How to Become a Writing Machine

Generosity manifests success.

Memorize that line.

Live by it.

Some wonder if I am a self-publishing cyborg or dyed in the wool, human being.

I am human. I promise.

I even took dogs for 2 separate walks today in New Zealand, talked to my dad in NJ, spent time offline with my wife Kelli and the woman whom we’re house sitting for. I also meditated for 20 minutes and did yoga for 40 minutes.

Oh yeah; I also published 3 posts today. This is #4. 2 on Blogging From Paradise, one on Blogging Tips and this guestie.

I have written and self-published 126 eBooks. I’ve written thousands of posts during my online career.


I became a writing machine by following these steps.

1: Manage Your Energy

Being what appears to be a machine to mere mortals – joking – depends on your energy.

Meditating, doing yoga and exercising daily helps me raise my energy levels so I see above problems and knife through resistance.

Most writers are not prolific because they vibe low – doing no energy work – and surrender into fears. Even if you work hard physically you slam into writer’s block and other fears, surrendering into the lower energies and being an average, mediocre or outright failing writer.

Meanwhile, energy conscious writers who meditate, or do yoga, or exercise daily – or do all 3 like me – see through obstacles and churn out helpful content like crazy.

I am writing these words at 8 PM on a Saturday night because I manage my energy. If I didn’t manage my energy I’d probably spend all weekend watching Netflix. Lower energy folks focus mainly on taking care of and amusing themselves. Higher energy folks focus mainly on taking care of others by being of service.

This tip is far and away the most important step to follow.

Raise your energy through diligent personal development.

Lay the foundation to become a writing machine.

2: Write 1000 Words Offline Daily and Trash the Document

Do you want to know how I seem to be a writing machine?

I have written 1000 words or more daily for many years.

Practicing my writing improved my writing skills. Improving my writing skills gave me the confidence and clarity to become prolific, publishing blog posts and self-publishing eBooks frequently.

Develop a skill through persistent practice. Get really good at the skill. Become proficient in that area.

Write, write and write some more in a Word document. Trash the document after you reach your 1000 word daily practice limit.


Most writers never become prolific because they fearfully attach themselves to outcomes, eating into their creativity and dulling their emerging genius. Most bloggers would publish this post and try to squeeze as much out of it as possible, by promoting the post and promoting it more and promoting it some more.

10 minutes after publishing and promoting this guest post I will likely be writing my next guest post. I am not heavily attached to any one creation or my writing for that matter. I cultivated the habit of detachment by trashing my writing after practice. I don’t fear loss too much so I write, then keep writing, then write some more, publishing content all over the place, becoming a writing machine.

3: Spend Time in Nature

Today I am writing these words from Opotiki, New Zealand.

Yep; I snapped the featured image for this post today.

This is one of the most beautiful towns and countries in the world.

Being in nature like this aligns you with perfection, harmony, love and incredibly creative, prolific energies.

Even though I was a busy offline and blogging bee today I made time to write because being among gorgeous nature inspired me to write, as if the turquoise blue South Pacific and emerald green, towering mountains begged me to write this post.

Take a hike. Be with nature. Become prolific.

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Written by Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author, and world traveler who's been featured on Richard Branson's Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, Positively Positive, Life Hack, John Chow Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He has written and self-published 126 bite-sized eBooks on Amazon and can help you build a successful blog at

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