Wondering what browser push notifications are? This post highlights what push notifications are, how to boost sales using chrome push notifications and how you can leverage it for your online business.

What are Push Notifications?

Push notifications are the automated communication channel sent by a website to a user through a web browser or App regardless of the app or browser is open or not.

They are a great marketing tool which helps you to stay in contact with your users by adding value and convenience.

The notifications are delivered to a user on a mobile or desktop. The users will receive the notifications only if he/she is opted to receive them.

Significance of Push Notifications

The push notifications help to engage the users by delivering timely and appropriate content.

The user just has to allow the permission prompt to let a website send push notifications to their respective browsers and websites.

Therefore, they can actively receive the notifications regardless of whether they are active on the website or have closed the browser.

Many marketers use push notifications to engage new customers and retain their old customers on their websites. Many retailers use this service for product updates, utility messages, and sales alert, etc.

Push notifications are a pathway to communicate directly to a user.

For example, users can receive a sports score, news, flight check-in, and utility messages like weather, traffic, etc.

browser push notifications example

Before I tell you about how you can improve the sales by using the push notifications, let me first explain to you what the push notifications really are.


Why Push Notification Matters?

Text messages and information in the email can be longer for the user. The user seldom opens it and will read the entire message.

So push notification help the users with shorter information and provide a shorter message on the lock screen on your mobile/desktop browsers.

The push notifications with fewer words have higher click-through rates. The character limit in push notifications ensures that the messages need to remain concise.

On the other side, emails require lengthy content and editing it before sending them out. Push notifications act as a middle man and always trying to get the users to take further action.

Push notifications have an open rate of 50% higher than email and click-through rates are twice.

It works best when having an immediate call to action. A sense of urgency can be created by the help of push notifications.

It is important to send push notifications frequently about some flash sales, and special offers to customers.

Types of Push Notifications

There are two kinds of push notifications:

 Web push notifications come from a website. They are delivered in web browsers. They can also be delivered to browsers of smartphones.

You don’t need to depend upon the mobile app to send web push notifications.

You can easily send through browsers like Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

With 55% desktop and 37.5% mobile web browser market share, Chrome push notifications are very popular.

Web browser push notifications let you reach web users who are not on your website. You can send them messages that bring them back to your site.

For example, let’s say you have opted-in to receive the push notifications from a website. You can receive the notifications from the website if you hadn’t visited the site.

The app push notifications are those notifications you receive on your smartphone instead of a website. They can be sent from the apps you are using.

For example, the alerts you receive from any social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn at the home screen of your mobile when you’re not using the app.

You can receive the notifications when you’re in another app. These notifications often take you back to the application through a link.

For example, an app notification from LinkedIn about a new connection will take you back to the app to accept or reject the request.

The push notifications are the fastest ways to drive user engagement. This can bring the immediate attention of users to grab about the product and business.

Best Practices of Push Notifications

 There are many important things to consider to maximize the success of the business through push notifications.

The best practices play a fundamental role to get the users to your website.

 1. Target your specific audience:

 Instead of sending notifications to all of your users, just make a segment of your customers’ interest and behavior.

The segmentation can be done based on different parameters like locations, devices, languages, and time-zones, etc.

2. Getting permission:- The preliminary challenge:

insert push notifications in my blog

Before you can send any push notifications, you need the permission of the user first.

This includes attaining the user to click on a button in the dialog box to receive your notifications.

Once the user has clicked the allow button, you can notify them about the information and product.

Sending the push notifications could be seen as easier and convenient as compared to email notifications.

Your focus needs to be on maximizing your conversions through push notifications.

3. Reach your customer personally:

Personalization is quite an interesting entity for the users as well as retailer. Personalization can lift the push notification open rates by up to 800%.

This can also increase the conversions because 43.9% of the iOS users of a mobile app are opt-in to push notifications, vs 91.1% on Android.

So to take advantage of this effect for your product sales, it is very important to divide the audience by segment and group.

This can be described by user behaviors, demographic data, and purchasing history.

By segmenting the audience, you can send out a notification specifically to encourage them to buy your product either by upselling or cross-selling giving them a discount.

Now, I am going to explain everything you need to know about push notifications on how to improve your sales. Let’s dive in.

4. Segment users for effective retargeting:

 The push notifications allow you to target a specific audience on the basis of behavior, interest, and which categories they choose usually.

Once you know the user preferences, you can easily send the notifications to the segmented audience based on their interests.

Don’t send the notifications without their interest, otherwise, they might start to consider your website as spam. Geography-based notifications also play a vital role to send notifications.

For example, if you have a sale exclusively for users of California, there is no reason to send the notification to the users of New Jersey and New York.

The real-time push notifications also help to drive the customer.

how to boost sales with push notifications

How Push Notifications Are Useful to Boost Sales?

Abandoned cart push notifications:

These are the notifications that operate when a customer purchases on your online store and doesn’t complete their order due to some reason.

So targeting such customers and sending them notifications to complete their purchase will enhance the sales.

Mindfully track all the sell on your shop and track all your finished purchases and then send the specific message to the targeted audiences.

For example, let’s say a customer was searching for sunglasses in an online store but did not purchase nor included it to their cart.

And 4 hours later, they would find a push telling with a photograph of new sunglasses they were considering.

With the one click of the push, the customer redirected to the specific product page they were looking for the purchase.

This helps in boosting the sales and ROI of a particular product.

Limited Time offers and deals:

Many customers have opt-in to receive push notifications just to get great deals and grab the product comparatively at a lower price.

You can use the analytics to find what they’ve been searching for and can send them an offer with a discount for the specific products.

The limited-time offers can create a chance of conversion in users by crafting a desire to take action, otherwise, they may miss the opportunity.

Send Reminder Messages:

Sending reminder notifications to users can be the best thing to send them suitable messages and to grab their attention.

You can send interesting news and tips to target the customers.

Sending personalized birthday wishes, anniversaries, Christmas wishes, or any other occasion wishes with a discount can be an effective way to grab attention.

This helps the customers feel special on their special day and they will love to visit the products on your website or app.

1. Give reminders:

You can send reminders based on user input and data from external sources to not miss important things like a discount, coupon, etc.

Push Notifications reminder

2. Presale remainder:

The presale reminder is necessary before your product actually goes live. You can target the specified audience about the product who already have an interest in it.

Push Notifications presale reminder

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3. Last-minute reminder:

The last-minute remainder creates an utter urgency within the customers, which helps in boosting the sales.

Push Notifications last reminder


The push notifications are an endearing marketing strategy for all businesses.

It is a great tactic to reach out people with well-considered, relevant and useful messages.

Through the above mentioned careful planning and focus, you can use push notifications to grow your business and retain your customer base.

This will definitely leverage your focus on business.


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