10 Things to Be Considered Before Choosing a Role Model

I have made certain mistakes; I will not like you to be a victim, too. There is no doubt about this; role model is very vital in everyone’s life. They are important due to their ability to help you become the person you want to be by inspiring you to be special and act differently from many others. For you to choose wisely, you have to be ready and so that you will be positively influenced and encouraged to be the best possible person on earth.
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Choosing a celebrity model? I encourage you choose the best people who fits in properly and has specific roles in your life.
1.    Don’t choose a role model you don’t know: Why the statement above? A role model whom you know can help grow more matured and better as a person than the one who you do not know is great and awesome because they can advice, give your guidance and share certain life experience they’re had with you which will helps you achieve your best and remain successful.
2.    Choose someone that appear different to you: Many people tend to choose someone as a role model because they are seen a part of their life in them. Choice made this way is not always right. Choose a role model because there are things you see in them that you are not but definitely need to become. Choosing someone different to you will help stretch and motivate you, your thoughts to the extent you may never have imagined. Do not choose a role model you cannot emulate.
3.    People on the lime-light must not be chosen as a role model
If I’d better say, consider people who are not top performance. Choose one who exhibits reliable competence and who has gained their stand through hard work and dedication. The flashing top performers are more of those who have succeeded by taking calculated risks and got lucky maybe, rather than those who are most skilled. Choosing a top performing and always-busy role model can de-motivate you because emulating their performance could be pretty difficult unless you get lucky too.

4.    Choose a person that speaks to win: The person you choose should be able to communicate well with people and should be kind too. You can emulate such people well since you understand and communicate well with each other. Learn about the success and failure of your role model. It is very vital because learning the successes and failures of your role model can be a stepping stone to your greatness by encouraging and motivating you the more.
5.    Choose a role model you can believe in: Believing in your role model is to think that whatever he/she says to you is real and is possible, although you are not completely certain yet. It should be someone you admire with passion in all aspects of their life which gives birth to a healthy lifestyle.

6.    Choose someone that does not depreciate your personality: Consider choosing someone who makes you feel great about being you. Your role model should be a person who matches you with greatness, uniqueness and success.
7.    Choose someone that understands the reason why you’re chosen them: A role model should be able to interpret positively and acts immensely towards why he/she were chosen. They should not act rude and hating towards you. Always heed to their advice even when it sounds rude.
8.    Choose someone that has vision: A person who has the sense of purpose should be chosen as a role model. Someone, who understands and know who they are even when they do not seem perfect, at least for believing in their vision; do not choose someone that pretends to be who they are not.
9.    Identify those that exhibit the same qualities you wish to achieve: If you want to be a motivational speaker, think about people who motivate you. You’d like to be an inspirational person, think about the people who inspire you. Act wisely, brainstorm a little: Find out why you admire them so much, what does their message speak through their actions? Choose those who will have a more profound impact on you and can even turn to be your mentor.
10.    Believe in yourself; build your confidence: Believing in yourself sets the pace for you to climb the face of success. As you start to consider how you can choose a role model, try to develop faith in yourself as a person and practice self confidence. It is not always easy but, the goal of choosing a role model is to motivate you to become a better person.
Believe in your abilities, be a success, make history. Remember; do not copy your role model completely. Do not imitate the ugly part of their actions. Develop your own style, be yourself and feel confident in what you do.

Let others copy you, be original!

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