Are You Addicted to Writing?

I have met many writers that have the kind of talent it takes to top the Amazon Best Seller list with ease yet many of them do not publish their work. They write for the joy of writing and just post the work online for the world to enjoy.

This comes as an article submission, a blog post or a documentary… All for free!

One of the traits of a great storyteller is the ability to fantasize vividly. Many writers can do this at will and some can do it while keeping up with a conversation.

Some get hooked with the question if writers are born or made?

To be honest…. when we start writing, it can be daunting to read the amazing books by our author heroes and wonder how we can ever be that good. Their drive is simple, understanding and straight to the core.

For writers, some of their works don’t seem great at first until when proof read by an expert. Furthermore, edited and the pieces put together to make more sense.

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Did you enjoy writing when you were young? If you enjoyed writing when you were a child, it could be a sign that you were meant to write. Children know what they like and tend to know what they will do with their life even if they cannot express it.

Writers are born with the creative skills, honed on for so many years.

You may want to know how authors like Brian Tracy honed their abilities for these years remaining relevant in the marketplace.

One of the secrets is Addiction!

For you to make the most out of your writing career, you must be addicted to writing. The responsibility you take could be to help give solutions to people’s problems. Being addicted to writing is not a difficult task. It is a learn-able skill which you probably can learn every day. 

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It is obvious that the only cure to get addicted to writing is getting the words on the page. 

Writers are mad men – they think differently from others. 

I’m being very honest on this – I’m not a slow learner. It may take me lots of time to adapt. That’s not even much important. The important thing is that I can’t let go until I win.

After training from my mentor, I realized that great writing requires both clarity and imaginative embellishment in equal measure

My first drafts were terrible but not chucked with lazy ideas. Reading them over for the second time is depressing.

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As a high school student, then, learning how to write wasn’t something I picked much interest to do.

My passion for it grew with time having being accompanied by a mentor who worth to be called one.

I learn from him that writing talent could be built with time, after the right process.

He unveiled the secrets of life as a writer. You owe it all to yourself. This is because the most important things in life are only achieved with practice, patience, and commitment.

Writing, in this case, is not an exception. 

Have you ever found yourself lost in thought? Have you ever found yourself totally immersed in your own thoughts when you should be focusing on something else and those thoughts are plots, poems or lyrics?

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Do you have more than a couple of notebooks filled with writing from cover to cover? 

When writers first start out, they write anywhere and everywhere. 

As children, we write on walls, books, and notebooks. Later, we find ourselves scribbling ideas on cocktail napkins and the backs of envelopes when nothing else is handy.

It may be easy to learn to write like someone. But, the hardest part of it all is learning to write like you. 

When you come across a word you do not recognize, Do you NEED to find its meaning? 

Writers are wordsmiths. 
We love to come across words we do not understand and more often than not, we can fathom the meaning by simply reading it in a sentence or formulating the point of the paragraph.
We had several dictionaries and a thesaurus or two lying around the house. 

Your writing style may not be like mine. We have our differences.

Does this sound like you?
Truth is, a natural-born writer cannot help them. If we are not writing, we are thinking about writing. We work 16 hours a day, sleep six, write for one, and drive back and forth the rest of the time.
Writing words have been a profession for me, in terms of my habits and attitudes, long before being published. I good vision of myself. Published this book year 2015 and I keep growing.
As a writer, what kind of games do you enjoy?
Writing has opened many realities about life to me. I could go on and on and write. I try to do my best every day, falling short most of the time, but persisting. 
I strive to be the best writer I can be. 
Wanting to be like someone may be a daunting task. If you can decide to choose you’d recognize that it takes only you to write like you.
Writing is your calling, answer the call and keep ministering.
You may have tried to write like anybody else and discovered it just didn’t work. I walk and breathe writing. I may lay dead and stop to breathe if I fail to write. 
It is my strength and drives. Writing is the sweetest fragrance ever. 

Writer are the accumulation of their experiences, lifestyles, desires and fears.

This could mean something else to you as an individual. For me, to be successful means reaching that moment when one could look out of a window, recalling places, people, and life experiences.
Writing to some – a career and another, business. 
Unlike some businesses which you may make huge success overnight, it isn’t so in the business of writing. You must master the ART and ACT of writing!
For me, writing is a business – the business of words.
What drives the people around us? What do they get angry about? 
What motivates them? Why do they act the way they do? 

The human soul is a deep, deep thing. As authors, our job is to dig.

Dig for the heart of the matter; find that deep, inner part of a person, as far as you can. 
This is a magical world that somehow speeds up natural time.
You begin to write and the next thing you know, you have eight thousand words and it is almost dawn.
One of the best ways to discover more about the human race is to study it. Take note of the habits, tendencies, characteristics, and preferences of the people around you.
I am addicted to writing, are you?

Written by Prince Akwarandu

Prince Akwarandu is a writer, author, and blogger who can help you build a profitable writing career with his book Writing For Profits. You can follow him on Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp or Facebook.

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