Like a farmers seed in
a bad soil, so my trust
I placed in the wrong hands.

We did walk together
Yes, on lonely roads,
we told sweet secrets
and danced to the
music we imagined.

I smiled at you and you
smiled back.
A difference there was in this.
For whilst I smiled from my heart,
Yours was a mask of an expression, and how false it was!

We walked a long way,
you got tired and walked lazily behind me.
My love, my care, my loyalty
I gave to you, on a plate of gold.

I looked ahead and behold,
we did have a long way to go.
I knelt down and prayed that strength is given
for our journey to be completed.

On bended knees, I did pray,
my eyes were closed and I re-opened them
to see you standing behind me,
why you never joined me to pray, I know not.

A blade you held in your hand,
covered and smeared with blood.
I opened my mouth, as words failed me.
What evil you had done, I did not know.

I felt a sharp pain at my back, with my hands,
I traced it down below my neck.
Only then did I feel the wetness, and my eyes immediately popped
open to the satisfactory look in your eyes.

You! You stabbed me in the back
See how I am dying from excruciating pains,
look how deep you cut me.
With horror, I watched as my pain gave you joy.

A dream was, times you cared,
times you said you will never hurt me,
times you were an angel,
times you were the pillow on which I rested my head.

My strength failed me, and I crawled towards you,
blood dripping down from the cut from my back.
My hands I held out, for you to hold and help me up.
You turned your back and away you walked, away from me.

Away from the person, you call a friend,
a friend you stabbed in the back.
The perfect image of the angel I thought you to be, you have destroyed.
On the same table did we eat bread,
from the same cup did we drink water

I did you no wrong, the right piece of me, I gave to you.
Look what you’ve done with it.
In a thousand pieces, you’ve broken it.

I crawl on this ground of stones and thorns,
I crawl stretching my hands out and my eyes in search for someone to hold me up,
and heal the wounds you inflicted.

My trust, you broke.
You stabbed me.
A wolf in sheep’s clothing,
I know you now to be.

About the Poem

The poem is all about betrayal. In the line ‘we walked a long way’ shows the walk of friendship, they were both friends.

‘You got tired and walked lazily’ the other person got tired of the friendship and started to draw back.
While on their journey of friendship, the other friend knelt down to pray for strength to go on with the friendship, while the other never joined in the prayer.

The line ‘on the same table did we eat bread and from the same cup we did drink water’, makes it clear that the person betrayed, was betrayed by someone so close.

It’s a poem about how a person got betrayed by someone that seemed to be an angel, only to realize the person is actually a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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