Convert HTML to WordPress – Why You Should Do It Now

Converting your site from HTML to WordPress has been going for a while now. During the past few years, we had converted thousands of sites that were static HTML sites before and WordPress sites now.

But some questions are asked from the general public. Some include:

  1. Why should you convert your site from HTML to WordPress?
  2. Is it worth the time and effort?

To answer these questions, let me take you back to around 20 years ago. At the time, sites were mostly made of texts and static HTML. At the time, designing for a website can be easy and difficult at the same time. It’s easy to put contents onto your site, but can be difficult to design resulting to a jam-packed website with contents all over the place.

A few years later came the flash players. These give the user a chance to interact with the sites they are visiting. This may include a slider, a graph, slideshow, etc.

But, as the design the flash player improves, so does the coding skill that it requires. True, some people find it easy to create a code, which a flash player reads and executes, but people who have little to no knowledge about coding can find it be rather difficult. Often, this step requires professional assistance from web designers and web developers.

Still, the fact that websites can be interactive at that time, is nothing short of awesome. If not for its difficulty in creating one.

Now 20 years later, websites have evolved. Thanks to open-source platforms like WordPress, creating a website had never been easier. You can effectively create a website even with no coding experience. And with the addition of features and themes, it just makes life easier. So today, we will tell you, why should you convert from HTML to WordPress? And, is it worth it?

Why should you convert your site from HTML to WordPress?

  1. Personalization – WordPress can be personalized. What this means is that you can create unique interfaces that your users can enjoy and one that makes you stand out from the crowd. And with the addition of plugins, you can add more functions and improve the capabilities of your site. A good combination of marketing strategy and a design that stands out on the crowd can produce really good results.


  1. Business-friendly – It is an undeniable fact that international businesses always gives more sale opportunities than the local ones. But, with the expansion towards international business comes the “language barrier.” Let’s say for example that you have a business based on New York City and you plan to reach out to audiences on areas like India who speak a very different language. It can be rather difficult to understand the description much less the purpose of your site if it can’t be read in the first place. Luckily, WordPress has a multi-lingual function. This allows users that are foreign to a said language, translate it to their own local language. This increases your chance of getting potential users that use your site.


  1. SEO Friendly – We have talked before about SEO and its importance to your site. Creating an SEO friendly website is one of the fundamental requirements of any known site. Sure, design and a site’s interactive experience is great, but it all comes down to SEO. Simply put, Website Design is for users – SEO is for search engines. And a website will have trouble surviving if one is missing. Some of you may have heard this phrase, “WordPress is Google’s favorite platform.” Not just because of its popularity. But also its capabilities to meet Google’s expectations in the field of SEO. Oftentimes, HTML websites get on a search engine’s “bad side.” That is why creating WordPress and making sure it’s SEO friendly is the way to go.


  1. Plugins – WordPress has a plethora of plugins. From forms and graphs to sliders and galleries, they have it all. And with the application of these plugins you can customize your site fully according to the needs of your site to provide that ultimate experience to your audience. This may come as a surprise but there are thousands of plugins that are free-to-use and even some are paid like woocommerce private store. And most of these are created and developed by users like you which leads to the conclusion that the plugins that they have developed will often meet what you need for your site.


  1. Security – The most important factor of all. With the usefulness of online transactions, came also the threat of hackers. These are people who exploit websites and acquire personal data to acquire money and other selfish deeds. And WordPress is no stranger to this threat. That is why WordPress is constantly improving its security. Ensuring that security is always hardened and protecting any and all sensitive details and personal transactions.


  1. Costfriendly – as we have mentioned before, they’re a lot of plugins that are free-to-use, this has opened up to more possibilities and customizations that a website can receive. Aside from plugins, the platform itself is free-to-use and it does not require any additional coding or editing. Additionally, there are also affordable themes available at the market today. Themes that can surely help you achieve that ultimate design you are looking for.

Is It Worth the Time and Effort?

I am sure, by now, that you can see the value of the WordPress platform. With all of its features and customizations offered, there are almost limitless possibilities that you can achieve for your site. Now to answer the question, is it worth the time and effort? YES, it surely is.

With the arrival of the 21st century and the advancement of technology, mankind had been smart enough to build a hand-held pc called Smartphones. You are probably reading this article using that said Smartphone. If you own one, I want you to sit and think for a moment, the number of people using this the planet. There are 5.11 billion mobile phone users worldwide, and 2.71 billion of them use smartphones. These are the number of potential customers.

WordPress is optimized for mobile, meaning people that have Smartphones can easily access any WordPress site whenever, and wherever. With its responsiveness to mobile and its usability, WordPress is indeed a platform worthy of your time and effort. With the right approach and techniques, WordPress can be a very powerful tool toward success.


Since the release of WordPress, there had been a lot of developments with the platform. All leading to its improvement and performance enhancements. This is just based on research and opinion and you may have a different platform that you prefer to use. But, with the factors stated above and its obvious number of users, converting from HTML to WordPress is indeed the first step toward online success.

Written by Ashlie Lopez

At Hashtagstudio, we drive to push the boundaries to make you a better marketer and your brand the most beloved one. Our suite of digital, creative services, media buying, campaign, and product solutions help brands and organizations to become empathetic and real in the marketing world by connecting with their consumers for the ultimate success of their business

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