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One of the most annoying but freeing things about chatting with me; I challenge my own assumptions and also encourage folks to challenge their own assumptions.

For example, let’s say you come across a website. After scanning the site, you assume a favorable response based on your line of logic. But does your line of logic paint broad strokes? Do you grossly color your thinking with what you desire?

Doing this ensures you cannot see clearly because what you want overrides common sense, dispassionate, logical thinking and a willingness to clearly see the truth, independent of your own wants.

Blogging-wise, challenge your assumptions. Do you assume I am a lucky blogger to circle the globe? Challenge the assumption.

Release your silly pie in the sky assuming. See the truth: I spent 15,000 hours honing my blogging skills. I circle the globe as a pro blogger because I spent 7,000 plus hours honing my blogging skills BEFORE I founded Blogging From Paradise. Do I seem lucky now? Does working 7,000 to 15,000 hours sound like dumb luck or intelligent, generous work?

Do you think I am a natural? Do you believe blogging came to me easily? Revert to the 15,000 hour number. I had no blogging skills 15,000 work-blogging hours ago. I am not a natural. I worked for a decade, 15,000 hours. I appear to be skilled now because I out practiced most bloggers. Simple equation.

What blogging assumptions do you make about your own campaign? Do you assume you get no traffic because you have no influential blogging connections? Challenge this false assumption. Traffic problems do not need to be pinned on some well-known blogger, but on your lack of generosity, detachment, patience and persistence.

Ditto for all assumptions you make about your blog. Stop shooting off half-cocked. Start owning the truth. See the truth. Success and failure begins within. Success and failure begins in your own mind.

I clear many deep fears to see clearly, to stop assuming and to observe the moment in the light of truth.

A few moments ago I researched a site for our upcoming travels. The domain name, site name and a Google Ad paid for suggested the target audience is 100% geared toward people looking for furnished vacation rentals.

But visiting the site suggests traveling professionals – specifically doctors and/or nurses – are the prime target audience. Huh? Talk about unclear branding. But rather than assume anything, as if homeowners would or would not accept two traveling bloggers, we touched base with a few renters to get the 411.

Not assuming anything, my trained blogging, branding and online business eye clearly indicates brand divergence.

This I know because I noted specific Google Ads purchased based on the keyword with “vacation rental” included, leading to a website not once mentioning “vacation rental” in the copy but noting traveling professionals like nurses and doctors, specifically. We will wait for feedback from homeowners but if the business owners want branding help as far as finding clarity, I can be of service.

Challenge all assumptions holding you back. See clearly. Spot the truth. I recall assuming how a hyper successful blogger I found during my newbie days must have been lucky, because he obviously did not face my blogging obstacles.

Digging deeper, he faced far tougher obstacles at that point. I shot my assumption to bits by facing my fears, by releasing my limiting beliefs and by seeing the blogger in the light of truth. Successful people who establish peace of mind reach these stations for good reasons; happy pros challenged their assumptions to rid themselves of these invisible handcuffs, in order to see the truth.

Do the same to walk a successful blogging path.
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