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How To Improve Your Clarity of Thought When Writing

2 things.

Conor Neil shares how to improve your clarity of thought, plus 3 tips for writing articles to be published on World Writers Hub.

We have gotten several emails from folks who want to publish their contents on this blog. Some get the publishing right and others don’t.

Our team is not being selfish, or don’t want to have your contents published.

Here is the thing.

We want valuable contents for our followers.

This is a platform for writers for discussing issues concerning writing and not an all-round-publish-anything-blog. Seriously, we need to grow into something lovely and amazing. You don’t have to spin articles and send across expecting it to be accepted and published here.

That’s not going to happen and I believe you know that. As far as we want something of great value for our audience we need to publish no-thrash contents for them to feed on.

Publishing Your Contents On World Writers Hub

Below are the three things to have in mind when writing an article to submit for publishing on this blog.

1. Sharing Your Personal Story

A lot has been learned from those who shared their success story. We all love stories; we love sharing some of our favorite experiences just as much as we enjoy hearing other people’s stories.

Whether it’s a riveting tale of victory after overcoming impossible odds, or a simple fun moment that happened to us in passing. Storytelling is one of our favorite communication tools and gives us all a better experience of life.

Following your dreams is usually easier said than done. A little motivation and inspiration from you (the content writer) who have successfully pursued your dreams can help people (the content readers) get started with their career.

You can share about the things people who need to live their dreams should do. Share how you are able to achieve your dreams because we know you do have one.

Don’t only share the dreams and adventures. Tell us about the process; lead us through the process till we get to our destination. Were you able to visualize your dreams before it became a reality? Write about it, share the story of you and others.

If you imagined your dream, write about it. Tell us what we need to imagine our dreams so we can get motivated to start on it.

Nobody is born empty – we all know that. However, there is something dynamic that brought you from nowhere to somewhere. Tell us about the “things” that took you from “nowhere to somewhere”. We will listen to you. People will read your thoughts.

You have to believe that it’s possible for you to share your story. Don’t only believe, feel free to share it.

2. Your Content Should Solve a Problem(s)

Last year, one of my blog readers asked a question on how he could share his blog posts to his readers automatically. At the time he asked for it I’d used the MailMunch and MailChimp email marketing apps respectively.

I went ahead and wrote about it and followed him up till he was able to achieve why he asked for the post to be written. The post since then have been able to not only help the guy that asked for it but some of his friends who had the same issue.

Not just them alone, it has helped also people who punched the question into the search engine and answers pooped up, and they clicked to read through.

If you need an app or a step-by-step guide on how to set up your email marketing campaign you can read the post: How To Send Your Blog Posts Automatically To Your Subscribers

Here is the thing;

He had a problem, I wrote about it.

Problem solved – it is a win-win.

Remember, you must not wait to be asked before you solve a problem. People have several problems and some find it difficult to speak out until when asked.

If you lack an idea of what to write you can ask a simple question on your social media account:

For instance;

What problems are you having with writing you want to be solved?

You can tweet the problem, post it on Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora… anywhere at all. You may choose to ask your friends in person to get the feedback on what to write.

Since this blog is a platform for writers your contents should be pointed in that direction. Visit our official Facebook group where you can ask questions on what people want to learn and you’d get the feedback almost immediately.

3. Unveiling Your Journey to Clarity

Everybody wants the good life, but not everybody gets it. The difference between the people who get what they want from life and the people who don’t come down to one word — motivation.

It takes motivation to work towards something most people won’t achieve. It takes motivation to do the work day in and day out, even when you aren’t seeing results.

It takes motivation to network, become well connected, and make yourself a household name. Many people need how they could get started on their journey to clarity but don’t know how.

I believe you were once stuck in the middle. Your mind went blank and you felt like your world is all gone. Suffering was your closest friend yet you managed to unfriend it holding tight success.

What’s the process between where you were and where you are now? Write about your journey to clarity. For me, I learned that my direction defines what I do every day. Clarifying not only my purpose but my direction reinforced my ultimate life purpose.

Tell us how you knew what you want, how you were able to achieve your goals, the different strategies you used in visualizing them, the crannies on how you saw your goals and finally how you achieved it.

People will read – they will listen to your instruction and will apply what they learn. Even if they don’t drop a “Thank you” comment, already you blessed a life and helped a friend. Of course, is that not what this is all about – to help others live their dreams.

Sometimes the biggest questions you can ask yourself is this;

  • Who am I?
  • What is my purpose?
  • Where can I find fulfillment?

Come down to a very simple question: What shall I do today?

Grand visions aren’t hard to think up, but carrying them out is the problem. Everyone’s days are filled with distractions. You and I know that’s not how it should be. Yeah, there’s a lot of stuff in life, but our lives were created for a purpose.

We were uniquely created to do something and to do it very, very well. Share the purpose.

In the video below, you will learn how to improve your clarity of thought and get a greater degree of focus when writing.

If you are having trouble viewing the video above, watch it on Conor Neil’s Youtube Channel.

Question: What would you say about your clarity of thought when it comes to writing? Share your answer in the Comment section.

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