Are You Suffering from a Skills or Courage Shortage?


Are You Suffering from a Skills or Courage Shortage?


Promoting this post from the blog of Mudassir:

Do You Need More Blogging Skills or Courage?

reveals the genius of Seth Godin. No matter how skilled you become you cannot succeed in life unless you have courage. Clarity, confidence and a true knowing of your unlimited potential make the difference. Little else matters until you gain the utmost confidence with a dose of strong courage because skills do not benefit meek, shy, doubting bloggers who never use the skills to scale.

I recall a high profile person mentioning a singer whose voice rivalled or even surpassed legend Frank Sinatra. Far and away, the individual noted how this singer had perhaps the most stunning singing skills he had seen. But every time the high profile power broker offered to set the singer up with a feature in the NY Times or some other publication for massive exposure and their deserving worldly success, the singer complained about not being ready for the high profile feature.

Of course, the complaint about not being ready was pure bunk. Of course, the singer had little courage, bursting at the seams with doubt, being terrified to fail, to be criticized and maybe even to succeed. A singer with super-star skills pretty much will bite the dust not because of lacking skills. Nope. The individual will vanish into obscurity until this super skilled genius literally steps up to the mic and displays real courage in seizing opportunities for greater exposure.

You and I have seen people become worldly famous and quite wealthy despite not being highly skilled. Even though fame and wealth are not the end-all, be-all, these folks had stores of courage to put themselves out there in a liberating way. Semi-skilled people with courage run laps around highly-skilled people with little courage. No matter how skilled you are at anything, nobody will know until you tap into your limitless courage to show the world what you have.

Do you have a blogging skills shortage? Or do you need a dose of blogging courage? I recall someone commenting some 14 years ago that he wished he had the courage I had. Of course, I had little courage as a newbie blogger but displayed at least enough confidence and clarity to trigger doubt in the individual. I am still building my courage day by day through creating and connecting generously but I did learn long ago that being highly skilled means nothing unless you believe in yourself. Possessing some skills and great courage precedes increased blogging success. Being crippled by doubt but highly skilled precedes blogging failure.

By all means; develop your blogging skills to be credible. But edge outside of your comfort zone routinely to:

  • make blogging buddies
  • increase your exposure
  • move higher in blogging circles
  • be truly helpful for fellow human beings

Seize opportunities to serve. Do not turn down a microphone unless the opportunity seems non-resonant with your niche. No blogger needs to desperately chase after opportunities but all bloggers better develop an abundance mindset to better gain exposure while genuinely helping people. I try my best to simply be helpful. Being helpful boosts my confidence because the more I help folks the more I believe in myself by believing in others. Does that make sense? Being of service puts the spotlight on fellow human beings. Spotlighting other folks increases their potential in your eyes which reflects your potential back to you.

Take advantage of this mirror effect to gain confidence, clarity and courage. Stop buying new courses to gain new skills. Cut it out with doubting yourself and your skill set. Display courage. Edge into fear. Create and connect your way to thriving as a blogger by giving yourself a courage infusion.

You do not need to be super star skilled but you better blog with courage or you will fade into blogging oblivion.

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