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How to employ yourself is an A To Z, step-by-step system for turning your knowledge and experiences into sustainable income sources in 12 weeks or less. 

In this moment of economic downfall where governments no more provide the needed jobs for her citizens, it is raised on our shoulders as individuals to learn, re-learn and activate the need to employ ourselves to meet up with the global standard. Many topics and articles has been on the net on how to get a good job, the best ways to stay employed and more relevant recordings has been made available to eradicate the poor finance etiquette that has been on existence which its plan is to keep everyone frustrated.

You may have depended so much on your boss to earn a living. It is high time to become employed, stay employed and keep others employed because the book you are about to have now will change your life, forever. The wisdom embedded in this 181-page eBook will become a part of you, help you create the life you want and need and keep you invalid of a mess.

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How To Employ Yourself.

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Are you into business and would love to upmarket and boost your sales funnels and strategies? You are at the right place, reading the right thing which is essential to your business lifestyle. Since you introduced your business online, how fast have your sales pattern been? First thing that drew my attention to the book was the title. I know you felt interested to read this because of the the title, too. Yes, I know and you need to make money too neither offline nor online. 

The problem some nations have in extending employment opportunities to the young people in her state may not be lack of work to do but lack of those who have the right competence to carry out the work on ground.  I am glad you would like to extend your knowledge via your business to make more sales, create a lasting business and keep trusting customers who will be doors to other customers and increase the value of your products.

Najeem, shared his experience and how you can stay off being listed in the group of job hunters who are ever ready to sacrifice what they do not have to get what they think they need. This book will not only teach you how to make money online. The focus is on how to build the business that makes the money around your own or other people’s knowledge (online and offline). The need for being employed is very imperative and knowing how to employ yourself  is the only thing you must do and activate if you want to make money.

He is a Consumer Insight Professional, Teacher, Author and Entrepreneur. How To Employ Yourself, will guide you on how to build a location independent business around your academic knowledge and make a lot of money with it in few months. He helps creative youths and entrepreneurs turn their knowledge, experiences and skills into products and services that people WANT and WILL pay money to get, so that they can find success and financial freedom they deserve. He’s trained in Business Management, Internet Business Development, and Strategy and Psychology. Najeem has built (8) small businesses in his nineteen (19) years entrepreneurial journey, three of which failed!

He has several published article and H e is on the mission to empowering at least 10, 000 resourceful innovators, problem solvers and entrepreneurs who will use their theoretical knowledge to solve societal problems, employ themselves and contribute to our national development between now and year 2020. This is informed by the dare need for such minds to secure the future of our country, Nigeria and build a prosperous nation we dream of.

One of his earlier business was a computer center business, where he serviced clients from five (5) states in Western Nigeria and trained students in virtually all aspects of computing, including programming, database management, web designing, with exception of computer animation. He believes building consumer focused SMALL businesses, leveraging the power of the internet is an effective way of empowering the youths in Nigeria to make good use of their classroom experience, create, and add value to others, never having to depend on parents, friends and relatives for financial support after graduation from school.

These are his urgent reasons for putting up this great package on how to employ yourself as a young person. If knowing how to employ yourself is a must for you, you need to get this book today. Information often said is power. For you to read through this writing today you are blessed. If you download, read and act out what you’ll discover in this book today, you automatically have the power to control wealth. If you must get money, follow those who has made money and strictly the principles they applied to make such money. Poverty is no wish for anyone. Everyone aspires to be rich but a few persons are ever ready to go get what will make them rich. This book is for you, scroll below and download now. You may thanks me later (and share with others).

Najeem had 18 years brief break between his secondary education and the next level in his academic career. Not because he was academically unintelligent, but because he had no support financially. Thee best thing that has happened to hm is the opportunity to get to eventually study psychology, which gave him greater understanding of human beings, helped him bring back his almost eroded self-esteem, as he did himself for years, even when he know he had valuable messages to share with the world because he had no letters after his name. These experiences gave birth to How To Employ Yourself: A To Z,Step-By-Step System for Turning your Knowledge and Experiences Into Sustainable Income Sources In 12 Weeks or Less. 

Here is the book!

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