10 Effective Tips For Working Moms To Achieve Work-Life Balance

Effective Tips For Working Moms To Achieve Work-Life Balance

10 Effective Tips For Working Moms To Achieve Work-Life Balance

Ten effective tips for working moms.

To have a successful career while maintaining a social life is what we all strive for. Working moms needs some effective tips for them to achieve a work-life balance.

Being a working mom adds to the challenges that already exist. It is often exhausting to fulfill both responsibilities—as a caring mother and as a professional who performs her work with dedication.

Whether a mom works out of choice or necessity, it is understandable that there are a lot of activities that need to be juggled simultaneously and that too without losing focus in any of those.

This article will help working moms to adjust their home life according to the necessities at the workplace and vice versa.

Working moms who are successful in their career should be appreciated for their ability to maintain the composure needed to work everything out in the right direction.

All successful working moms have the same story to tell about the hardships they faced and how with their indomitable spirit, they have come out victorious.

Here are some of the common pieces of advice and tips often shared by them.

1. Stay organised

The best way to be efficient is to have a plan; a plan that is going to be helpful in the long run and not just
provide temporary solutions.

Use of a good planner is the sine qua non of an organized professional life, which in turn will make your personal life comfortable.

Schedule all your work and plan your meetings well ahead of time. Also, make sure that you let others understand that you need to be intimated on any meetings one or two days ahead so that you can plan your time with your kid/s accordingly.

2. Create a Schedule on How to Spend time With Your Kid(s)

As a mother, you need to spend a considerable amount of time with your kid/s and it is one of your responsibilities as well.

You need to bring the same organized attitude to home by creating a schedule on how you are going to give time to your kid/s and the family.

Fix a routine for the work at the homelike laundry, grocery shopping, etc. and make sure that you have enough
time to rest as well. You cannot be running around doing only chores like a machine.

3. Have a Discussion With Your Husband/Partner

As mentioned above, you should not be the only one doing all the chores at home.

Have a discussion with your partner on how he could help you with some of the work that you usually took care of before.

Any reasonable partner will understand your concerns.

4. Make The Most Out of Your Lunch Breaks

Lunch breaks are generally for an hour at most of the workplaces and having your lunch won’t take more
than half an hour normally.

You can do a lot in that extra half an hour.

You can schedule your work at home, make a to-do list for the evening shopping, or even buy necessary things for your kid/s if you have a supermarket nearby. Running out of baby food?

Get it from the nearest supermarket. This way, you will get a lot of things done and save a lot of time for you to spend with your

5. Learn To Delegate Work

There will be circumstances when you might have to delegate some of your work in order to reduce the
work pressure or to meet a deadline.

You will need to stop being too worried about getting your project jeopardized. It might be true that it is your pet project and do not want to let anyone near it, but it will do more harm to you.

You need to sometimes relax, cut yourself some slack and delegate some areas of responsibility, which you think have little chance of changing the outcome, to others.

6. Be Realistic About Your Goals

There is no need to go overboard with your career goals and ignore your kid/s.

Make sure that you set your goals in a realistic manner. If you do not have the bandwidth, do not take extra work to impress your superiors.

That’s the whole thing about work-life balance.

7. Search For a Job That Offers You The Required Flexibility

Flexibility is necessary for all working moms. If your company offers flexible working hours, you are lucky.

Otherwise, you can always look for an organization that offers you the flexibility you want. There are a lot of jobs out there if you have the skills.

Most job portals nowadays offer easy job search and you can know a lot about the company before joining.

8. Hire a Help If Needed And Have Backups

It is good to be a supermom, handling all responsibilities at home. However, we all have our limits and we should be wise to understand it for the better of you and your family.

Are you feeling too tired to do the leaning or looking after your kids during the weekends? Hire someone who can help you with those chores.

Apart from that, you should always talk to your friends, neighbors, or relatives; whom you trust to be backups if you have any trouble.

Your kids can stay over for a night or two so that you can have the much-needed rest you are looking forward to.

9. Take the Help Of Others Moms

Experienced working moms are a good source of tips on how to take care of your kid/s and still maintain your career.

They can reveal their secrets of work-life balance or even inspire you to do so with their stories.

10. There Will Be Some Sacrifices

Sometimes you may need to adjust your lifestyle or even make minor sacrifices to be a successful mom and a
career person.

That means skipping those evening parties or even cutting down TV time. Create memories instead with your loved ones.


During the first few days as a working mom, you might feel frustrated and a bit low, but as time passes and with the help of the above tips, you can get out of the slump to enjoy what life has provided you. You will learn slowly how to be more efficient and impress people both at home and at the office and show that working moms truly have superpowers.

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