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Najeem Akinwande and I have lived through failed businesses, both online and offline.

We had no idea of the pitfalls to avoid or the rope to hold strong.

When we get on the aeroplane, fly so high, to touch the sky – we fall.

This post is about shining a spotlight on Najeem’s latest work, not me, Prince.

Let’s dive in.

Najeem, after 6 years of flushing away his hard earned money into the toilet through various schemes and misinformation, to the tune of One Million Naira (N1,000,000), he finally cracked the code and followed his own accidental discovery.


He started a location independent business from his living room—with nothing more than a phone, savings account with a bank, a mini tower desktop computer, N5, 000 for internet subscription (ONet tabletop), and the hours between 10 pm and 3 am when no one, even his employer, could control.

I’m sharing this with you because you will learn the effective ways Najeem was able to recoup the wrongly invested money in a space of seven months leveraging his knowledge.

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With training in Business Management, Internet Marketing Strategy, and Psychology and two decades of Business Experience, Najeem Akiwande has mastered the art and science of designing and crafting profitable businesses to fit different personalities.

As a yet-to-be master of his craft, Najeem made mistakes that messed up his golden chances of becoming a millionaire in his 20s.


He had to wait for a short 18-year break between his secondary education and the next level in his academic pursuit. Not because he was academically unintelligent, but because he had not enough supports financially, worsened by the choices he ignorantly made.

That said, he still did wonderfully well.

So, why did he have to wait for eighteen (18) years before he could continue his education?

I expected you to ask before now. The reason is found on page 14 of his book Before You Become A Dad.

As an individual one thing I’ve realized now is that all the worthwhile accomplishments in this world have been created by people who were realistic and tough.

I don’t mean tough in the sense of being pointlessly mean. I mean tough in the sense of resilient, relentless, continuously moving forward – even if it means you have to crawl for a while.

During my conversation with Najeem, he said to me…

Prince, my life before marriage was fantastic, and now it is. However, some of the wrongfully taken decisions made me struggle, and many a time got me frustrated because I couldn’t afford the things I needed. Things got better in the process and will continue to do so, by God’s grace.

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The conversation got really interesting. My ribs got cracked up when he expressed the shits he has been through and what drove him to put this book together.

The romance of words in this book got me thinking. While I read through the pages of my copy I developed an idea of which I will be working on soon. I’m crafting the prototype of what the idea is all about. My wish is for you to tap into this capacity building opportunity.

However, if you look at anyone who has accomplished anything worthy of admiration, you’ll find that they faced big obstacles, worked a lot harder than anyone realizes, and stuck with it even when things looked impossible.

Najeem is a lover of honesty and transparency, and he appreciates others with those qualities. A line from a post on Ryan’s blog read… while the world is shaking, you are sitting there totally unaware, at peace, chill, relaxed and poised.

Is this you, you feel heartbroken? You think you can never make a good dad? You think your wife and children won’t love you again? Your boss sacked you, then you are gone, all hope lost?

When you see the opportunity to rise from a struggle to success, will you embrace it?

You keep panicking, having tears roll down your cheeks and wets your boxer or pant?

Is becoming a successful entrepreneur what you want badly?

Nope? Yes? Answer.

Najeem’s mission is to teach GRADUATES who lack in ignorance despite their blessings, and WORKERS who are underpaid on how to leverage their talents, time, knowledge and expertise into massive profits by building stress-free, location independent businesses that allow them to have money to do whatever they want.

How do you build a strong foundation for your family and business?

By avoiding the mistakes that messed up Najeem’s golden chances of becoming a millionaire in his 20s.

How do you get the abundance of wealth before and after you become a dad?

By buying his new eBook of course: Before You Become A Dad

However, before I tell you why he wrote this book – Najeem is known to have successfully built and operated five businesses, in addition to three others that failed.

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At the time of this writing, he is the author of two books.

  1. How To Employ Yourself
  2. My Experience With The ‘Make Money Online’ SCAMMERS

His soon to be released title is Borderless Wealth Secret.

You can use the steps in this post to avoid scammers.

Why He Wrote This Ebook

He was sick and tired of failing friendships, relationships, marriages and valued businesses. Seriously, he wants to help you build a tribe with the required mind, skill and tool sets.

Sticking to the instructions, in this trusted book is a simple, powerful way to build a sustainable business before (and after) you become a dad.

With two kids out of school because of non-payment of fees and loads of other debts from the bank, cooperative society, and money lenders, life was devastating.

But, after some soul-searching, this “Borderless Wealth Genius” decided it was time to leverage his talents into his own profits and to help others do the same without incurring such a waste as he did while starting.

If you have no business aspirations, you can leverage on this, gain more clarity and help more folks become a good dad.

Sound good?


He had to write this eBook.

More than anything, his primary target audience for this is youths who are single and interested in making a positive difference in the world and anyone who is thirsty of success.

Stick to what is true. There is no shortcut no anywhere.

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Benefits OF Getting This Book

Have you ever compared the speed of an automobile to that of a millipede?

It’s just too apparent, in years to come; the later will struggle to catch up with the former.

Most young people find building a successful family and business just as difficult as a venture because they stray from the real deal – Education.

If you follow the proven systems in this book you will

  • Gain clarity about your life and message
  • Avoid the pitfall and regrets of the ignorant
  • Gradually increase your business influence and earnings
  • Maximize your capacity to do exploits; build a full-time business
  • Cultivate the winning mindset to be in charge of your life, family, and business

If in your youth, you fail to take all the necessary risks to make you financially okay, it may become more tedious getting hold of your finances as all will be struggles to get things done.

When you follow successful dads you become one. When you follow good business models, you build brands that people always rush to secure her product.

Adopt this mindset – by buying, reading, studying and following the advice Najeem offered in the eBook – you will remain successful so far as there will be a new day to rise.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. About The Author
  3. My Target Audience
  4. My Motivation
  5. Get This Right First
  6. Get Yourself Qualitative Education
  7. Be Careful Of What Path You Choose
  8. Acquire A Skill Or Two
  9. Don’t Stop At That
  10. Plan And Act
  11. Be Resourceful
  12. Network Like Mad
  13. Stop Waiting For Validation From Anyone
  14. Make It Happen: The 3-Step Process For Taking Your Knowledge
    and Skills To The Market For Profit
  15. My Closing Thought
  16. Become An Achiever

Download Before You Become A Dad by Najeem for free, for a fee here.

Buy Before You Become A Dad Here 


This short read (less than 30 minutes) will do two things for you.

It will give you clarity about your life – you will be able to make choices that give you fulfilment, and guide you through a proven system you can model after to make money to make a bigger difference in life.

Every word you will read in it is chosen to make you the best of who you are. Please, don’t just skim through as you did to most of the books you’ve read. Study it and internalize the insights it contains. Endeavor to read till the end.
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