Are you struggling on how to achieve exponential results as a leader? Here’s a solution; becoming a great leader book – a pioneer leaders’ guide to walk you through the hot tracks of leadership.

There are no two ways about it – if you must be a great leader, you need a ladder to help you stand out for those you lead to measure their standards.

I present you one today, a gift dear to my heart.

Leadership Tweaks: Pioneer Leaders’ Guide For Exponential Results

Reading the book Leadership Tweaks book by Elvis C. Umez engulfed my eyes, opened my ears, enlarged the holes of my nostrils and broadened my mouth on how well and bad I’ve led people over the years.

It got really interesting because the book unveiled puzzling circumstances those with the staff of leadership engage every day and how to surmount them.

I’ve read the book and I can tell the book is filled with astounding innovative ideas designed to help any pioneer leader whose goal is to make great achievements, without having to worry much.

Contained in this book are timeless principles that guarantee your success regardless of the nature of your leadership.

Why the guarantee you ask? This book begins with the detailed introduction of the concept ‘leadership tweaks’, which expounds the imperativeness of employing the leader’s inherent abilities in leadership and the various components that can be tweaked to produce exponential results.

Yay! That’s it.

Let me give you a peep into the book.

Who Is a Pioneer Leader?

Who Is a Pioneer Leader

The pioneering leader is one who knows what to do when to do it, why to do it, and how to do it in moving himself and others from point A to B within a record time towards the actualization of the leadership purpose and vision.

Pioneering leaders are adventurous — driven to keep seeking bigger and better roles, products, and experiences.

They inspire a team to venture into uncharted territory. We get caught up in their passion to grow, expand, and explore.

The book is divided into three sections.

Section 1

It comprises of detailed descriptions, assays, and interpretations to help any pioneer leader discover in concrete terms the kind of a pioneer leader to be.

Some people interpret the feedback from their audience the wrong way and it’s been hurting their personal and business brand.

Leadership Tweaks, the concise nature of the assays and the interpretations you need for exponential results is tailored to both queries and inform in an easy and understandable way.

No matter your temperament or behavioral spirit, this book has a huge impact which it can play in your life as a leader.

All descriptions are important innovative derivations from the varied personalities of individuals thus determining their roles in the leadership system structure, which is the framework for actualizing the vision of the leadership, and the problem-solving ability of the leader which is the bedrock for handling challenges that occur in leadership.

Section 2

This is one of the parts of the book I so much love. Why? It contains detailed descriptions, assays, and interpretations needed to learn in concrete terms the kinds of people in your leadership.

The components include the stages of growth and development of the people, their personality types, roles in the system structure, and problem-solving abilities.

For you as a leader, it helps you to define the descriptions of how you can align and employ your uniqueness in the actualization of the leadership vision with a concomitant transformation of becoming an effective leader on the long run.

Section 3

This section explored four other outstanding aspects of leadership that you must pay attention to as a pioneer leader in order to understand and then apply the needed tweaks for results.

The author explained descriptions and assays to understand the influence receptors of the people and of the pioneer leader, demystification of opposition in leadership and how to handle it.

He went further to explain the innovative ways to train the people for a 360o effect, and the power and impact of the pioneer leader’s psychology on the people and the entire leadership in actualizing its vision and purpose.

The Book

How to Achieve Exponential Results as a Leader

Elvis didn’t write this book to provide a reading material but a practical framework and guide with outstanding principles that guarantee exponential results when effectively applied.

Leadership Tweaks explores six profound and innovative elements that are fundamental for any forward-thinking leader.

Highlights include:

  • Understanding the kind of a pioneer leader you are.
  • Determining the growth and development of the people in your leadership.
  • Understanding the strategic, tactical and operational roles in problem-solving for the pioneer leader and the people.
  • The influence receptors of the pioneer leader and the people.
  • Leading your way through the opposition.
  • Learning how to carry out a 360-degree training for the people.

These produce exponential leadership results in this postmodern era.

As divergent as the concept of leadership seems, nothing can qualify leadership better than the fact that it is a fundamental aspect of man’s expression geared towards making the existence of other members of a group or people meaningful.

Hence, these elements of leadership are not unfamiliar but drawn from man’s innate potentials and ingenuity towards the growth and development of a people, organization, or group.

The principles in this book are guaranteed to effect a turnaround in any ineffective leadership and super charge any already performing leadership for cutting-edge results.

Are you in a period of stability or one of stagnation? People tend to overstate risks and under-emphasize potential rewards. The pioneering leaders aren’t afraid to do what’s never been done before.

Leaders lead change. This book is most beneficial for leaders who are pioneering leadership in private and co-operate organizations.

They encourage growth for the organization and for the people around them. It’s your duty to strive to stay current with best practices and opportunities to stretch beyond the status quo.

You might be working hard to create a stable environment for your employees, but you need to be sure you aren’t also quashing the creativity of the entrepreneurial spirit around you.

Learn to take leaps of faith and this book explained all therein.

It takes you on careful planning explaining its place and its rewards.

Sometimes a bold action is necessary to encourage others to do more than they’ve done in the past.

With this book takes you on a journey of self-marketing because the first to market often has the advantage. The book arms you with tools to inspire others with your ideas.

This book is in two formats: eBook and hard copy.

You can order for yours here.

Before You Grab Your Copy, Read This!

A clear vision in one’s own head doesn’t always translate clearly to everyone else, even when presented with confidence and charm.

This book helps you to gloss over the specifics of effective leadership.

Your high ego needs can be an issue if your charisma fails, causing others to feel pushed, intimidated or insincerely flattered by them.

If a leader inspires but does not support, he or she can lose followers along the way.

And, don’t forget – charisma without character kicks you into the whirlpool of frustration.

I know you don’t want that, right?  Grab your copy to find out how to achieve exponential results as a leader.

Go ahead and order your copy now.

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    This guide is really amazing as it has simplified a lot of queries for me. You present your research openly for everyone to read and understand, that too without any cost. It is just an amazing thing, these tips are exciting and they are result oriented.

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