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60 Tips To Help New Writers Get Started With Their Writing Career

Some writers are lucky enough to understand exactly what they want their writing career to be like.

Some don’t even know where their true passion lies.
Some even pursue a niche in writing they may regret later.
And, you are a beginning writer? Huh?

How exactly do you want to follow your heart and discover a job you will be happy doing?

My very own writing journey has taught me innumerable things that extend some distance beyond time and temperature.

If you are seeking how to start writing today, here are some tried and tested ways you can.

1.0 What was your childhood like?

It looks gulp when you feel like your writing life has no purpose or direction, but finding your true talent can change all that. Finding your passion is like finding your personal road map: writing in this is not an exception.
When you discover what your writing career is, you feel motivated and so much clearer about what the next step toward achieving the dream is.

Often, our truest passions emerge in childhood, only to be pressed by real life pressures.

So think about what you loved long before you had to worry about your writing career.

Did you love telling stories? Did you engage in writing competitions? Did you cherish sharing your story with other people?

Find out those things and work on it.


2.0 Identify the hero you need


We are humans and we can all tell ourselves who we are, what we deserve and what we can do.
If we can stop the self-limiting words such as I’m not good enoughI don’t deserve to be happyI can’t write etc.
We impose on ourselves, then the hero in us will be uncovered which are grounded in confidence and courage, and create a blueprint that move us from one height to the other.

Of everyone you know, either personally or in your extended frame of time, whose career would you most want to emulate?

Reach out to the person to learn more about how they got to where they are, or, if that’s not possible, read everything you can about their career and life.

Then, after this – START!

3.0 Discover what makes you happy

Writers are here for a reason, and I know there is a reason for your existence on earth. No one else has your unique blend of talents, skills, wisdom and strengths.
As people, we all have something great to offer, and the ability to learn to accept and own what makes you unique is crucial to sharing your what you’ve got with the entire universe.
What are the fine experiences you’ve encountered? Think about what you’ve learned. Focus on the things that you both enjoy and do well—that’s enough motivation you need—and write them down.

Then, narrow the list to the top three or four things that makes you happy.

Keep it handy, review it often, and use it as your soft blueprint point to keep you writing career on the go.

4.0 The life goals you have

You set those goals yourself. You have desired to publish a book. What’s keeping you from getting a book, pen and start off? If you continually tell yourself you can’t meet that writing goal, then you will never believe you can.
Here, what you strong need is to believe in yourself. You can learn the easy ways to create affirmations and focus on the things you want by getting the book: From Nope To Hope by Lorraine Reguly.
The book will help you to make a vision board that shows your future success changing your mindset by using positive affirmations.
You know it isn’t easy to get mired inside segmenting your desires and having a clean imaginative and prescient that can allow you to stay calm and targeted at the process.

Preserve your last goals in thoughts, but try to admire and appreciate the YOU in making. How do you do that?

Frequently remind yourself that you are getting a bit closer to your dream.

5.0 Seek help from writing experts

It is no doubt that we often assume that great things are done by those who were blessed with natural talent, genius, and skill.
But how many great things could have been done by people who never fully realized their potential?
Have you ever asked this question? I put it right to you.
“How many great things could have been done by people who never fully realized their potential?”


The truth is, if you think you do not have a talent, you likely know someone who does.

For instance, I wanted to start a blog myself however I wasn’t a pro blogger. I purchased a blogging course reached out to a talented blogger and renowned writer who became willing to teach me and organized myself for trial and mistakes.

You can do this, too.

6.0 Invest in yourself as a beginning writer

Year after year in school, I dutifully underlined subjects and circled verbs on grammar worksheets. I wrote answers to the study questions at the end of the chapter and learned how to nail the five-paragraph essay my junior year in high school.
I read, read, read, read and read more books than ever. Some times. I sleep off while reading and wake up reading. Isn’t that crazy?


Find some quiet time and see which courses naturally interest you. What would you study if you could do it all over? What courses do you think you could teach?

Which subjects scare you to death, and which ones do you find boring? Revisiting these possibilities will help point you in the direction of subjects and topics that you love. 

It is good while you do what you love, you can ask your friends for feedback. Sometimes you’re just not the best judge of what makes you happy as a writer.
Ask the people who know you intimately when you seem the happiest and what you do the most enthusiastically. Their answers may surprise you. Just this a try to you’d want to write everyday of your life. I believe in you.

Over To You

Are you an upcoming writer? How have you been able to improve your writing skills? Did you learn any thing thing to practice as a writer here? What do you think is missing in this post?
Prince Akwarandu

Prince Akwarandu

Badass Writer, Brand Storyteller, and Blogger. I help people become prolific writers and published authors teaching them with the right tools on how to grow their writing style, influence, and earnings without compromising their price, purpose, and promise.


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