1 Key to Increasing Your Blogging Income


1 Key to Increasing Your Blogging Income

In my blogger networking eBook I mention the importance of befriending bloggers by being generous. Nobody succeeds online going solo. We all need to network to profit because communities build blogging success.

However, most bloggers overlook this key to increasing your blogging income. Most just want to succeed solo for any number of reasons. Sometimes, ego calls the shots. Other times, you fear sharing the spotlight. Yet other times, you fear promoting other bloggers because you believe they will eat into your profits. All of the states of mind need to go for you to succeed online because blogging is no solo gig. Connected bloggers become the most successful bloggers. Everybody else fades away, vanishing into blogging oblivion because no one succeeds by being a blogging lone wolf. I learned this lesson the hard way. I tried to publish a high volume of content on my blog. Made sense to me. Publish a bunch of posts. People read them as I boost my traffic. Perfect strategy. Except that it was a foolish strategy because I had no friends to promote me, endorse me and hire me. Never mind having no blogging buddies to buy my stuff.

Eventually, I learned that the key to increasing your blogging income is to help fellow bloggers genuinely for a sustained amount of time. Ask for nothing. Expect nothing. Earn trust. Eventually, bloggers befriend you. Blogging buddies trust you because you helped them freely. Blogging buddies promote you, endorse you, buy your stuff and hire you, all actions boosting your blogging income. 1000 is better than 1. Befriending 1000 bloggers over years simply allows these friends to amplify your success to an epic level. Every time I hit the sack at night, people share my content around the clock. It matters not that I sleep for 8 to 10 hours or longer. Especially when you factor in my one hour of personal development on waking, I go offline for least half the day every single day if not longer. Business carries on as usual when I’m offline because my blogging buddies do all of the heavy lifting. But I only met these buddies because I generously served them, networking freely for years without asking for anything in return.

Some bloggers befriended me after minutes. Some after weeks. Some after months. The time frame does not matter. Helping bloggers left right by commenting on their blogs and by promoting them does matter. Do this freely and you will see the power of networking. Get lost in helping people. Ask for nothing in return. Expect nothing in return. Something neat happens. Fellow bloggers befriend you because they appreciate your generosity. Blogging buddies buy by your ebooks, boosting your income. Some body purchase your course. Some promote you on social media. Some promote you through their guest posts. Some interview you for their blogs. Some invite you to guest post on their blogs. Every one of these generous, kind acts simply positions you to drive more traffic and make more money through your blog.

The key element is generosity. Be generous for a bit. Stop asking for something in return every time you help someone. Bloggers tire of this quickly because we do not like someone interested only in self service. We do love genuine, generous bloggers who help us with no strings attached. Perfect energy for becoming a connected blogger because effective networking is generous, detached networking. I only pitched two people since I created Blogging from Paradise in 2014 yet I have built my online business over the six-year stretch. Networking generously was the cornerstone of my blogging campaign. I help a ton of people and ask for nothing in return. Doing this helped me make a ton of blogging buddies who leverage my presence to amplify my blogging success.

Sure I charge for my premium products and services. I’m talking about helping fellow bloggers for free to befriend them. But of course, I do not give out my premium products and services for free because I run a business. I am an entrepreneur. I just wanted to make this distinction so you understand the difference between networking and building a serious blogging business.

Everyday, help your established blogging buddies out. Mention them on your blog. Retweet their latest blog posts. Share their content on Facebook. Allow bonds to strengthen. Build your friend Network. Plus, network a bit with new bloggers by helping them out. Expect nothing in return. Gain their trust. Grow your blogger buddy network. This process is quite simple. Anybody can promote a fellow blogger or help them out. But few take this route because fear scares them into self-service.

Most people are so caught up in themselves that they forget to serve other people. Most bloggers are so caught up in their lives and in meeting their needs that they forget other bloggers and readers dictate their level of success or failure. All sweet blogging success flows through genuine bonds and all miserable blogging failure flows from one blogger trying to do everything on their own. Never make the solo mistake. Network generously to tap into the power of humanity. Accelerate your blogging success. Boost your blogging income. Network generously to blog the right way.

Face your fears again and again. Observe your mind. Ego wants you to take care of yourself only. Ego also fears other bloggers you promote on your blog will eat into your profits. Like all fear, this is an illusion. You and I live in abundance. We are surrounded by unlimited riches in our minds that manifest through our generosity. Face stubborn ego fears like wanting to have all the glory for yourself, and not wanting to share the cyber stage. Be with these energies. Simply feel fears, release fears and let these destructive, failing energies dissolve into the ethers. Begin networking the right way now. Blog from an energy of love. Be abundant. Help fellow bloggers out on the regular. Guaranteed, the more you help people and relax, the more connected you become. This is the perfect starting point for building your blogging campaign on a rock solid foundation. Plus, your blogging income will appreciate your kindness too, as these numbers increase slowly but steadily over time.

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  1. Fiona

    I love the spirit of this Ryan. Ive been following you since those early Bali days …I was in a really isolated place in NZ with not much time and no money. This really resonates with the work i am doing on the Consciousness of Money. i am just about to launch myself as feel I must serve. Much Love Global Gypsy

    1. Fiona this is awesome. You are inviting that abundant energy and really rocking it out. Thanks so much for reading and commenting.

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