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Blogger Outreach Is More than these 2 Words


Blogger Outreach Is More than these 2 Words

“Nice post.”


I read a comment 2 minutes ago. Someone commented on this blog. Nice post. Blogger outreach is more than these 2 words. Blogger outreach is being genuine, generous, trusting and detached. Blogger outreach is being nice. Blogger outreach is being a value-added blogger. I comment genuinely on blogs. I publish at least 2-3 sentences. Addressing fellow bloggers by name and signing off with my name adds a genuine personal touch.

But bloggers lack the genuine personal touch. Bloggers want to do outreach with a 2 word approach: nice post.

Do you honestly believe writing 2 words make a seismic impact on fellow bloggers? Do you want your first impression to be 2 mindless, less than genuine, words? Bloggers never get a second chance to make a first impression.

My wife and I house sit all around the world. We noted a sit pop up in Barbados. We applied. Per usual, my wife messaged the homeowner with a personalized, warm greeting. We have a high number of positive reviews on the site because we greet homeowners warmly with a loving first impression, then we do a good job on the sit itself.

We asked a few homeowners how other sitters made first impressions. One woman said how a potential sitter asked her if she would pay for dog food. Are you serious? Your first impression is asking a homeowner if they will pay for the dog food? How can you be taken seriously if your first contact is as mindless, idiotic and rude as asking about dog food?

One other homeowner noted how someone messaged her stating how he disliked cats in the past but loves cats now. What a moron! Someone whose cat is like their kid, who wants to entrust you with her cat for 2 months, will instantly disqualify someone who talks of disliking cats then liking cats. Fools make foolish first impressions.

Foolish bloggers make foolish first impressions. I speak to quite a few people. Many bloggers comment “nice post” in response to my posts. Do you believe writing 2 generic words makes you stand out from many other bloggers who use the 2 generic words? Bloggers who:

  • address me by name
  • sign off with their name
  • publish genuine, thoughtful comments
  • show up regularly

make a powerful first impression on me. I remember mindful bloggers who genuinely bond with me. I befriend genuine bloggers who persistently help me. Everything changes if you go a bit deeper than “nice post”. Nothing changes if you make a lame, lifeless first impression with a generic 2 word comment. Be mindful. Be compassionate. Make a solid, powerful first impression by meeting someone online how you meet people offline.

Do you walk up to strangers offline and say 2 words before moving on? Or do you intend to befriend someone by making warm, genuine, mindful first impressions through introductions? Nobody cares about you if you do not care about other people.

Rewind. Think of someone whose first impression is a 2 word, generic, spammy blog comment. Obviously, most of these bloggers do not care about you one bit. Most j