7 Top E-commerce Trends That Will Be Emerging in 2021

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Looking for changing eCommerce trends should not be considered as a hobby. You must analyze and adapt each trend with time because it will have a positive impact on your eCommerce brand. n

Not adopting and following changing eCommerce trends can put your business at serious risk and leave you behind your competitors. 

As we step into 2021, you need to implement the latest eCommerce trends to keep your tabs ON this year and beyond. 

Some of the latest trends are as follows. If you are looking for more eCommerce trends, visit Newstricky today! 

Augmented Reality (AR) – An emerging eCommerce trend

Introducing augmented reality in your eCommerce website will offer a great experience to the customers. The customers will be able to check how the product will exactly look in actual. Augmented reality will bring an innovative feature and increase customers on your website.

Scope of the trend

If you want to attract more customers towards your website, you should add this eCommerce trend now. As most of the eCommerce websites haven’t introduced this feature yet; you can stand out from your competitors by adding this. 

Follow the Intent of customers, Optimize for Voice Search 

Voice search tools including Apple Siri, Alexa, etc have made the future of eCommerce trends moving towards voice search. More people are interested in searching for products or services by voice instead of typing.

In this way, customers are able to use the local language and expect the most relevant results. if you optimize your product and WordPress maintenance services with relevant keywords, customers can reach your website. 

What to do?

When people search for products and services using voice search, they mainly go for long queries. So, try to focus on long-tail keywords as people today are searching this way. 

For instance, if you have a wooden almirah as a product, instead of using “wooden almirah” as your keyboard, you must use “wooden almirah for bedroom” or “wooden almirah with four doors”. 


Direct Selling to customers (D2C)- latest e-commerce trends

D2C is a method of direct selling. the manufacturer here sells the goods and services directly to the customers eliminating the wholesalers, distributors, and retailers.

It offers a great advantage to the lesser price of products to the customers. when customers get products and services at less cost, they are more interested in buying it from you.

If you are offering your products and services at low rates you will likely get more sales. This eCommerce trend will be one of the most emerging trends for eCommerce growth this year. 

Scope of the trend

You can definitely apply this eCommerce trend where you can eliminate the middleman between you and customers. You can sell the products directly to the customers at a low rate, which will increase your sales drastically. 

Shoppers Like to purchase tailored items in eCommerce

Buying personalized items or products is one of the latest trends in 2020-21. Earlier people have many options to buy a product from the different assortments available to them. But today customers can build their own product according to their needs and wants. 

This would also help the website to understand the likes and dislikes of that particular customer. This data would help the website to display the products, as per the customer’s taste.

Scope of the trend

The best way, where you can offer the customer is to add a space where customers can add, color, size, brand, picture in the product, which they want to buy. 

A promising method for customer interaction- How to promote customer attention 

man in grey crew-neck t-shirt smiling to woman on counter

When you visit an offline store to buy a product, you expect a salesman to brief you about the product features, advantages, and benefits.

Similarly, when you visit an online store, you also find the complete features of a product with complete usage and benefits. This would help customers to a great extent and increase customer visits as well.

What to do?

The best way to interact with a customer is to add a chat box in your online store. This would help you to understand what the customer needs. If you are selling medicines online, then it is very much necessary to know the prescription and need of the customer.

Try before you pay- Best online essential

This is another trend of 2020-21. Now you can open up the box and check your orders before you pay to the delivery executive. You can return the product immediately if it does not match your needs.

What You Can Do?

This is an important trend these days and you must add this feature. You can add some amount of checking the order before you pay. This would help to build trust between the customers.

Emphasis on a Niche market

This is a limited store market, where you can buy a single or a limited product. If you want to buy a sports item, the Decathlon is the online store for sports equipment.

What You Should Do?

Add touchpoints on the website. Customer who visits the website should fascinate them. You can add some attractive blogs with product descriptions and put the best-sold items on the top to attract the customer.

 Beneficial Tip on Ecommerce Trends for Fruitful Ecommerce Growth

Running a profitable eCommerce website, follow all the latest trends of 2020 and 2021. Adopt future eCommerce trends for running your online business effectively.


Written by Ashlie Lopez

At Hashtagstudio, we drive to push the boundaries to make you a better marketer and your brand the most beloved one. Our suite of digital, creative services, media buying, campaign, and product solutions help brands and organizations to become empathetic and real in the marketing world by connecting with their consumers for the ultimate success of their business

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