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Vital Tips to Increase Productivity

8 Vital Tips To Increase Your Productivity Rate

People who manage to get a lot accomplished each day aren’t superhuman; they’ve just mastered a few simple habits.

Some may be easy to guess: Keep your desk organized and aim for around eight hours of sleep a night. But others, like taking a mid-day nap or complaining, might surprise you.

Your “Productivity Rate” can be said to mean, the measure of your efficiency in converting useful inputs to a useful output.

Below are eight vital tips to help increase your productivity rate. I hope they be of good help!

Your Health Is Very Important

A good and a strong health is not something that is sold at a grocery store but it is something that we have to create and also maintain at the same time.

A good health is achieved by following a few collective patterns which are health-related. If we follow this logic then we will also realize the importance of having a healthy lifestyle which will add to the benefits of having a healthy life.

One can start with following the pattern of eating the right things at the right time and also exercising too. These healthy patterns will help to lead to reduced illness which in turn will also help save a lot of money that we turn up spending for recovering from various illnesses.

Read 10 Healthy Foods That Will Further Your Life Expectancy and you will discover the freebies you’ve been searching for. 

Keep Your Friends Close

You are yet to find out that friends are one of the most important and yet least understood areas of psychology concerns the role of friends in our lives.

Developing good quality friendships is one of the key secrets to living to 100, according to a recent Australian study of centenarians. Scientists believe this is because friends provide emotional support, helping people deal with stress and boosting the body’s production of feel-good chemicals dopamine and oxytocin, which in turn has been found to promote brain growth and combat aging.

Read How to Find a Good Work-Life Balance by Lorraine Reguly, a friend writer and blogger I cherish so much.

She blogs at WordingWell.

Take Good Breaks

It’s bad enough as it is that many of us spend 8 or more hours a day sitting at our desk, ruining our posture and straining our eyes.

Now researchers say that sitting for more than 3 hours a day can cut your life expectancy and decrease your rate of productivity, even if you’re taking trips to the gym.

Getting up and moving every hour, even if just for a minute, can add up to two years to your life. Also, consider getting a pedometer to make sure you’re clocking your 10,000 recommended steps each day.

Read 12 Reasons Yoga Helps Improve Life Span and learn why taking breaks is important.

Exercise Regularly

Want to know why exercise helps you think straight? Click here. Ever feel like you think a bit more clearly after a good workout? You can actually boost your success backgrounds again.

In fact, exercise is one of the most important parts of keeping your body at a healthy weight. Exercise helps people lose weight and lower the risk of some diseases.

Exercising to maintain a healthy weight decreases a person’s risk of developing certain diseases, including type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

Read Top 10 Reasons to Exercise Regularly and see the benefit of just losing weight or building muscle.

Network With People

Networking is about making connections and building enduring, mutually beneficial relationships. World Writers Hub operates as a catalyst to ensure you meet the “right” people to include in your writing network and expand your sphere of influence.

We are constantly bombarded with advertisements, emails, status updates, special offers,  and sales pitches creating a cluttered message.

Personal relationships enable you and your organization to stand out, rise above the noise and remain top of mind.

Networking provides the most productive, most proficient and most enduring tactic to build relationships. To succeed you must continually connect with new people, cultivate emerging relationships and leverage your network.

Read Social Ties Can Add Years to Your Life and increase the quality of your life.

Know Your Wants

A lot of people live their lives having no clue what they want. All people who are stuck feel this way – asking always of what their needs may be because they’ve made some costly or rigid assumptions about what they need to be happy or what they’re capable of creating.

What are your wants?

Don’t feel bad for being selfish. It’s your life. It’s time for you to live it exactly the way you want to. If you constantly regret things you did or didn’t do in the past, then you won’t be able to move forward. Don’t live in the past. Live in the present…and the future!

Read How to Create a Prototype for Your Future and find possible ways of living the life you want.

Be Consistent In Whatever You Do

There’s nothing worse than planning to attend a meeting only to see that meeting die an immediate death. And by that, I mean the meeting gets canceled last minute.

Now, if there’s no reason for a meeting then, of course, it wouldn’t make sense to have one. But, for recurring meetings such as financial reviews or priority updates, stick to the schedule because those meetings are the priorities. 

When meetings are canceled last minute and people are forced to rearrange their schedules, they become frustrated with the change (and probably lack of communication with it), yes, but they also begin to lose faith in the system.

Consistency builds trust, and if you don’t adhere to a simple schedule for when and where to meet (and why), then people begin to question the value of that meeting and the rationale behind it.

Read How to Be Consistent and ditch the mortals you’ve been struggling with.

Look For A Loved One

This three-element is valid so far as love is concerned. Check how you deal with them. Are you dealing with it on the right path or wrong?

  • Friendship – Understanding and caring for each other as friends. (Thumb rule for gauging the depth of the friendship between you and your girlfriend:

         Ask yourself, “Would we want each other in our lives even if there were no sexual attraction between us?”)

  • Empathy – Understanding where the other person is coming from. Their needs, biases, weaknesses and the roots of all these. Now, of course, it’s not possible for anyone to figure that out completely for their significant other (Heck!

          We’d all have to be psychiatrists!).

          But as long as you genuinely want to and try to understand each other, you’ll find your relationship is attaining new depths.

  • Mutual Need Fulfillment – A follow-up step on the last one is a genuine desire to fulfill the needs that one’s partner has from the relationship. The stability of a relationship is determined by each partner’s answer to ONE moot question:

Hence figuring out and satisfying each other’s needs becomes essential to have a fulfilling relationship. (“Should I Break Up?” The ONE Question You Need to Ask)

Looking for (and actively cultivating) these three dimensions in a relationship will easily get you closer to the real one past the initial days of infatuation.

Read How to Embrace the Last Transition of Life of Your Loved One to prepare your life and make it beautiful.

Get Organized!

Learn to trust people with critical tasks in all areas of your life. When you learn to effectively delegate tasks you actually find that it is easier to keep the stuff you cannot delegate better organized.

I hope these key points help you be in control of your life. Whatever electronics or paper you use, make them work for YOU, not the other way around.

Does Outlook really have to stay checking your email every 5 minutes? Maybe, but I bet you’ll get a whole lot more done if you check it a few times per day.

That goes for the Blackberry too! After all, there are so many tools, and one to fit everyone – so use what works, but make it work for you!

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