Are You An Open Blogger?


Are You An Open Blogger?

My friend Chayan Chakrabarti at Simple Facts Online always seems to be:

  • learning
  • implementing
  • testing
  • improving
  • teaching
  • succeeding

Check out his latest experiment on YouTube:

YouTube Experiment

Those are some heady numbers for a single day!

He learns, puts his newfound knowledge into action, tests, tweaks and accelerates his success because he is an open blogger. Chayan is open to the world around him and swiftly teaches what he learns and puts into successful practice. Successful bloggers like he learn because they are sponges to blogging knowledge.

My friend Lisa Sicard is another learner, implementer and sharer. She learns and teaches with amazing speed. Like Chayan, she carved out a successful blogging career by being open, willing to learn and equally willing to share what she learned through her blog.

I nabbed some ideas from Chayan’s YouTube success. I have not made headway on the channel save a few videos nabbing higher views. Perhaps I can emphasize SEO through my videos to increase my returns. But I only generated this idea by being open to blogging knowledge. I could never close myself off as a blogger and succeed because all success flowed to me through my openness.

Are you an open blogger? Or do you claim to know it all? Know it all bloggers fizzle out and vanish quite quickly because bloggers closed to the world find themselves perfectly equipped to live in a world long gone. Imagine if I had been a closed blogger over the past 13 years? I would be doing the same stuff in 2021 that I did in 2008 in terms of practical blogging strategies. Much of what worked in 2008 does not work now from a practical approach because:

  • sites like My Space and Live Journal are gone
  • article bases like Ezinearticles have lost their clout
  • black hat SEO died a long time ago; page 1 rank means employing a far different strategy than 13 years ago

I did not use blackhat SEO strategies in 2008 but I wanted to share how being closed-minded guarantees that you live in the blogging past.

Being open blogging-wise allows you to see clearly in the present. I am predominantly a wide open blogger. I remain true to my principles but flexible in putting practical blogging tips into action. Practical tips change over the blogging years. But blogging according to core values needs to be constant for becoming a successful blogger. I blog to have fun and to free myself. I also blog because I enjoy helping people. I am simply open to using different tools, techniques, strategies and websites today in 2021 to embody my core blogging values.

Be open. Avoid being rigid. Open your mind to a new way of blogging. Be on the lookout for the latest cutting edge strategies for being a successful blogger. In a Universe of change you either blog from an open energy to evolve or you close yourself energetically to fail. I changed with change over the years to open up to different strategies like:

  • genuine blog commenting
  • guest blogging
  • optimizing blog posts for SEO

Evolution demanded me to open myself to learn from other bloggers.

Being humble plays a chief role in being open. Admitting that you do not know it all is usually the first step in being open. Be confident but humble to receive successful blogging insights from pro bloggers. Every seasoned, pro blogger opens themselves up to advice from fellow pro bloggers. We all have blogging blind spots. Be open to get information from pro bloggers to help you see yourself in the light of truth.


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  1. Lisa Sicard

    Hi Ryan,
    Thank you for the kind mention in this one. I like to think of myself as an open blogger and love trying new things but at the same time keep on doing what works as well. I find the more I learn the more I need to learn! It really is amazing Ryan. I spent some time exploring blogs today and noticed many do not have their social buttons on top or even on the bottom of their sites anymore. I thought I was alone in that, I guess it’s a new trend 🙂 Always learning and always growing Ryan!

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