How Can You Earn Money By Learning A New Language? Pro Tips

Are you fluent in English, Spanish, French or Chinese? Regardless of whether you communicate in a few dialects or just English, we’ll tell you the best way to bring in cash from it. Be it any language, there’s a method to earn money from every foreign language. Haven’t practiced much lately?

Do your skills need a touch of training? Well, it’s never too late to start practicing again. There are tons of ways how language skills pay off.

Moreover, you can even learn a new language without spending anything out of pocket.

Following are some pro tips to tell you how learning a new language can reward you financially:

Learn a new language through online sites from the comfort of your home

The best way to learn French, Spanish, Korean or any other foreign language, is probably through various online apps and sites that offer free courses in French, English, German, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, etc. They cover everything related to basic vocab to intermediate grammar. Moreover, there are various single-language sites and free applications as well.

Fine-tune your conversation skills and easily climb the corporate ladder

If you have learned a foreign language formally at school, then it can be much easier to converse in it and deal with foreign clients effortlessly. In conversation practice, people talk about simple everyday topics such as studies, hobbies, movies, games, etc. with an instructor or a local speaker. It is an excellent method for people to check what they have learned.

Teach a foreign language and supplement your income

If you are a local speaker and have relevant training or coaching, then let people know by sharing it on various social media platforms including your LinkedIn profile.

Try to broaden your skills and expertise by teaching basic business communication for travelers, technical and clinical vocabulary, urban phrases and terminology for students of exchange programs, etc.

Use social media apps to connect with students globally

From call center representatives to voiceover artists, a perfect accent can make you earn a decent side income in no time. After practicing your conversion skills, you can have classes on video calls online. You can either use Skype, WhatsApp, or Facebook messenger app. Most of these applications let users interact either through audio, messaging, or video chat. Many apps even allow the users to conduct conference calls, which helps the students to communicate with each other as well. You will feel like you are teaching in a real classroom.

Create literature in the field of language teaching and increase your income


If you are shy and don’t like to interact with people directly, then you can create reading material and resources for teaching languages. You can develop handouts, tests, e-books, audiobooks, or even blogs and podcasts. If you are tech-savvy, then you can also design your app for languages.

Take up renowned language certificate courses to get your skills validated globally

Getting certified is a great way to validate your skills, especially if you want to teach English to foreigners. One of the most popular courses for English instructors is probably TEFL. Although TEFL is an expensive qualification,, if you want a skill that is globally recognized, then TEFL is perhaps your best bet.

Use your foreign language skills and explore the field of tourism to earn some extra cash

If you love traveling and meeting new people, then tour guiding is probably one of the best ways to earn a decent amount of cash. You can either work for a tour company or work freelance. Also, this is one of those few jobs that doesn’t require a professional degree or qualification. All you need is good communication skills and an exciting personality.

Final word

There’s a huge army of independent creators and writers out there. Most of these creators have a strong international fan base. Therefore, the market for translated editions is something that you can explore. If you are not good at creative writing, then doing translations is a great option to earn without having to write something new every day. To get clients and get noticed. You can start your blog or an online freelancer community where jobs are posted regularly. You can even create an account on freelancer hiring sites such as Fiverr.

Written by Prince Akwarandu

Prince Akwarandu is a writer, author, and blogger who can help you build a profitable writing career with his book Writing For Profits. You can follow him on Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp or Facebook.

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