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6 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Blog Writing Skills

One amazing thing I like about writing is this the more excited you can be about the topic you choose to write on, the more excited your readers will be when they are crushing the written content.

Literally, anyone can write a blog post as long as they truly know the subject they are writing about.

Experts in the field of writing and blogging will always say: Before you even write anything, you need to pick a topic for your blog post.

Do you know the reason they hammer on this? The blog topic you choose can be pretty general to start with.

For example, if you’re an electrician, you might start out thinking you want to write about how to keep up the home or office electrical appliances.

With this, you might come up with a few different working titles different ways of approaching that topic to help you focus your writing.

For instance, you might decide to have your topic as “FAQs To Fixing Electrical Appliances” or “Easy Ways Misuse Of Electrical Appliances Kill Lives.”

Writing from the perspective of your work – what you do, will guide you write an engaging post people will always want to read always.

If you’re having trouble coming up with blog post ideas, check out this blog post.

In the post, I discussed a few different free online tools that you can use to generate blog post ideas each time the ‘keyword’ struck your mind.

The Ways To Instantly Improve Your Writing Skills

In this post, I will be revealing 6 uncommon ways to instantly improve your blog writing skills.

This is because, creating the perfect blog post sounds like a tall order, and maybe laying claim to it sounds a bit pretentious.

You need not worry because this post will give you a reason to keep blogging (and writing) to give hope to others and allow them to live a fulfilled life.

1. Follow A Consistent Blogger

Before some guys slams at me. Please note that citation is not the same as plagiarism.

Don’t try to steal the work of a fellow blogger. It sucks and is a huge mess.

Never, like, never try that!

Like you have a blogroll where you add the blog address of those you’d like to read from always, you can add those consistent bloggers who are doing better and are good in the blogosphere.

Now, you’ll likely also read from the same blogger.

Once you are logged in, you can crush enough content, and never beg for the motivation to strip off your as and work.

2. Discover What Those You Follow Enjoy

It is another thing to blog and another to enjoy blogging.

Talk of being consistent, building a good relationship with others, reciprocating by cleaving thoughtful comment on the blog of other bloggers and more.

You need to discover what it is you enjoy their blog and see if you can carry out those strategies they use to improve your writing skills.

Does the blogger you like use humor to make more engaging up dry topics? Try it.

It could be they make a roundup post of experts which you like? Try that, too. We all started somewhere and I hope you know that? Yeah!

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When I first started blogging, I imitated some of my favorite bloggers, such as Lorraine Reguly, Harleena Singh, and Promise Excel.

I also attempted (and failed) to imitate bloggers such as Ravi Chahar and Prosper Noah, but soon recognized that it wasn’t all about them but my readers and gave it up.

Over time, I developed my own blogging style, but studying the blogs of these bloggers and seeing how they positioned themselves was a great help to me as a blogger.

3. Plan and Put Your Blog In Order

Have you discovered that there are blogs while on a first visit you feel you could have the elements in it as yours?

Why do you think you feel so? Did the see the different thing the blogger did that you are not doing? What plans have you to boost your blog writing skills?

A blog post can have an intriguing amount of information for the blogger and his reader.

Don’t you think a blog post can suffer information overload?

The trick is to organize your blog posts so readers are not intimidated by the length of the posts.

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There are posts that are best-updated bit-by-bit that having it released all at once.

The blog posts can take multiple forms lists, guides, tips, whatever’s most right. But it must be planned, ready and put in order.

So, you get addicted to writing and kept feeling and writing every day, and you love the way you feel more confident about your blog. Interesting!


4.Have A Blueprint Of Your Blog Posts

A blueprint of your blog post is a rough draft. To make your life at least feel easy as your blogging you will have to take note, take it regularly.

To make your life at least feel easy as a blogger you will have to take note, take it regularly.

You may have had a rough day and thought you’d put that to writing.

While traveling on a bus you may have met a scene that taught you lessons of your life, put that to writing.

The first notes you take may look shabby, but that’s okay.

Don’t get angry at you if you don’t create a good compelling story to pass the knowledge you gained – chances are, you misinterpreted what happened and that’s OK, too.

Get your ideas down on paper first, if you don’t have a paper with you make good use of your Android device or a tablet.

5. Blogging Is Like A Conversation

Since blogging is another way of communicating with others in a virtual way, why not make it real? Be real.

Blogging is an iterative process, and even the best bloggers have to spend a lot of time rewriting their materials to give their best to absent being distressed.

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Some bloggers use the outline as a guide to and are sure to expand on all of their points as needed.

Talk about what you already know, and if necessary, do other research to gain more knowledge of what you are about discussing with your readers.

Read and make more research. Read, study, meditate and write.

6. Research, Research, and Research

You are more than that buddy, don’t be a copycat!

Aside from plagiarizing someone else’s blog work, nothing will undermine your credibility faster than failing to do your research homework.

Copying someone else’s blog post can put you in big trouble with your blog or website. Doing this also makes you look like an amateur.

I know you are not perfect, but, then you need to learn from the experts after the right process to make the blog of your dreams.

Everybody makes mistakes, and you don’t need to spend weeks to become a better writer.

Do it your own style!

Over To You

How have you improved your blogging skills?

Do you love writing as a blogger?

What steps have you taken to improve your blog and writing skills?

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