3 Smart and Successful Blogging Lessons


3 Smart and Successful Blogging Lessons

Blogging teaches you many lessons over the years.

I learned oodles about myself through this fascinating, sometimes challenging medium over the past decade of my life. But blogging became overwhelming in moments.

Blogging does not spare the rod. Of course, most of us have to learn lessons the hard way before these ideas seep into our mindset. This is actually okay because any lesson learned the hard way becomes accepted forever. I never needed to learn the toughest lessons twice.

On the flip side, listening to experienced bloggers share their lessons cut my learning curve by years. Trusting pros – and their experience – allowed me to avoid making some bone-headed errors. Versus making the mistakes myself, I simply learned from their lead and did things the right way to succeed more quickly.

Follow these 3 blogging lessons to succeed online.

1: Blog Mainly for Fun

I blog mainly for fun because blogging for fun gives you the patience, persistence and generosity required to become a professional. Play around with an image of yourself blogging in your dream life, seeing yourself how you want life to be down the road. In my mind right now, I’m just writing this post on the shores of Fiji. Of course I have already visited Fiji for 4 months during a trip in 2014, but I intend to be there soon again when traveling starts up.

Blogging for fun and holding an image of your dream life in mind simply gives you the right intent to see this journey through. Seeing your dreams detaches you from outcomes, energizes you with confidence and stabilizes you for the long haul blogging journey.

Of course, the flip side is blogging mainly for profits, traffic and popularity. All drivers are terrible ideas because nobody makes money or drives traffic or gets popular as a newbie blogger. Each sweet outcome manifests after you put in the time and generous service.

No new blogger has enough time or service in their cyber pocket to actually succeed. Kick these drivers out of your mind because you will not be making money or getting popular anytime soon. Don’t worry though, because success is on the way if you blog mainly for fun. See the work as the reward and the money like an extra or a bonus or icing on the cake. This is the perfect vibe to maintain in order to succeed online.

2: Learn Blogging from Top Pros

Invest money in courses, e-books and coaching from top blogging pros to learn how to blog the right way from the best bloggers. Read their posts, watch their videos, and take notes to blog the right way. Invest money in my blogging course for a fun, entertaining way to learn how to blog successfully. I share tips from my years of experience. You would be wise to simply listen to what I have to say and  to trust my advice because I have the experience to back it up.

Learn only from the best to become the best yourself. Never learn blogging from amateur bloggers because these folks do not know what it takes to succeed online. Even if they mean well they cannot share proven successful tips from vast experience. Simply let them go to focus on the big dogs of the blogging world. You will thank yourself down the road when you become more successful by simply following the best blogging advice that there is. That would be advice from the top blogging pros.

3: Fall in Love with the Process of Creating and Connecting

Blogging is simply creating helpful content and building meaningful connections with top bloggers in your niche by helping them out and asking for nothing in return. I swear guys this is all I do everyday and it’s all I’ve done for years to become a professional blogger.

But I needed to fall in love with this process in order to build a successful foundation for my blogging career. Falling in love with this process involves enjoying creating and connecting and paying little attention to money or traffic stats because these numbers usually derail most bloggers.

For example, maybe you write a fairly high-volume of valuable, 1000 word blog posts for a sustained  amount of time. Everything feels pretty good. But on checking your traffic and money stats, the numbers seem painfully low compared to the amount of giving you have done through your blog and guest posts.

So you panic and bail on the proven process of creating and connecting and you prove that you did not fall in love with the process, but you did fall in love with the outcomes. Big-time mistake I see so many bloggers make on the regular.

Hold your ground. Keep creating and connecting generously. You’re on the right track but need to fall more deeply in love with the blogging process and less in love with blogging outcomes like traffic and money. Shift your focus. Change your intent.

Love helping people and befriending people through blogging. This is one of the ultimate blogging lessons because the more you create and connect from a genuine energy the more you will succeed as your skills, exposure and credibility expand.


There you have it guys. Blogging is a simple journey that gets uncomfortable and quite scary sometimes because you need to face your fears along the way. Visualize yourself living your dream life. See yourself living a life of fun and freedom through blogging. T

his energy and this mental image will pull you through tough times so you keep doing the simple, successful things guaranteed to bring you blogging greatness.


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