Learn from top bloggers.

Teach folks generously.

Forget income claims. Anybody can make up income claims. Not a solid cred builder.

Forget trying to convince folks of your skills and cred by bragging about legitimate numbers. I do not buy into bragging blogging types because they do not show me any skills.

If you want to know how to gain blogging credibility simply learn and teach.

I buy into people who teach me how to succeed with my blog. Teachers build credibility. Easily. Especially generous teachers.

Generous teachers give so freely of their time and talents that I have no choice but to trust them. Why would I not trust these giving folks?

I’d be a fool to ignore someone showing off their skills through teaching to trust someone showing off their income through lying, or showing off their legit income without freely sharing how they earned such income.

How I Built My Credibility

Peep this podcast:

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/399461340″ params=”color=#ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&show_teaser=true&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”300″ iframe=”true” /]

Alonzo Pichardo and I talked about how to build bonds with online influencers. We taught people for free, spending an hour and 10 minutes going over practical strategies for befriending big dawgs in your niche of choice.

This is step 2 of the credibility building process; generously help people for free across as many channels as people.

People buy into you when you help people out, persistently, for weeks and months and years.

Teaching proves credibility because it takes years to learn concepts, to study these concepts, to practice, to develop skills and to be able to effectively communicate concepts to your readers.

Not anybody can discuss the topic of how to connect with influencers with the ease of Alonzo and me.

We paid our dues, built our skills, grew our friend networks, befriended influential online entrepreneurs and now we are sharing what we know with our readers.

As you can see, the podcast hit the mark to the tune of 58,800 listens in only 1 month.

Learn, Then Teach

But before we could teach, we had to learn about our niches from credible, respected, heart-centered entrepreneurs.

The first step in building your blogging credibility is learning how to succeed from happy, successful bloggers in your niche.

This is how to build a solid framework from which to teach because before you learn, you must teach.

Most bloggers never develop any semblance of credibility because most bloggers never follow advice from top bloggers.

But the leaders spend months learning, studying and arming themselves with all-important, powerful knowledge because before you can teach, you must learn.

Alonzo notes how he pretty much locked himself into his apartment and learned how to build a thriving online business for 6 months.

How many fools dive into blogging without doing 5 minutes of research? Can you see why AP is an online icon?

He patiently learned, then, turned around and taught what he learned to build thriving online businesses and to render generous service.

I intend to do the same.

I soak up knowledge from top bloggers to learn proven strategies from heart-centered pros. I specifically recall having lunch with Zac Johnson a few years ago.

He noted writing 2 guests posts daily on authority blogs in his niche at the time we chatted. He noted how guest posting is about sharing value, building bonds then building links.

I ran with the information he shared with me, learning from another online icon. Putting his knowledge into practice, I have written many guest posts since we chatted and I also began teaching folks the value of guest posting on blogs from your niche.

I learned, used a specific strategy and turned right around to teach folks, gaining more blogging credibility.

Learn from pros. Generously help folks.

Earn blogging credibility by showing off skills that only a genuine, heart-centered, credible blogger can boast.


Blogging eBook

If you want to build a successful blog on rock-solid fundamentals buy my eBook:

10 Stupid Simple Fundamentals of Successful Blogging

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