Blog Traffic Never Flows in by Chance but by Choice

I read a Quora question a few moments ago. Common question I see quite often, and, common reference to how traffic may or may not rise over time 🙂

A new blogger shared their stats. In the next breath, the new blogger noted there’s a chance traffic will go up. Hmmmm…do you leave your blog traffic to chance? Impossible. Traffic never flows in by chance. Do you believe I generated 40,000 backlinks to Blogging From Paradise by chance? Like, Lady Luck just blessed me and gave me about halfway to 100,000 backlinks?

Hard, smart, generous work I put in for thousands of hours built the links to BFP. 15,000 hours of blogging experience went into developing skills so I could generate this sweet amount of links.

Lady Luck has nothing to do with becoming a professional blogger. Choosing to do things diligently for years allows you to become a professional blogger. Chance is phooey, hogwash, pure bunch. Never let your life fade into some bizarre experience allegedly blessed by chance. Choose to succeed. Choose to be free.

Chance had nothing to do with anything I achieved online. Ditto for you. Personal choices to create and connect generously for years leads to steadily increasing blog traffic. Honestly, success happens no other way. Chance is for casinos, horse races and dog tracks. Chance is for being a victim of luck. Chance cedes your blogging control. Bad idea.

Giving up blogging control forfeits your power because you choose to succeed or fail, through your blogging actions. Chance has nothing to do with the process because we succeed or fail based on work, not luck.

Luck does not exist in a precise Universe. Every cause leads to effect. Every effect roots itself in some cause. I became a pro blogger because I put in the generous work that amateur bloggers do not put in, for years. Blogging is simple but uncomfortable because doing simple things for 5000 hours triggers all types of deep fears you need to feel and release to reach your next stage of blogging growth.

I still resist this process in moments but became more hyper aware of my fears through a daily energy management regimen. These days, I keep creating and connecting no matter what, digging deeper, growing my blog and helping more folks in the process. Simply give 100% of your professional energy to blogging. Blogging gives you 100% in return, but only over time, with a diligent effort on your part.

Traffic never flows to bloggers by chance, but always, by choice. Never get it twisted. I know new bloggers love the idea of chance, as if some Russian Roulette wheel determines their blogging direction. Nope. Never the case.

Always, choice wins while chance-types fade into oblivion. Chance-y bloggers believe a concept like luck determines success but luck cannot exist in a precise, perfect Universe. Remember; cause and effect, My Young Blogging Padawans. Even a Jedi once noted how luck does not exist. Dude was spot on. As always.

Successful bloggers who drive traffic and profits generously serve readers for thousands of hours to boost their skills, exposure and credibility, to the point where traffic and profits flow in seamlessly.

These conscious decisions begin in mind, through choices, and those choices manifest in the physical world, as blogging actions.

Be all over opportunities to help people. First though, learn blogging from pros. Pros teach you how to blog the right way. Stick around these folks. Pay close attention to their habits. Observe how they work. Buy their stuff. Hire them to coach you. Sponge up their knowledge. Learn from the best. Position yourself to become the best.


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Written by Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author, and world traveler who's been featured on Richard Branson's Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, Positively Positive, Life Hack, John Chow Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He has written and self-published 126 bite-sized eBooks on Amazon and can help you build a successful blog at

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