How to Be Happy In Your Relationship & Spoil Your Man

Does love truly hurt? You just got engaged, you are in pain already, your heart is broken within days already. are you confused and don’t have an idea of what is really happening to you and what is going on? From day-one you start to associate love with pain.

But does love really hurt? It may seem that love is the cause of a lot of your pains and heartbreaks. However, the truth is that love has never hurt you. And never can. Love is a powerful emotion that brings out the best in us, that elevates our spirits. Why else are we always looking for this crazy, little thing called love?
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So if love doesn’t hurt, then what is causing the pain in our relationships?
It is whatever takes love away.

Here are some causes that takes our love away:
1. Hurtful words 

2. Broken promises 

3. Needs not being met 

4. Misunderstandings

And other causes that penetrate a deeper wound like
5. Lies 

6. Deceptions 

7. Betrayal 

8. Selfishness 

9. Abandonment 

10. Any form of abuse

Essentially, it is not love that hurts us.
In fact, love is a beautiful, powerful energy we are driven to seek. However, what I have found is that while we all looking for love, we do not always know how to keep and protect our love from being harmed. What hurts, then, is when we do not know how to love… it is like building a home without having the proper tools to construct it.

Love uses tools such as: compassion, selflessness, consideration, thoughtfulness, kindness, empathy, generosity, understanding, attentiveness…

And just like a home, love needs maintenance. You can not expect love to stick around if you do not take care of it. Your foundation will crumble.

So if ever you’ve been hurt, do not blame love for your pain… Mainly because if you do, you are going to fear it and push it away when it tries to come back again, causing you continued pain.

Love is the antidote of pain and heals all wounds. It makes you trust again, makes you believe in the wonders of connection again and in the possibilities that anything you want can happen.
So, if you want to keep love in your life, make sure you have the right tools… and that you’re using them.
Be true to your heart and spread your love!

By harnessing the power of habit you can enjoy the life and relationship you really want.

Here are the seven habits of smart magnetic women that will keep you feeling nurtured and vibrant with lots of love in your heart.
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Are these habits part of your daily life? Which ones do you need to adopt to create the life that delights you?
There is simply no way to create a deep intimate connection with your partner, if you don’t prioritize your self-care.

If you don’t have a habit of putting yourself first on your to-do list, then you probably feel resentful and depleted, or blame your partner for not giving you what you need.

This energy is not magnetic! And your partner won’t be inspired to give you what you need if you appear resentful, demanding or needy.

So, what can you do about it?

Put first attention on yourself. Find out what you feel, and what you need. Fill your love tanks up. When we are nourished we are more relaxed. Also, when we are more relaxed, we have the ability to make a request, rather than blame.

Of course we know that there is a request behind every blame. But when we feel stressed and unloved, it might be really hard to make a request that inspires action. The resentment will sneak out, he’ll sense it, and shut down. The energy behind your requests is crucial.

I invite you to take a stand for your life and practice extreme self-care. What makes your eyes shine? What fulfills you, and makes the stars fall out of your heart, and onto every passer-by?

7 fundamentals that are vital for women to fully enjoy life.

1. Life/Body Connection: To connect to our bodies, we need movement that brings us joy. Are you dancing, or practicing any other kind of movement that makes you feel excited, and ready to jump out of bed? Think of movement rather than exercise. The thought of exercise can be draining, and that is the opposite of what we need.

2. Healthy Eating Habit: Yes, Beautiful, yes. Healthy eating is important for love.
How is your diet? Sometimes nutritionists make it rather hard. In fact, it’s pretty simple. Eat more raw greens, colorful veggies, and fruits. Buy as little as possible packaged food, and drink lots of pure water. Homemade food prepared with love, and joy can do miracles. Start eating more fruits, and sweet root vegetables, and you will have fewer cravings for sweets.

I invite you to become curious about your relationship with food, and start treating your body with love and respect, as if you are feeding your baby. Of course, you want to feed your baby the most nutritious food.

3. Sleep very well: We need rest. Sleep is so essential for us to feel sexy and loving. Don’t underestimate its significance? They say that for our biological clock to be at its best, we need to go to sleep by ten at night, and get up by seven in the morning. This makes us feel thrilled about the new day, and more inclined to share our love with our man. Do you feel loving and sexy when you are tired? Make it a habit to go to bed by ten, in order to enjoy your dreams.
Sleep is far from a waste of time. It recharges our batteries, fills us up with patience and love, and allows our spirits to process each day’s events in a gentle manner.

4. Spending Time with friends (esp. girls): It’s amazing what the company of women can do for us. Have you tried a girls’ weekend away? It can do wonders. We nourish each other, and we fill each other with sensual, calm, and nurturing energy. Finally, talking about our feelings without someone else, trying to solve the problem. What a miracle. Girlfriends are the best people to talk with, and unload our “stuff.”. They listen, and know we just need to talk, and empty our heads. After we are nourished and cleansed, we have much more capacity to meet our men, and be ready for romance.

5. Spend Time Alone and Spiritual Practice: How do you feel after spending time by yourself? With our busy lifestyles, we often forget how good it feels to spend time alone, and connect with ourselves.

We need to have alone time to center ourselves, and check what is happening inside. We need time to distance ourselves from our life’s everyday issues. We need time to see the bigger picture, to plug into the energy of the universe, and to sense the higher purpose of our lives.

6. Time with Nature: Fresh air heals our bodies, purifies us, and gives us so much energy. The sun energises us, increases our happiness hormones, and supplies our bodies with important vitamin D. The wind blows out destructive thoughts, and wakes up the sensuality of our skin.

7. Pick a date: Make a “touching date” with your man. It’s better to agree that you won’t go into sex. Just caress each other, feeling the skin, and awakening your senses. Choose whose turn is first to receive and indulge in the feelings without trying to give your touch, and love at the same time. Be totally selfish! Then, when it’s your turn to give, fully give, and enjoy giving. If you touch each other at the same time, it diffuses the intensity, and doesn’t give so much pleasure. Try to be in a completely giving or receiving mode. This can feel very vulnerable and exciting; so explore!We need sex. It’s not just about pleasure; it’s important for our well-being, and full enjoyment of life.


So, by taking care of yourself, you will take care of your relationship. Not caring about yourself is selfish. You are less patient and have less to give.

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