avoid in Marriage:
1. The Absentee-Lover: – Love between two matured people is to be shared and consummated on the bed of bliss and romance. It is made to support and care for one another, especially in the time of need. The absentee-Lover believes in love from afar or over the internet. He can manage left over and any other woman on your absence. She can also many another man on your absence. One funny thing about absentee-Lover is that he or she is always busy sorting out things.

North-South an absentee-Lover is never to be trusted with a golden future because he or she is not predictable. He can wire you several telephone calls or sends you catalog of emails, but always giving you horde of excuses why he will not be around for your birthday or date-meeting. An absentee-Lover is a wrong personality in the arena of relationship or marriage. He breaks your heart at the slightest confrontation because he hardily knows your true worth. The right yardstick to measure love is the time scale. Anyone who cannot devote time to cultivate you love might not have time for you later after marriage. To love is to give but not giving in absence of your presence.

 Do not make a mistake to open your heart for whatever reason for someone with a shimmering smile, soft spoken voice and looks of “time-cop” because he will be on the move always to the East or to the West. And that is what I call “Pendulum Lover” because as he shuttles the ends of the earth so his love dial “to” and “fro” from Nancy in Nigeria to Julia in West Indies, then back to origin. Absentee-Lover is usually a polygamous lover at the end of the day when all the chips are down. Beware!

2. The Lazy-Boss Man: This is the worst kind of wrong personality in the arena of marriage that you must avoid with all diligence. At first, he or she appears to be so committed to give you all you can ask for, but before you could say: “William Shakespeare” he or she is relaxing to expect you assume the permanent lead. He will expect you to shop for him, assist him pay off his monthly bills, and do domestic for him. She will expect you to take her out all the time without reciprocating your support and care.

Love is all about responsibilities shared by two people involved. Marriage is eternal commitment to shoulder responsibility, but if one person is a lazy-boss man, then the whole thing becomes a gulf war. A lazy boss man is at home all the time watching movies, playing computer games or watching a dancing bear at the circus. A lazy boss man will not look for work if out of job. He or she will always tell you there is no job for him or her out there. At worst a lazy -boss man can resort to stealing and street hawking of hard drugs. Runaway from a lazy -boss man.

Are there ways you used to get back your loved ones? Share as comments below.

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