Dear Mother (Poem)

Once in a room, suffered you in pain.
My time in your womb has come to an end.
Oh the screams, as you cry out in pain

In nine months, a part of you I was.
Living both mother and child as one.
What love you had, for the
baby, your eyes had not known.
Gently, you rubbed your hands
about your tummy as you felt
my little kicks.

Now cry you in pain, to
bring me forth, in a
a world, I come as only
a stranger. Your last push came
with a sigh of victory.
As I came out crying, for the
place I had known for so long
I was brought forth from.

Nurtured and nursed me
you did. As I suckled from
your nipple, until my fill
I did have. Cried I and clung
to you for more of your warmth.

You nurtured me, like
a farmer does water his crops.
I was fed, and sang you sweet
Lullaby to me, that I did fall asleep.

Should I compare you to the sun
that gives light to all? or
should I compare you to
an angel, for in truth, that is
who you are to me.

Your hair, I did pull,
with my teeth, I dragged
and pulled at your nipple.
My little feet’s, I kicked up
in the air and at you, for
the sweetness, that drops out
of your breast.

All the nights I deprived
you of rest, and denied you sleep,
for awake I was, and awake
I wanted you to be, to play
with me as I wanted more to
play with you.

Each day, watched you
with adoration and
wonder at me, as daily
I grew and tried to do
the things that you do.

Crawled I, making my
clothes soiled and my
hands dirty.
In a bath, you did lay me,
as you washed off every dirt
with a smile on your face.

My heroine, how you did
all those, I know not to
say. You are all the love
I needed to know, for every
little thing you did, was done with love.

The night it was, as my body
got hot and kneel you before
my bed, saying a prayer for me.
Tears stung at your eyes, as you watched me cry in pains.

To take the sickness upon
yourself, you prayed to be.
Little one, cry no more
the pains will go away, sang you to
me, in the first melodious voice
that I do love.

I was ever happy, in the warmth
of your hands.
My heroine, my joy, and all
that you are to me, is a wonder!

Do I forget about you?
My pains you felt like
it was your own.
In love, I will have your bath.
Kindness in measures not known,
will I show you?

For in my discomfort, you gave
me comfort.
Oh, how hard it is,
that I ever forget you
dear mother.

About the Poem

This poem was written to appreciate mothers! Indeed they are wonderful and are angels on earth. Mothers deprive themselves of so many things, for the comfort of their children. The pain they suffer from childbearing, how they cope and put up with infants, is a wonder.

Mother’s are a gift to every child indeed. No mother, will sit back and watch her children in pains and do nothing about it, aren’t they just amazing?

This poem should also open the eyes of mothers, to the love in every child’s heart towards them, even though they might never really show it. You see that love, between a mother and her child, is one of the strongest to be known. I wrote this poem, out of respect for mothers, I celebrate them!

Written by Joy Okwori

Poet, Writer and Storyteller. I help you build the passion to write, and keep ink flowing on paper.

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