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1 Secret to Being a Prolific Blogger


1 Secret to Being a Prolific Blogger

Raising the blogging bar positions you to succeed.

But being open to opportunities makes the difference between prolific bloggers and all the rest.

I have publishing rights on World Writers Hub. I seize and use these rights to write and publish a high volume of helpful guest posts here. Being helpful persistently allowed me to become prolific. But I had to be open to the opportunity of writing and publishing guest posts in order to be prolific.

Being open seems cool but sometimes feels uncomfortable. Fears arise the moment you ponder seizing and using opportunities. Do you fear wasting time? Do you fear wasting energy? Do you believe no one will read your blog posts or guest posts? Pondering opportunities unearths ample fears concerning pursuing each opportunity. Humans weigh pros and cons before proceeding to grab and take advantage of any opportunity. You and I simply work that way.

But wading through opportunity-induced fears seems too uncomfortable for most bloggers; proof is the dearth of genuinely prolific bloggers out there who resist the secret of being open to opportunities for growth.

Fears arose in my mind before writing and publishing this guest post. Does writing here make for the best use of my time? Should I guest blog somewhere else? After wrestling with a few fears I decided that being open to the opportunity made sense. Being truly helpful always prospers you. I then seized the opportunity to guest blog by writing the blog post.

Writing and publishing one more guest post makes me a wee bit more prolific. I help you. I become more prolific. But the inner mental journey to being prolific seems secretive to bloggers mired in fear, lack and limitation. I vividly recall one struggling blogger who turned their nose down at guest blogging opportunities because the blogs seemed less discerning, less inclusive, less reputable, since lowering publishing standards. The ego is an idiot. The ego is foolish. The ego blinds itself from its nightmarish struggles and arrogantly turns down solutions to struggles, due to its pride, vanity and overall insanity.

Meanwhile, guys like me rarely turn down the guest blogging mike because grabbing opportunities makes one prolific. Being prolific allows you to help an increasing number of folks from your blogging niche.

Isn’t that the point?


Being open goads you to develop your abundance mindset.

I recorded a video to help you become abundant-minded and prolific.

Check it out here:

How an Abundance Mentality Makes You Prolific

Why is being open a secret to being prolific?

Most bloggers are closed. The ego closes its mind to opportunities for all manner of fears popping up in ego. Perhaps you fear rejection. Maybe you fear criticism. I recall feeling terrified to seize a guest blogging opportunity for a high prolife blog nearly 5 years ago. An influential blogger invited me to guest blog on his site. I ev