4 Ways to Grow your Creativity and Make Money Online

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People that want to know how to make money are usually looking for opportunities that are easy, fast, lucrative, or some combination of the three. There are lots of ideas to make money, but which ones will you actually want to do? Here are some money making ideas you can try. Some are obvious, and others are new, but all of them will give you cash you need.

1. Get a Job

This is the avenue most people take. You graduate high school, go to college, then get a job. You can do some variation of that plan, such as skipping college and getting a job right away. If you want to make a lot of money, get a job that pays well. You can be an accountant, doctor, nurse, lawyer, actuary, or another type of career person.

If you already have a job and you want to make more money, look for promotion and raise opportunities. Don’t be afraid to ask for a raise if you know you deserve one. If you don’t like your current job, look for a better one or go back to school to change career.

The down side is you are working for somebody else and not in control of your time. The upside, if not working for commissions, you get paid on a set schedule and know the amount you can expect.

2. Start a Business

Starting a business is another great idea. There are all sorts of business ideas available to the willing entrepreneur. You can start a franchise, build a service business, or develop a product. Look for a need, and find a low competition way to fill it.

Starting a business is also a good way to make money quick on the side. If you already have a full time job, a part time side business can bring in a lot of extra money. Start a babysitting business, cleaning business, or landscaping business. These are ordinary ideas, but if the demand is there, you can make a lot of money with them.

The down side you are responsible for the success and failure of your business. If the business is running slow you have little income. You can’t afford to miss work because of illness or family emergencies because you are not there to generate incomeThe upside you are not limited on the amount of money you make. In a job you get paid a flat fee, in your own business you can charge by the job or services. You have no cap to the amount of income you can make.

3. Become a Freelancer

In the past, freelancers, especially freelance writers, have been considered “starving artists”, because they made so little. Today, there are more freelancing opportunities than ever. You can write articles for online clients, do web design or programming, or try any other kind of freelancing. This can be your full time job, or you can use it as a second source of income.

The down side is you need to be good at the service you provide or you will not have many people seeking your talent. Your income is not consistent.

The upside you are free to work when you want and take on as much as you want. You are limited only by time it takes to provide your services. You can be compensated for what you feel is fair and be selective on what you take on.

4. Make Money Online

If you want to know how to make easy money and how to make money quick, the internet is overflowing with opportunities. You can start your own online business with almost zero start up costs. Build an informative website, and sell advertising space on it. Write an eBook, and sell it. Start a membership site where you teach a skill. There are many great opportunities that you can start out in your spare time. It could grow to become a big business that makes you a hefty full time income.


If you’re looking for easy money, there are lots of programs that will help you make money online. Try “get paid to” sites where you get paid to fill out offers and surveys. They don’t pay a lot, but it’s a good use of spare time. However, be careful with online programs. There are a lot of scams out there. Look for reviews on any program you try to see if it is legitimate.

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