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Writing For Profits Book Launch Team [JOIN]

I’m about to commence another project for the month of June. I’ll be launching a new book called WRITING FOR PROFITS.

A lot of work goes into successfully launching a book, and I’ve decided to try something different.

Frankly, I can’t do all the work alone. I have too many ideas, and I need your help in the implementation of the ideas.

Why do I need you? I’m on a mission; to prove to generations and unborn in the world about the attractiveness and the possessing charm of writing, and how they can earn profitably from their writing talent.

Many people still doubt that writing is a career worthy of pursuit, typically because they think writing is an unattractive, socially awkward, annoying, undesirable, and boring career for lazy folks.

Writing isn’t for nerds. I’ve furnished the whole process, each step of the process including proven laws, principles, and techniques, I hope to give anyone who’s struggling with profiting from their writing.

I can’t reach everyone that needs this book myself; that’s why I need you. I really need help. I need you to help lengthen my fingers to reach as many souls as possible with this book of great value.

This is a serious task even though we will have fun, learn and grow during the process. However, this is not a project where you come in and do all the work for me.

This is why I’m bringing you to join me on this thrilling journey; I want to build an exceptional relationship with you. This group is going to be special because I plan on personally pouring everything I have into it, enabling the team to spread this message.

If you are goal oriented, skilled and of course, open to participating in a beauteous project like a book launch, please join me. Before we proceed, I’d love to know you.

Are you a writer, freelancer, copyeditor, graphic designer, blogger, copywriter, photographer, scriptwriter, videographer, influencer, an on-air personality, social media marketing guru and more?

Or probably, you can help in positioning the message around your sphere of influence to reach as many souls as possible?

Relying on your skill set, you will need to put in 30 minutes a day during the launch journey which will span 4 weeks.

This book is affectionate to my heart because of those being oppressed with the fear of writing, who have not found a place in the writing industry or don’t know how to express their thoughts in writing and earn profitably from their skill.

WRITING FOR PROFITS is one part inspiration, full of stories and lessons learned about the craft from influencers, full of practical steps for improving your writing, finding your author voice, and building a platform that puts you in charge while you earn profitable doing what you love best – writing!

If you have the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to promote a book and gain massive attention putting the book to the hands of those that ACTUALLY need it, and you can volunteer your time, I would be glad to have you help.

What You Get

If you sign up to join the Writing For Profits Launch Team (and get accepted), here’s what you’ll get for your time:

1. An advanced electronic copy (PDF) of the typeset manuscript that you can read a month before anyone else will get a copy.

2. Exclusive access to a private Facebook group, where we’ll share promotion ideas and you’ll have direct contact with me.

3. The opportunity to interact with other launch team members and see the behind-the-scenes of a book launch.

4. A special mention on my blog with a link to your website (on anything you’d like me to write about you) and, a bunch of other freebies I can’t talk about yet.

What I’m Asking From You

If you’re selected to be a part of this team, I ask that you agree to:

1. Read and review the book online (e.g. Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, and/or your blog).

2. Spread the word any way you can during the week of August 1 (when the book launches).

3. Interact with the rest of the launch team and participate in the community to help come up with promotion ideas (we’re open to experimenting).

4. I’m going to be “all in” for this, so I ask that you take it seriously. Please don’t apply if you don’t have the time or energy to dedicate to helping get the word out.

Above all, you will learn how to replicate the same process of team building when you want to launch your own products or projects.

I need your help in these areas. Would you want to join us?


Prince Akwarandu

Prince Akwarandu

Badass Writer, Brand Storyteller, and Blogger. I help people become prolific writers and published authors teaching them with the right tools on how to grow their writing style, influence, and earnings without compromising their price, purpose, and promise.


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