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  • Prince Akwarandu posted an update 1 year, 4 months ago


    In everything you write you need to make sure you write in simple languages. Using simple language makes it easier for your readers to get the message of your writing. Getting the message is as simple as understanding what you wrote.

    For instance:
    A. I need absolute tranquility in the house.
    B. I need absolute quietness in the house.

    From the two sentences above which can you understand without trying hard to understand? Of course, the B option won it.

    Although as a good reader he may understand the role of tranquility in the sentence meaning calmness or quietness, however, there are sentence having the word tranquility where he may find hard to understand if he does not know the meaning of the word.

    Another example:
    A. A variety of Coco-cola merchandise was on sale.
    B. A variety of Coco-cola products was on sale.

    From sentence A. above, your readers can fall between thinking merchandise in the sentence is referred to machines or working tools.

    Now watch the sentence B – of 100 persons that read the sentence how many percents will not understand what a product is? I believe you are thinking what I’m thinking.

    Those who have read my writing on power words or heard my talk on power words may tend to ask if such words are not power words.

    Here is my answer: While the use of power words is good, don’t try to overuse it, and then you confuse a large percent of your readers.

    Make sure you use them appropriately because when people read your writing and never get the message, of what use is the writing to your audience?

    These are certain things that look irrelevant you need to take note of. In as much as people love your writing, their wish is to always understand every tiny bit of your writing.

    Do them the good and write in a simple language. When you do this, they’d know you more, like your writing and their trust grows.

    Last example:
    I’m listing these few examples so you can understand what simple language is and how to use them. Watch the two sentences below, very closely.

    A. They inspected the merchandise carefully
    B. They inspected the products carefully

    The sentence above is quite related to the second example we gave but with different meanings. I want you to understand this from a layman’s standpoint.

    What do you think the writer means when he said: They inspected the merchandise clearly? You couldn’t understand what the reader wrote, right? Good.

    Now, let’s take a good look at the sentence B: They inspected the products carefully. What is it in the sentence that you didn’t understand?

    Is it the word inspected or products? I can argue that you understood all. That is how important it is to use simple languages.

    I believe you learn something really interesting to start the week. I want you to define what you think a simple language is or simple languages from the lesson above.

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