Building Positive Relationships With Other Writers

Steps to Build Positive Relationships with Other Writers and Bloggers

Building Positive Relationships With Other Writers

Countless articles and self-help books have been written on building positive relationships with other writers. These articles or books in most cases concentrate on the human ability to interact which isn’t bad.

While they try to convince you that personal effort can solve relationship problems I want to let you know that building relevant relationships does more good than harm.

Writing gives you a full energy. When the ideas start flowing you are stuck between two worlds – the world of pain and happiness. At this point, you feel like a half cast.

Overcoming the pressures of falling in love with writing largely depends on the relationship you have with other writers. Good relationships build people, the bad relationship does the opposite.

The moment you engage yourself in meaningful relationships with other writers building your writing skills becomes quite an easy-to-build thing. Engaging in the activity of building relevant relationships allows you grow your ability to write, influence and income via writing.

Writers find it amazing being mentioned by their fellow writers on social media about how they are impacting the world with their message. It gets really interesting when their books are read and given an open true review which in most cases lands them into other many books sales and endorsements.

Getting mentioned of the works you do by other writers is almost impossible if you haven’t built a platform for growth; when you haven’t engaged with others sharing their stuff – writing, books, quotes and more.

People tend to reciprocate when they have you share with your tribe what they do. It could be a blog post, an email, or a social media posts. People love feedbacks and through comments, adding a voice to a writer you get to stick your brand into the minds of others.

10 Techniques to Build Relationships with Other Writers

The following are simple tips or steps to build positive relationships with other writers and bloggers without stress.

1. You Need Relationships to Survive

At every point in our life, we need a new relationship to step up the game of livelihood. Relationships you have with people can determine how fast and well you get promoted. It is super-important to be in good relationships.

The first and important step to building the right relationship with others is by having the mindset that you need relationships to survive – you can’t do it all alone. The moment you install this mindset it becomes easy for you to freely share your message with others.

2. There is a Message to Share Always

Reading positive stuff fills you with positive energy – from listening to podcasts, audiobooks, and programs. When you get the right information into your heart sharing it with others becomes an easy thing to do. There are a lot of brains to pick which lay flat in websites, blogs, journals and a whole lot of information resources.

Whoever told you that you have one message to share and after that, it’s all, don’t believe the hype. If you’re working in a job, it’s OK to have a side hustle. If you’re in business for yourself, it’s OK to do a few things—just make sure you love it. When you find out what you love sharing a message from that perspective becomes something you enjoy and find a reason to do always.

3. When you get a Like, Give it back

Becoming popular overnight is possible with a single Facebook post mention, endorsement or recommendation from an influencer in your industry. People love feedback and they appreciate reciprocation a lot. When you get a like from someone, give it back. Don’t be too stingy – it allows the fellow think you care about their contents which of course you do.

There is a boost in motivation when a newbie in the industry gets a like from a “top frog” in the marketplace. It makes them feel motivated to find their own passion and work toward greater personal success. If they already found what they are passionate about, it gives them an emotional and extraordinary strength to keep pursuing their dreams.

4. Celebrate the Newbie’s in the Industry

Celebrations are just better when other people are involved. Writers who know how to celebrate other writers build a sense of community. The benefits of celebrating people go beyond the enjoyment of party itself. Workplace celebrations range from monthly birthday parties to rewards for company accomplishments. 

The newbie writers in the industry find it amazing to be celebrated by other authorities in the industry. When this happens they feel a sense of belonging and bonds easily with the influences and their audience. By celebrating the newbies in the writing industry they find it courageous and selfless enough to embrace others’ success, which allows them to get the benefit of greater satisfaction.

5. Engage in Blog Commenting

We need the help of others if we want to do something special. Blogging is a special venture that is almost impossible without the help of others. Blogging is not a run-alone race – you have a lot of people around the world running the same race. You can make good relationships with others on this blogging journey.

Blog commenting is a great way to build relationships with other influencers in the industry. To engage in blog commenting you need to visit others blog, read their articles carefully and then add your colorful comments. During the commenting process, try to give helpful answers to their readers if a question is asked.

6. Review a Book, One at a Time

book review is a form of literary criticism in which a book is analyzed based on content, style, and merit. A book review may be a primary source, opinion piece, summary review or scholarly review. There are millions, if not billions, of great self-help books. Many of these books can actually help improve your health.

You can connect with successful writers easily if you write good reviews of their products, books, events and more. From reviewing a book you better your reading skills and writing skills. While on it, you learn how to form your own opinions about other people’s writing, how to communicate your opinions and how to provide constructive criticism.

7. When there is a New Book, Invite the Author

When I review a book I conduct a private conversation with the author with check marks by the passages that impress or challenge me. I feel so glad when a writer gives birth to a new baby, a book. People love special invites when they are called to share their message with the world and the story of what their book is all about.

When a writer releases a book, invite them to talk about it. Invite them to discuss for 30 to 45 mins about their book in a Facebook group, podcast or in a physical event or Webinar. Out of 20 new book releases you send an invite to the authors, 15 out of the 20 may respond to the offer while you settle with 10 as it is a great opportunity to expose their brand and to build relevant relationships.

8. Conduct Roundup or Individual Interviews

Reading is a complex “cognitive process” of decoding symbols in order to construct or derive meaning. People love reading encyclopedias because in it they can be able to have higher level conversations about history, civilizations, and industry than they normally would. In our last roundup posts, we invited experts to share the secret of writing effectively as an entrepreneur.

The post was filled with a lot of content from different minds. People shared their views on writing and entrepreneurship. Relationships were built, ideas shared and people helped. As a blogger, your post engagement rate will increase when you conduct roundup posts or private interviews. Here is a step by step guide for creating roundup posts that get 1000s of shares.

9. Recommend the Books of Fellow Authors

Promoting the book of other authors as yours is not a difficult task. You can initiate contact by retweeting the content of others to help support and promote them and foster a good relationship. Recommending the books of fellow authors is a beneficial way to inexpensively boost book sales and word-of-mouth buzz — and to make new friends and build relationships in the publishing industry.

Many authors cross-promote each other’s books to gain visibility with a relevant new audience of readers. As an author, there are several ways to recommend the book of fellow authors. You can do that via sending a newsletter to your email subscribers, mentioning their books at physical speaking events you attend or webinars.

10. Keep at Repeating the Steps Above

Building relationships with other writers are about the building. It is a step-by-step process and something you need to keep working on. Promoting your book isn’t all about the launch. Book launches are designed around getting your book into a bookshop — and keeping it there. Whereas with digital books, your book is always in stock — and therefore your timeline for promotion is much longer.

Repeat the steps above. One at a time till the last.


Although we should try to build and maintain good relationships with everyone, there are certain relationships that deserve extra attention – relationship with fellow writers and authors. When building relationships on a day-to-day basis, we really only have distinct choices we can make:

“We can choose to build positive, meaningful, healthy, and productive relationships with the people.”

Of course the above should be among your core goals in building positive relationships with people. As humans, the relationships we form with other people are vital to our mental and emotional well-being, and really, our survival. Humans have an inherent desire to be close to other people so, keep building!

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