3 Tips for Bonding with Top Bloggers

Top bloggers open doors for you.

I was not too well known a few years ago. I had some clout but not outside of a tight circle.

Fast forward a few years. Folks tend to know my name in the blogging tips and travel blogging niches. From zero, to hero? Not quite; but I have increased my online exposure by following a few simple tips.

My #1 tip for increasing your presence online?

Bond with top bloggers.

My 1,000 plus guest posts on top blogs helped me spread the word, assist folks and build success for me and my readers.

I landed 1K guesties by bonding with top bloggers, almost all of which invited me to guest post on their blogs.

Follow these tips to bond with top bloggers.

1: Be Generous

Generosity wins because top bloggers became top bloggers doing the same thing; being generous.

Bottom feeder bloggers desperately or greedily think of their own needs. Do away with this tendency if you want to hang with and befriend blogging big dawgs.

Be generous. Help top bloggers by retweeting their posts, by Facebook Sharing their posts and by featuring top bloggers on your blog. Look for nothing in return; this is key. Being generous means helping without asking.

Some blogging dingbats will only help me if I help them, said dingbats being almost entirely unknown in my niche. Pay your dues. Work your way up in blogging circles by being generous. Help without asking. Understand that top bloggers never share content from anybody but skilled, connected bloggers.

Pop up on top blogger radar screens by paying your dues for months or years, improving your writing skills and building your friend network through being generous.

In a cyber world of bloggers only looking out for themselves, the generous blogger seeking to help without asking for anything sticks out like a sore thumb, being memorable. Impressing top bloggers is the easiest way to bond with them.

2: Be Honest

I cannot believe I’m writing this but…….don’t lie!

Established pros spot BS 45 million miles away.

I have been featured on Forbes. Anybody featured on Forbes hones their writing skills and builds their friend network for years, earning the right to appear on a famous blog by paying their dues.

Some fool blogger reached out to me once, asking for a link on Blogging From Paradise. He prepped to pay for a sponsored post. But after reading his business page, I did a double take: the ninny said he was featured on Forbes.

His site was littered with errors; grammar, spelling, a total nightmare. No way in 20 million years would Forbes feature him. Yet he flat out lied, claiming he appeared on the site.

I emailed him saying he had to take down the Forbes icon from his site because no way he was featured on this world famous site. He asked me, “Why?” I emailed back, “Because you are lying.” He told me he would not take the icon off of his site and not to worry about it and I junked the next email he sent me, cutting off ties.

Forget about losing your integrity and struggling with your blog; you can literally go to prison if you lie about the wrong things.

Be honest to impress pros. Be genuine. You could have 3 loyal readers but if you’re working diligently to improve your creating and connecting, and commit 100% to bonding with me, I may even feature you on BFP.

Being authentic counts, guys.

3: Persist


Be honest.


For years.

I engage well over 100 bloggers daily. Flash in the pan, one night stand types disappear from my awareness quickly, fading into oblivion.

Persistently generous, authentic people who comment on my blog, share my content and mention me prove they are interested in me, not in how I can help them, and become my friend.

Moss Clement is one such example. He is a dear friend whose heartfelt energy makes me smile.

Why did I mention him?

He’s an awesome blogger, wonderful human being and persistently does generous things with love.

These types of bloggers become icons and Moss is well on his way.

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Written by Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author, and world traveler who's been featured on Richard Branson's Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, Positively Positive, Life Hack, John Chow Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He has written and self-published 126 bite-sized eBooks on Amazon and can help you build a successful blog at

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