The Easiest Way To Make Money Online With CoolNaira Network

There are legitimate ways to make money online. The problem is that the real ways to make money aren’t “get rich quick” schemes.

Most of them require a lot of work and sometimes a lot of dedication before seeing a return on your time.  But if you really want to make money online, work from home or turn an idea into a business, you can do it. You can even earn money with apps if you don’t want to venture all the way to the computer.

CoolNaira has Over 17,994 individuals who has registered already within its 6 months of internet existence. The amazing thing with CoolNaira Network is that you can promote your referral links using any device (so far as  it is connected to the internet and is good for browsing). There is no doubt that is the very fast growing platform to make money online. I’m going to tell you actually how to boosts your earnings with CoolNaira.

Introduction to CoolNaira 

Coolnaira is a People-Helping-People Online Networking Business where you invest, introduce people to invest under you using your referral link, and earn 50% commission from their investment. You will get your investment fee back in no time + huge profit in the long run.

Who Can Participate? 

This is a networking business suitable for Students, Fresh Graduates, Job Seekers, Bloggers, House wives or anyone who wish to earn money online. This is because, it can be done at your own convenience, even in the comfort of your home or place of work.

Is This Genuine?
Coolnaira is made by Nigerians and for Nigerians. You earn commission and get paid to your bank account. 100% guarantee.

NO Hype, NO Scam. The people behind this system are Humanitarians. We believe in LAW of KARMA. 

How Does It Work?
  • The idea on is very simple. Every member earn from each members investment.
  • When you join now, upgrade by investing minimum of 1000 naira which will be shared by your sponsor & upliners. Introduce at least 2 people who invest same amount under you and get your money back as you earn 50% from each of them. Now start introducing more people to earn profit. The more people who register through your referral link or username, the more 50% for you the more profit.

Membership Benefit

As long as the internet keeps running, is here to stay. Mainly for Nigerians!
For None Nigerians, Click Here To See How You Can Participate  (remember to use princeakwarandu as sponsor)

How to Upgrade Your Account and Payment Process 

Coolnaira funds and payment system is handled by Voguepay Nigeria, not by any personal bank account. The Major Payment Channel Is Online Using Voguepay Secure Payment Gateway
If you can not make payment online, scroll down to consider alternative options.
Ensure you have enrolled your ATM card for “Verified by Visa” (VbV) to pay on online.
Voguepay is secure and protected with VbV and requires that the ATM card is enrolled to pay/buy online.

To enroll Visa or Master cards issued by Nigerian Banks, you would need to follow the steps outlined below:

Locate a nearest VISA/VPAY enabled ATM

Insert your card and punch in your PIN

Select the PIN change option

Select the Internet PIN (i-PIN) change option

Insert any four – six digits of your choice as your iPIN

Re-enter the digits entered in Step 5 above

If you have performed the above steps correctly, a message is displayed informing you your PIN was changed successfully.

This means that your card is now enrolled in the VbV (Verified by Visa) program and may be used for any internet related transactions.

Note that the word ‘iPIN’ , ‘Password’ and VbV code are the same. You can now pay/buy on ronline securely.

When making payment for your upgrade, make sure you use your coolnaira email address for receipt to enable quick upgrade.

If you cannot make payment online, contact your sponsor for help or consider alternative options by coolnaira webmaster / administrator.

NOTE: The options below are offline processes by admin to help you make payment online. This option might take up to 24 hours most time unlike paying using your Visa and MasterCard which is faster as your account will be upgraded automatically.

You will have to submit your payment details for verification after the transaction while we use our MasterCard to pay for you. Don’t forget it might take up to 24hrs.
Below are alternative options to pay your one-time upgrading fee:


To use this option, locate any ATM machine around you…

STEP 1: Insert Card
STEP 2: Enter Pin And Press Proceed
STEP 3: Press QuickTeller
STEP 4: Press Interbank Transfers
STEP 5: Select Funding Account Type
STEP 6: Select Receiving Account Type (SAVINGS)
STEP 7: Select receiving Bank (select UBA BANK)
STEP 8: Enter Account Number (Type 1019907993)
STEP 9: Enter Amount and click Proceed
STEP 10: Click Proceed if you accept the N100 charge
STEP 11: Confirm details and click proceed if okay
STEP 12: You’ll get the message “Transaction completed”

Instructions: Login to your dashboard, => click upgrade account, => scroll down to fill and submit your payment details for manual upgrading.


NOTE: When you pay to webmaster account, we help you make the payment online using our MasterCard. This process is optional and it may take up to 24hrs.

Bank Details
Bank Name: UBA
Account number: 1019907993
Account Name:G-Cyber Technologies (Coolnaira Webmaster)

Instructions: Use your login username + deposit slip number as depositors name. After payment login to your dashboard, => click upgrade account, => scroll down to fill and submit your payment details for manual upgrading.

If you want to transfer using Mobile Payment, U-Mobile or mobile money app, you may use webmaster Bank UBA and Account number: 1019907993
Ensure you login to your dashboard, => click upgrade account, => scroll down to fill and submit your payment details for manual upgrading.

 Who Is Behind

This program is created and powered by G-Cyber Technologies, a professional web and ICT firm with high experience in both technicality and creativity. The firm provides ICT services, web solutions, web design + web hosting services and pro internet marketing.

Meet The Founder was founded in March 2016 by Paul Samson under the auspices of G-Cyber Technologies.

Paul Samson is a Webmaster, Blogger and Infopreneur. 

How to Get Started 

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