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Easiest Ways To Grow Writing Career Using Tech


Growing writing career with the use of tech – this is an important topic to handle.

I’m pleased to present you with a guest post today from David Akindeji, the smart dude who lives all over the world, traveling to beautiful and home-feeling places, communicating and connecting with smart creative people and living life happily as a tech blogger and freelance writer who help people to grow their business via Blogging and Social media.

It was on a hot Monday morning, I met David online when I first read one of his blog posts on tech stuff moving the friendship further to Facebook.

David and I have a lot in common. I can actually say he is simply amazing and fun to be with. And, funnily we are both bloggers and writers!

He runs one of the best Tech Blog in Nigeria and getting a bit more famous than I think.

Over to him…

The waves of life tides and resides while we race with the rising tide(s) of technology.

Technology has been a medal of excellence in diverse aspects of humanity and it does pose as a strong point to limitation or unlimited ability of man – especially the man with prowess as such as a writer.-

Evidently, from all proves, daring or challenging oneself is the best key to success and what is worth doing at all is worth doing well!

We have mobile phones and we can reach the world on our seat.

We have access to many things on a seat through our technological tools.

This is why it is ever easy to reach and promote writing career through the use of technology.

Often times, we get pissed off and think of what’s needful. But in a means of easing the ever-inquisitive mind.

We go online to read and trust me, there are times you get tired of reading other people’s work and you’re set to read your own unwritten works.

That connotes ‘you’re inspired to write your own work and free your mind about your problem’.

Technology just gave you the boldness and effrontery to challenge yourself even when you feel it’s a hogwash.

Many at times, we feel too weak to encourage ourselves as writers and it sounds right, you know, saying; ‘let me wait for my time, my time isn’t now’ and that’s not the case!

The moon doesn’t wait for stars to shine before his thick blue comes in radiant reflection and the lips don’t wait for the saliva to reach it before it could speak.

That is how it is.

Technology will help you as a writer develop and expand your capacity for exploits in divers manners; you get to know there is more to the world when the world seems gone.

Hitherto, I’ve come to notice and understand that this world is a glass of cup if you don’t wash it (rebrand) and make it clean after use; it tends to attract germs and it is an abuse to the health;

This way technology is and man.

Technology changes each day and you must stick to the change so as to be an agent of change that’s needed.

An agent of change (in a stand as a person) that writes and makes a technological wave/mode of transmitting to the whole galaxy.

It is needful to note that technology starts from a seat and it won’t end on a seat but on many seats.

If you make technology your footstool and helper, many will read you from different chairs and you will one way or the other inspire and help them!

Technology is not just a fast-rising tool, it’s fast helping too.

See, we can always be justified and be alone when we rest assured that all we have isn’t lost.

Technology is all writers have and it’s never lost or gone. It’s always here, waiting to be used.

It is the easiest way to reach the galaxies.

Are you fed up already with reading? Don’t be tired.

There are technology tools that can help you as a writer to grow rapidly.

The four of the tools to help you grow your writing career using technology reads below.

1. Google Doc

You can read and edit your saved documents right away with this awesome application via your Android device.

It is useful application especially when you save document a lot in Google Docs.

2. Evernote

Evernote is another notepad application for the everyone, providing the tolls a writer might need to quickly jot down anything that inspires you.

3. JotterPad

This application is for those that don’t need flashy features, the plain text editor allows writers to draft and revise their work on the go, you can save it as .txt, pdf, docx, MD, you can easily access any it via any word processing software.

4. Markdown X

This application is useful for those who prefer to write in markdown, the application makes it easy for you to format your writing with several options at the top of the screen.


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