Best Facebook Groups For Writers, Authors, Content Marketers

List Of Best Facebook Groups For Writers

Best Facebook Groups For Writers, Authors, Content Marketers

Are you looking for the list of best Facebook groups for writers? You’re in the right place.

Whatever the reason is, Facebook groups can be a unique way for writers (and bloggers) to connect, build good relationships, and find new opportunities.

It looks weird when you can’t get those pretty ideas off your mind?

Isn’t it? I know that feeling.

Knowing about other writers motivates you to keep it real. You’d want to quit, read a post or a book by your fellow writer.

Wouldn’t you love to mingle and share invaluable ideas with other writing groups?

If you are one who wants it, you are in the right place and time.

You know why? Discovering other people out there who “get” what it’s like to be a writer can be a great time to share the experiences you’ve had and tips with people on all stages of the writing.

Writers may never keep the writing career going if they never build a prevailing community – whether online or offline.

For this reason, I’ve joined a list of Facebook groups for writers to help you excel in your writing career with less stress and great results.

Facebook Groups For Writers To Join In 2021

Here is the list you want to know.

1. The World Writers Hub Facebook Group

We’d be negligent if we didn’t tell you about our own Facebook group. The community is a resource for understanding the diverse factors of writing, business, life and the troubles you face in it.

The group intends to act as a guide that will help you to understand writing extra carefully and lead you through its hot tracks.

The group is here to help writers, content creators, digital marketers, and entrepreneurs upmarket their talent without compromising their price, purpose, and promise.

There, you will discover solutions and take away the obstacles of issues in your content marketing career with better perception and knowledge at this present time.

Join World Writers Hub FB Group here.
Writers of all experience levels can share their struggles and wins, ask each other questions and otherwise support and encourage the community throughout the writing life.


2. The Write Life Community

The Write Life Community is a group of writers. You will discover writers of all experience levels, where they share their struggles and wins, ask each other questions and otherwise support and encourage the community throughout the winning through their writing career.

Join The Write Life FB Group here.


3. Resources for Writers

This group was started by the crew at Bookfox and shares resources to help the community improve as writers.

If you need a boost of writing inspiration or are looking for literary agents, publishing advice, or encouragement, this would be a fantastic group to join.

It’s more of an intimate group than other lists on this page, but members are active.

Join The Resources For Writers FB Group here.

4. VIP Blog Writers Hub

The VIP Blog Writers Hub is for those who want to write words that are flawless and wield influence.

People who want to go from unknown to Influential by the power of words.
And then get paid! Handsomely.

Join The VIP Blog Writers Hub here.


5. Writers Assembled

This group is a Private Group (formerly known as Closed Group) and that means you have to apply to get in. Most applications are accepted.

This group is full of support, resources, and writing challenges. Questions are quickly answered and feedback is helpful and constructive.

The purpose of the group is to give a warm, constructive environment to discuss the craft and business of writing.

In the group, authors may pose questions about the writing process, get feedback on their work, take part in writing challenges, and find support from other writers.

Topics of interest include generating ideas, creating characters, developing a plot, setting the scene, and so on.

Join The Writers Assembled Community here.


6. Writers United – Author’s Club

This community is the place for writers and authors to get together to support one another, collaborate, ask questions, and to discuss just anything writing-related.

This large, and growing, group doesn’t discriminate against any genre. It invites all writers and authors to communicate and collaborate with ideas and resources.

Join The Writers United – Author’s Club here.


7.  Writers Unite!

This group is a place for writers. The existence of the group here to support you, to motivate you, to learn with you, and to celebrate with you, when you do become published.

You are always welcomed and feel free to share your experience with the members. It is a very active community of writers that constantly share feedback, ideas, support, and questions.

Join The Writers Unite Community here.

8. Romance Writers Resource

The community believes that every writer needs a little help now and then. Have you read a great article, talked with an author, or heard insider secrets that you feel could help others who have broken in, or are trying to break into the romance genre?

The community is a place to share and care. We can become a writing community, sharing what we know with each other so we can all become better writers.

If you are a creative writer that wants to sweep the reader off into a romantic getaway with roses and dashing men that ride horses? Then this group is for you.

Join The Romance Writers Resource Community here.



For writers that want to step p their writing game, these Facebook groups will definitely help you.

So, do check them out. It’s a place for independent writers to share advice, blogs, experiences, and plug your promo as much as you want.

To your success.

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  1. All of these look like winning Groups on Facebook, Prince. Something about FB Groups that lifts you up. Especially the best ones. I belong to a few blogging themed groups that are hot beds of discussion, sharing, serving and helping. Awesome way to make friends, to share value, to gain writing inspiration and to grow your blog and business too.

    1. Hello Ryan,

      The power of FB groups is much to be discussed. A Facebook group can serve as a “mini blogging” platform where we can have one or different authors air their views on several topics ranging from writing, blogging, lifestyle, health and more.

      Thanks for stopping by, Ryan.
      ~ Prince.

  2. Hey Prince,
    Everyone loves it when individuals get together and share opinions be it based on writing tips towards excellence or any other niche altogether. No doubt Facebooks groups are a huge resource centre of learning from pros out there. Wish to say I never knew any other group aside World Writers Hub, but thanks for sharing this great list. Great article, you’re such a saviour.
    – Excel

    1. You are welcome, Excel.

      Glad I was able to add value to your life.

      Have a great day!

  3. I am so glad to read your tips, Prince.

    This is a nice information about development of blog and writing skills. Good to me because as a new blogger I need some tips about blogs and all other info about writing articles you know.

    Also, thanks for sharing some other tips I’ve seen your resources for writers which is really helpful. Reading your articles are truly worthy.

    1. Thank you for the last six honest words, Harris.

      I’m glad to hear that reading my articles are truly worthy.

      I DEEPLY appreciate you!

  4. Hey Prince,

    This is a great list, yet an informative article. I like the way you write your articles and I will follow these tips and make some good friends on Facebook.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

    Keep up the good work.

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