1 Targeting Lesson I Learned on the Subway


1 Targeting Lesson I Learned on the Subway

Musicians dot the subway in NYC. Musicians working for donations, at least.

I always see a different artist at different subway stops. Some seem highly skilled. But all have a serious problem. Nobody walking into the subway takes the subway to listen to music. We all take the subway to….take the subway. Think about it. People take the subway to traverse around the city, trying to go from point A to point B.

Why play music in front of people who do not want to hear you play music, but who want to travel around the city? Every one of these musicians suffers from a serious targeting problem. Note; some of these folks are homeless. I know not a bunch can play concerts. But any of the more skilled musicians can score a gig at a bar or any spot where people want musical entertainment.

Playing a bar, you have opportunities to grow, to be seen and to make a bit more money playing music, than through donations. People who frequent the bar expect to hear music. Targeting.

Bloggers often make a similar targeting mistake. Most do a poor job targeting their readers, wasting time networking with people outside of their niche. Imagine you blog about blogging tips. But you spend your days networking with bloggers in the personal development niche. Why? Bad targeting here. Or, no targeting. Why network with personal development bloggers? PD bloggers clearly seem interested in personal development. But who knows if these bloggers are interested in blogging tips?

Who should you network with as a blogging tips blogger? Bloggers highly interested in getting blogging tips. Guest post on blogging tips blogs. Comment genuinely on blogging tips blogs. Mention respected blogging tips bloggers on your blog and through guest posts. Keep spending every one of your blogging minutes networking solely with blogging tips interested bloggers to target effectively.

Write about blogging tips themed posts, too. Take targeting up a few more levels. Be intelligent. Be effective. Spend time and energy solely focused on networking with blogging tips bloggers and creating content geared toward blogging tips bloggers to make a seismic impact in that niche. Simple. Powerful.

But you’d be stunned at how few bloggers target in this fashion. Most target as poorly as street aka subway performers in NYC. I saw a group of dancers working a park beside the Brooklyn Bridge once. Huh?

Everybody walking through the park walks through the park to walk through the park. NONE of these folks wanted to see dancers perform before walking through the park. Bloggers tend to make the same error. Most never target their strategy, giving no thought to what they create, who they create it for and who they network with.

Keep your perfect reader in mind before you create anything content-wise. Ditto for who you network with daily. Target intelligently. Be laser clear on how you spend your day. Target. Use your time effectively.

Build your entire blogging campaign on the concept of targeting. Deliberating think through who you intend to reach through your blog. Spend your day gaining exposure in front of this ideal reader. Blogging becomes easier if you take time and great care deliberately connecting with your ideal reader. Blogging becomes difficult if you spend your day wasting time in front of people who have no interest in your blogging niche.


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