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A Foolproof Way To Launch A Profitable Writing Career Today

Would you like you to launch a profitable writing career? Read this!

Dear Reader,

Not all writers are created equal.

When I wrote my first book in 2015, I wasn’t sure the feedback I’d get.

I was an educated failure for over 10 years. I swam in the oceans of mediocrity.

After barely 6 months of long hours, late nights and weekends at the National library, I have discovered the biggest and best money writing secrets that don’t come to you until you grab ‘em by the head.

Most writers won’t make any money writing. I didn’t for a long time. I’ve been writing for 5 years; the first 4, I’ve made over $5000 dollars.

Hundreds of blog posts. Thousands of hours, energy spent writing. Hundreds of thousands of words over the days, and still counting.

Most people find it difficult writing 1000 words daily. I get that because the feeling can be tough, especially when you are starting out.

Why do people have great talents yet, they find it difficult to monetize their skills?

Why don’t most writers make any money?

The magic is in selling expertise.

Are You Ashamed Of Begging Your Friends and Relatives For Money?

Get Rid Of It Once And For All… Now!

It will be a great evil if I don’t tell you this…

If you don’t sell, you can’t make money. If you don’t sell your writing, you won’t make money from it. If you’re afraid of writing, you need to curb that feeling and embrace your uniqueness.

Don’t get jealous of other people’s success – get yours!

What I’m showing you today is like a magic pill. It heals you of every oppression you have with writing.

The truth about those who might read your writing is this…

icon-arrow-circle-right Most will ignore you.

icon-arrow-circle-right Some will even hate you.

icon-arrow-circle-right Many will disapprove of you.

The part which is a bit interesting is this…

icon-bullhorn Some will love your writing and ask to pay.

 Those that care will hang on your words.

 People who know, like and trust you will buy from you

….if you pitch them.

That’s who you write for.

Most writers are afraid to sell. They’re scared of being called “annoying” and a hack only out for the money.

Just Imagine Being Able To:

icon-check Grow your writing capacity and tell engaging stories

icon-check Find the right market that can pay for your skills

icon-check Handle writing toughest problems without stress

icon-check Finally, earn a living writing (from home or anywhere)

icon-check Show up and have prospects beg to give you their money…And that’s just the beginning!

Patience… It Might Sound Crazy – But It Works

Look, I know you’ve read a lot of books or articles that taught you to grow your platform, but this is real… LAUNCHING A PROFITABLE WRITING CAREER today.

You can hold your ideas and turn them to profit diverse income streams. You can actually feel your stories become bestsellers which gives your brand a commercial visibility and pay your bills, day in and out. And I’m betting you’ll be calling THIS BOOK your best friend and EVERYDAY GUIDE once you actually get a copy for yourself.

Not Just That Alone, You Will…

1. Discover ugly writing obstacles (and how to overcome them)

2. A step-by-step guide to upmarket your writing talent

3. How to become a winner by the beginning

4. The effective ways to feed your mind the right content

5. Smart walkthrough to oppress the fear of writing

6. Discover how you can handle writing toughest problems

…steal the secret sauce of writing and harvest the fruits!

A Special Bonus When You Respond Right Now

For a limited time only, you get a huge discount; I’m presenting with you a new opportunity.

…to grow an extra income stream on the side.

By responding right now, you get access to Digital Products Explosion Kit valued at N15,000 which exposes you to hot digital product ideas to sell online right now to make instant cash.

Why are my doing this? My inner circle members loved the kit because, with it, they’ve been able to make thousands of naira… all automated WITHOUT STRESS!

Countless members who correctly implemented the information inside the business kit testified earning their first ever N50, 000 online.

Guess what? They did that in less than 3 weeks!

A product being profitable is one thing, and you (the seller) profiting from that particular product is another thing entirely.

To choose a profitable niche, you need the right set of tools to move the cold cash to your bank account.

This is an amazing opportunity and there’s NO WAY YOU CAN LOSE.

If your friends or family members have sworn to never give you money again, you can STILL make a million bucks, and live your dreams – Case Closed.

Buy Writing For Profits Book Only – (Click here).

Writing For Profits Book + Digital Products Explosion Kit (Click here).

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Prince Akwarandu

Prince Akwarandu


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