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5 Astonishing Ideas to Improve Your Book Review Skills

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Reading is something that can keep people captivated for a lifetime. It pleases your aesthetic sense to let you wander and travel through places not known to the world. It helps you create a world of your own. On the contrary, writing is something that needs certain effort on your part to excel at it. Not every good reader can a good writer. No matter what books you read frequently i.e. either builder’s book, fiction, biographies, or any other genre, you cannot review aptly if you don’t know the basics of review writing. Here are some amazing tips for you to improve your book reviewing skills:

  1. Develop Your Interest:

This might sound something abstract to you, but this works like a charm if you manage to develop your interest in what you are doing. Writing is something that comes directly out of your mind and heart, you can effortlessly inscribe your thoughts if you immerse yourself into the activity completely. When you are passionate about something it can be been seen through your writing. It will keep you motivated from beginning till the end, and there won’t be any lousy or dull moment in your writing. 

  1. Structuring it the Right Way:

Long paragraphs or disorganized statements and ideas are really turn off for the readers. Your book review should have a definite structure so that readers feel convenient to read it and find your point. Start it with a summary of the book. It should be short, simple, and sweet because typical ones can be found easily on google. 

Secondly, state your ideas one by one. Do not leave any argument hanging in the middle. Switch to different ideas once you are done finishing the previous ones. You can add quotations from the book or can also add references from other books to support or elaborate your claim. Make sure to discuss only the important aspects of the book. You can also tell about what you liked about it the most and what you didn’t. End by giving the book some rating and let the readers know if you would recommend them to read it if so, give a reason.

  1. Know Your Audience:

Knowing your audience helps you stay focused and target your content effortlessly. For example, if you are reviewing some novel that is popular among teenagers, then you can use more funky language and keep the content light. On the contrary, if you are reviewing an academic book, then you must keep your language formal and claims to the point, well supported with the evidence from the text. 

  1. Using Creative Writing Techniques:person writing on brown wooden table near white ceramic mug

 Borrow some creative writing techniques to make your review capable of grabbing the attention of the reader instantly. It’s the introduction of your review that makes the reader decide if they want to continue reading it or not. Make sure to put extra thought into writing the first statement. It should be compelling. You can start off with some rhetorical questions or some controversial or paradoxical statement to make the content look promising. 

  1. Use Your Voice:

People often confuse book review with storytelling, summarizing, or paraphrasing of the actual content. Book reviews are all about using your voice to communicate what reviews are all about using your voice to communicate. What you feel about the content, you propose new ways to interpret it, or simply put into words what were our thoughts after you read it. This will make your review looks interesting, unique, validate your position as a writer, and will bring a great deal of originality to your writing. Make sure to use your voice aptly!


In a net shell, you must keep a bunch of things in mind while reviewing a book. These five tips will surely work out for you and will give a sense of direction either you are a beginner or an average writer. Put best of your efforts; keep things simple and clear, use figurative language but avoid using jargons, make sure what you have written makes sense to the readers, bring in originality by using your critical thinking skills. Lastly and most importantly, make sure to proofread it before you send out or make it available for the audience.

 Clear your mind, get a mug of coffee, sit on your comfortable sofa. Grab your pen, and let your creative and critical thinking be seen through your writing!

Written by Ashlie Lopez

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