Do You Blog for Others Here and There?


Do You Blog for Others Here and There?

I love blogging.

Being passionate about blogging energizes me to blog patiently, persistently and generously for other folks.

But blogging for others also energizes me to be patient, persistent and generous.

Hmmmm… you see the paradox?

Following YOUR passion energizes you but serving OTHER people energizes you too.

However, I tongue and cheeked this blog post title to alert you: bloggers sometimes blog mainly for themselves and little for others.

Being obsessed with YOUR stats robs others of your blogging service.

Far from being rare, most bloggers spend at least a few moments worrying about traffic and profits stats. But a hefty percentage of bloggers spend all types of time worrying about traffic and profits stats. How can you blog for other people if you spend months or even years worrying about your traffic and profits stats? Mind cannot be in 2 places at once. If you worry about your stats you cannot help your readers. But if you focus on helping your readers the traffic and profits stats take care of themselves.

Being of service wins. Being of self-service leads to all types of dicey problems. Taking full responsibility for your blogging career eggs you on to serve other people because giving promotes success. Not taking full responsibility for your blogging career leads to failure because trying to get leads to failure.

As a rule, these days at least, I wake up with an intent to be truly helpful in as many ways as possible. I feel an urge to write and publish a high volume of guest posts and blog posts to better serve you. Holding this intent goads me to follow my urge. Increased traffic follows but solely because I focused on helping you.

By now, you likely know that I rarely check my blogging traffic stats because self-serving never got me anywhere. Who cares if I know what my Blogging From Paradise traffic stats are if knowing the number provides no genuine service to you? Perhaps one derives some inspiration from traffic stats shared by fellow bloggers but I best help you not by talking about myself but by being of generous service to you by helping you through blog posts, guest posts, videos and eBooks. Plus, selling happens more easily if I help you generously because folks buy from helpful bloggers that they know, like and trust.

I help you by concentrating on helping you. I could never help you if I blogged solely for me or mainly for me. Give your mind to your passion and your readers. Think about having fun helping people through blogging. Be less concerned with blogging stats. Metrics take care of themselves if you take care of human beings who help raise your metrics. Really, blogging is a glorious team effort of a big chunk of humans getting together to help and to receive help. Be open to receiving help but take the initiative by being truly helpful for your readers and fellow bloggers.

Blog your passion. Tie your passion to helping people generously. Being truly helpful leads to permanent happiness and also increases your worldly blogging success.

Doesn’t that sound like a good deal?


Note being responsible as a big part of thinking about your blogging readers.

Perhaps you need to reframe your idea of being a responsible blogger?

Most bloggers cling to odd fears concerning taking on increased responsibility.

Check out the video here:

Be Responsible

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