There are absolutely many methods for setting priorities. Setting good priorities can help you achieve your day-to-day activities.

As an individual, setting priorities was a very difficult task. The problem was not in the setting. It was in the keeping.

Many times I’d set daily goals and by the end of the day I’d end up either doing very little or doing other things which suddenly came up.

You know what? At the close of the day, I felt dissatisfied. I felt that I have not used my 24 hours judiciously.

I wanted to make the most out of my day. I set and re-set priorities, but I had a problem with ‘killing’ them.

It wasn’t great for me and I immediately set my mind to be priority conscious.

This is how many people are, just like I was, then.

They really want to make the most out of their lives, out of their day but are stuck as to how to know what to do.

Many a time, they have a whole lot on their daily to-do list and by the time the day ends, they come to realize that they did not finish all they wanted to do.

Not because they do not want to do it, but because they simply do not know how to.

You see, knowing what to do is not enough, it is vitally important to also know how to do it.

But how do you know how to do what you want to do?

Just keep following me.

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Heartbreak is when the day is over, then you realize you have been doing the less important things all day long.

And that the most important is left undone. It really breaks the heart.

Setting priorities can both temporary and permanent.

There are permanent priorities and there are temporary priorities.

Your priorities can also be called your daily goals.

Yes, at least priorities are goals you wish to achieve before the day, the month, the year runs out.

Permanent Daily Goals are goals you have set to achieve every day.

They basically cannot be altered. They are fixed goals.

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An example of this kind of priority is this.

A person who values his integrity and makes sure he is honest every single day.

In everything he does, Honesty is a goal. A goal he must achieve every day.

And for some other people, like me, prayer is a priority, a daily goal. So, no day passes without them saying their prayers.

For some other people, love is a priority, they must never go a day without showing someone love.

That’s the permanent kind of priority. You do it every day — it is some kind of tradition to you.

Set Permanent Priorities? Identify Your Values

To set permanent priorities you have to identify your values.

What good characters would you like to possess? What great habit would you like to portray?

When you identify your values, there won’t be much trouble trying to set them as your daily goals.

Alright, If you have read this far, you deserve an applause.

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Let’s Talk About Temporary Priorities

As the name or title implies, they are short-term goals. They vary depending on the activities we have to carry out each day.

Most people find this kind difficult to set, they tend to get carried away by many other things.

Most times, they end up leaving everything half-done. They never complete anything.

In setting this kind of priority we have to put some other things in place.

Self-questioning cannot be ruled out here — it will help you make better and quality priorities.

So ask yourself these:

1. What is more important?

There are days you will wake up to tons of activities to carry out. You want to do every one of them but you realize that you have limited time.

What do you do then?

There is no possible way you can increase the 24 hours in a day. And there is no way you can hold down the hands of time from moving.

But, even when you are stranded there is still something you can do.

You cannot make the clock go slower than it is going. But you can decide to manage yourself and get more productive.

Identify which activities are very necessary. Check out the one that is overly important and do them first.

The important must come first. In fact, arrange them on a list according to necessity.

Perform them one after another.

2. What can you do better?

Check those tasks, which can you do perfectly? Do them and assign the rest to someone else who can do them better than you.

If you must save your time, you have to learn and do this.

Learn to assign tasks you can’t do well, especially the not-so-important type to someone else.

That will help save you more time and allow you be productive.

3. What brings you results?

Your priority should focus on what brings you greater results. As a business person, what puts more fund in your bank account?

What brings you more clients?

Focus more on what brings you results, make sure you do them, prioritize them.

Be priority driven and make your life the most productive.


Being able to set priorities is the key to getting organized and making the most of your time.

Don’t fail to understand that the most important factor in setting priorities to achieve your goals your ability to make wise choices.

Make sure that the priorities you set are moving you in the direction of something that is of real value to you.

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  • Susan Velez
    Posted at 10:24 AM 0Likes

    Hi Chidera,

    Love your tips and especially when you say to pay attention to what brings you results. When I started my blog I wasn’t paying any attention to my results.

    I was literally everywhere and wasn’t getting any results. Now that I know what’s actually working and what isn’t, I know where to spend my time and use it wisely.

    This is extremely important, especially for those of us who don’t have a ton of time to grow our blog business.

    Thanks for taking the time to share these tips with us.

    Have a great day 🙂


  • Hassaan Khan
    Posted at 12:15 AM 0Likes

    Hi Chidera,

    There is no doubt about the importance of setting priorities. I have talked about this on my blog that I started doing things I like the most to kick start the day on a positive note.

    For example, I always used to write for clients in the morning, and within two hours I used to get sleepy. Then, I figured out that I should be writing my blog posts first thing in the morning. And, it worked.

    Things work out; what we need to do is start tweaking and testing.

    All the best.

  • Jamie
    Posted at 2:19 PM 0Likes

    This is a really essential thing to find the correct priorities and stick to them. However, you people have to first make the correct choices first.

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