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The Zero To Hero Secret Of Writing For Entrepreneurs

Any secret? The secret of writing for entrepreneurs.

Writing services are designed with a sole aim to develop the text for the Internet audience.

These give you right match on keywords chosen and such keywords make a huge difference when it is populated on servers.

The search engine spiders crawl, they tickle and what you get is high page rank and the good amount of traffic to your website.

If you’re a writer, every weekend you should spend some time looking back over the business plan and writing schedule you created on Sunday to evaluate how you’ve spent your work week.

Entrepreneur writers cherish success like the monkey does to banana. If you follow your marketing plan during the week, by the end day of the week you should feel pretty awesome about the progress you’ve made the last few days.

By this time, several items should be marked off your “to do” list to experience total fulfillment.

Today’s post is for writers who are entrepreneurs.

The Secret of Writing for Entrepreneurs

This is not a far-fetched information. It is the things that exist around us which we most time neglect.

Obviously, the first thing to consider each weekend is whether you even had a business plan and work schedule in place for the week.

If you didn’t have these things in place, then your first task for the coming week is to get your marketing plan and work schedule ready.

Let’s get the real sense of this post. It is about you!

Not necessary your family member, friends and business partner.

Unlocking The passion To Write

Every author believes he has passion. What this actually means is he has dedication.

That’s awesome to know, but it’s not the same as the passion that comes through on the pages of writing.

The spirits that move through the vein of writers vary per purpose.

The passion that flows through the lines of the page is something inherent in the story itself.

Writers make up an endowed imaginary people and made-up events with urgency and importance.

Those qualities do not lie below the surface; they dwell in the printed words.

In this post, we will consider two types of writers.

The still writers and stick writers.

Still writers are the group of writers that could keep writing once they have their notepads or pen as the case may be but never see writing as a responsibility.

Stick writers are the opposite of still writers – they take writing as a responsibility and this attribute makes them exceptional writers.

“If you are running away from your responsibility as a writer, you are irresponsible”

Think of this – The life you are living and the success you are experiencing right now as a writer are a direct result of the actions you’ve been taking day after day, week after week.

If you aren’t happy with your writing life and/or your business right now, then you need to get tough on yourself and start taking the actions that will ultimately lead to the life and business you really want.

Self Understanding

Understand what makes you glad, what motivates you, where you get your energy, how the world flows through your eyes and how you perceive the world.

Understanding this about yourself helps you connect with your readers and your characters.

How you view the world is reflected in your writing and for this reason, you must strike harder than ever.

The rule for moving from zero to hero is simple – pursue awareness around the view of the world and use the knowledge to direct your writing decisions.

Your environment can influence your writing, not limit itClick To Tweet

Writing is not a one-man thing, it is our thing. There are different kind of writers for different kind of people.

The geographical environment we find ourselves shouldn’t be allowed to affect our potentials in a negative way.

As a writer what is important is not your ugly face but what is embedded in you which you can share with the world as they benefit from it.

Discovering The Passion To Be Yourself

Passion is a heavy feeling that doesn’t fade away anyhow, anytime.

Writing may define part of you, but it shouldn’t define all of you. You are a multidimensional and complex individual.

You owe it to yourself, to your craft, and to your readers to explore all of the nooks and crannies of who you are.

Many a time the problems we experience exists and grows right within us.

The story of successful men seem to be a magic wand, but, the story behind their glory is worth celebrating as well.

'If you know your worth you'd write better than you think'Click To Tweet

Do you consider yourself to be an expert? I will not fail to tell you that experts use their skills to resolve problems.

No writer was born to struggle while writing. Your decisions make you struggle. Don’t allow your emotions lead you to the pit hole of struggle –  you are more than that

Envision Your Writing Target

Once you’ve gotten to know yourself better and defined what is important to you, begin to create a vision for your life and for your writing.

Your vision should be outlined based on your personality, values, skills, and interests.

Doing this will allow you begin to define a purpose and mission for your writing and your life.

Any passionate endeavor, bolstered by purpose, will have substance and longevity. Suffering is not for a purpose-driven writer.

'Every writer with a right target is on the right side of achieving greater success'Click To Tweet

You must not fail to refer to your vision frequently as you write.

Draw from it as from a deep well of inspiration for your work.

Allow yourself to absorb the feelings your vision evokes so that authenticity shines through in your writing.

As you explore the many possible details of your vision, your purpose and mission will become more and more clear to you.

It will give you a roadmap for your writing and what you want to achieve. This roadmap gives you direction and meaning to your writing plan.

The Drive To Focus

The focus is easy to lose. I hope you know this as well. The first thing to realize is that every moment of a story that you choose to set down matters.

Every scene not only enacts a change but has hidden in it the reason that the change is important. One of your responsibilities is to pin down that importance.

'Your readers rate your writing according to the importance you add to it'Click To Tweet

Most of us are so busy with the business of writing that we have little time for rummaging around in our own lives to see what’s what.

However, if you don’t make space and time to add value to your work, you are tethering your writing to “just good enough.”

You are walking past an untapped goldmine of inspiration that will buff the bright shine of authenticity, humanness, and raw emotion on your work.

My Final Take

As you define the elements of your vision and mission as an entrepreneur you may encounter emotional blocks preventing you from taking the actions you needed to make your vision real and allow your writing come life.

Fasten your belt to dismiss your limiting beliefs, life imbalances, unresolved issues, and emotional reactions that can prevent you from discovering more about yourself and your passions.

Write and continue your own journey of self-exploration to discover your passions in life, as a writer and entrepreneur.


Prince Akwarandu

Prince Akwarandu

Badass Writer, Brand Storyteller, and Blogger. I help people become prolific writers and published authors teaching them with the right tools on how to grow their writing style, influence, and earnings without compromising their price, purpose, and promise.


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