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Do You Blog from Abundance or Scarcity? - World Writers Hub

Carefully address your blogging campaign. Do you blog from abundance or scarcity?

I came across a site a few moments ago. The founders asked for donations. But the ask seemed to vibe a bit from fear. Donating parties? Praised. Everybody else looked the other way in owner eyes. Not a good look. Why blame people for not donating to charity? Why not begin building a business through the site?

People gladly buy needed products or hire freelancers, coaches and consultants. But people buy into your business only if you blog from abundance. Blogging from scarcity ensures guilting readers, resisting business and asking for donations versus running a real blogging business. Why ask readers to donate money?

Do you feel awkward with receiving money? Why? Customers and clients gladly grow business if you get clear on business. But facing fear, releasing fears and blogging from a generous, posturing energy are starting steps to building a thriving blogging business.

Blog from generosity. Help as many people as possible today. Take your time. Build strong bonds. Guest post, comment genuinely on blogs, chat with people on Twitter and promote yourself freely, too. Giving freely positions you to blog abundantly. Facing fears fueling scarcity is step 1 in releasing a poverty consciousness to blog from abundance, generosity and detachment. I do not enjoy facing fears. Nor do you. But we have no other option; only way to succeed.

I feared guest posting 5 or more times daily for a long time. I feared giving away too much free information. I feared not getting paid enough for my free service. Did I fear criticism? Heck yeah I did. Freely serving people would increase my exposure, opening me up to more critics. What did I do? I nudged into fear, felt it, released it and began guest posting generously.

Something neat happened; slowly but surely, my blogging presence expanded. Success expanded too. But edging into fears was step 1 to move from scarcity to abundance. I still edge into fears daily. Sometimes I feel scared, worried or anxious like every one of the 7 billion human beings on planet earth. I revisit my vision, dream big dreams, face my fears and proceed to blog from a progressively more abundant energy.

Dream more daily to be more daily.

Dream more daily to be more daily.Click To Tweet

Being more moves you higher up the energetic ladder. Guys; blogging gets easier if you make scary decisions. Blogging gets harder if you make comfortable decisions. All depends on your willingness to do freeing, fun, sometimes uncomfortable things. We hate doing uncomfortable things.

Or we dislike doing uncomfortable things. What choice do we have? Doing scary things sometimes allows you to do fun, enjoyable things most of the time.

New bloggers especially need to revisit this truth. Everything sweet, freeing and delightful happens as you follow your fun but also, on the other side of fear. Fear is the barrier. Conquer it by feeling it and blogging anyway.

I feel myself distracting myself. Funny, right? I write 10 words. I eat an egg. I eat 10 more words. I get a cup of coffee. I write one more paragraph. I spend some time with my niece. Sure I could set aside 20 minutes solely to writing and publishing this guest post.

Fear manifest as distraction pulls me away from my job. Why do I fear not eating? Why do I fear not drinking? Why do I fear not spending enough time with my niece? I am human and subject to fear. But facing, feeling and releasing fears lets me blog from generously, abundantly and lovingly.

Success unfolds by walking this energetic path.
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