Did You Even Want that?


Did You Even Want that?

I spent a few minutes scanning my email earlier today. Pleasant, seamless experience for me, these days. This is quite the change up to my old blogging days.

My email experience changed big time over the years. But only because I honestly got clear on what I wanted and did not want, in terms of my blogging campaign. Getting clear makes all the difference in the world.

I replied to all pitches with 2 sentences today: my rates and a reminder to not reply to the email unless the potential client pays my rates. Clarity. To the point. Good stuff. I used to spend way too much time bargaining with potential clients. But I never wanted that. All I wanted was to help people and profit through passive income streams.

Sometimes, asking if you genuinely want what you waste time on is the quickest way to change direction. Why? Asking questions and waiting for honest answers lets you see yourself in the light of truth.

I love being free to circle the globe. I love profiting through passive income channels; works perfect for a world traveler. I do not enjoy profiting through active income channels like coaching, freelancing or any stream where I trade my time for money. I do not enjoy bartering, bargaining or debating pricing.

Why did I do this for so long? I neglected asking myself the “Do I even want this?” question for a long time. But asking the question immediately gave me clarity. Bargaining over. Bartering over. I offer a fixed, set price. Either the client pays it or does not. But I only read replies from clients who pay up and ignore everything else.

I am a busy guy. I set up my blogging campaign to profit through passive blogging income streams.

I developed great posture to take this calm, confident, clear attitude. Asking questions of self – and sticking around for honest answers – made all the difference in the world. Do the same. Ask yourself what you really want with your blogging campaign. Waste no time lying to yourself.

Build your campaign on concepts like being honest, genuine and authentic. Get clear by being honest with yourself. What do you want? Wait for honest answers. Then, get busy making freeing but sometimes uncomfortable, scary choices, to move in the direction of what you want.

I betcha that deciding not to barter because you want to NOT waste your time by focusing on passive income channels feels highly uncomfortable at first. Being used to the bartering dance feels comfortable. Giving your fixed price and telling someone not to reply unless they pay feels uncomfortable to unclear, not confident, non-posturing bloggers.

But the only way to develop posture is to do posturing things, especially when doing these things feels uncomfortable. Be with the energies. Be clear. Be confident. Do things you need to do to live the life you want to live.

Stop being a patsy. Stop living a life you do not want to live just because you fear leaving your comfort zone. Be with the fears of:

  • criticism
  • failure
  • judgment
  • rejection

to clear these energies, in order to be confident, clear and posturing.

Think of the upside. Ponder your freedom. Think about living life by design. Ponder the idea of living a fun, freeing, fulfilling life.

Blogging gets easier if you set a fun, freeing intent and follow through on the intent no matter what. But all changes with your honesty. Be straight with yourself.

Build your blogging campaign on a foundation of honesty, clarity and by being genuine with yourself.


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