Do You Fall Victim to Blogging Noise?


Do You Fall Victim to Blogging Noise?

A few moments ago I noted being seemingly lost in a sphere of blogging noise. Ha!

How in the heck can I write a guest post about the victimhood of falling prey to blogging noise while being caught in its tendrils, not a few minutes ago? I have a good answer: I have ample practice in facing the noise and tuning out the noise. Blogging noise comes in shapes and forms, many. I scanned a few posts on page 1 of Google. Various bloggers offered differing opinions on true challenges bloggers face. I agreed with some takes. I disagreed with other takes. But I cut through the blogging noise by grabbing one piece of information and running with it.

I observed the high volume of content addressing blogger challenges and thought; this high volume of content seems helpful but still creates noise, or static in the minds of most bloggers. Who cuts through the noise? Or do bloggers almost always fall prey to the blogging noise? Unfortunately, most seem paralyzed by the sheer volume of helpful but seemingly overwhelming content out there. Analysis paralysis sets in. Who do you trust? What blogging information do you take with you? What sweet blogging content do you take to the bank?

The simplest way to cut through blogging noise is to follow 1 to 2 trusted blogging mentors. Doing this allows you to avoid confusing blogging crosscurrents. For example, even though I changed my blogging school of thought over 12 years, I followed basic fundamentals for much of the blogging journey. I kept it simple and largely consistent. Following my blog and perhaps one blog from another pro blogger gives you 2 blogging schools of thinking to follow. No noise. No confusion. Simply 2 bloggers sharing their respective schools of thought.

But picture yourself following 5, 10 or 20 bloggers. Imagine Googling a popular keyword to observe 7 blog posts on page 1, each laying out 5 to 20 practical blogging tips, some resonating and others not vibing at all. Picture 7 different bloggers writing 7 different blog posts stressing some similar points and some different points. Seeing 35 to 100 tips on page 1 of Google for tackling some problem related to a single keyword is blogging noise. Even if bloggers publish helpful content it feels maddening to be besieged by such a high volume of content, overwhelming you from seemingly every possible direction.

But that’s just Google.

Multiply channels to scour Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and niche specific forums to solve the same blogging problem. Once you get into 200 plus blogging tips laid out by 25 bloggers mined through 5 to 10 sites you pretty much go mad with all that blogging noise ringing in your ears. Forget trying to get all the content you can, gorging on all the content one human can possibly gorge on. Follow 1-2 pros in your niche of choice. Learn from these 1-2 individuals. Narrow your blogging sphere of influence. Cut through the blogging noise by reducing the blogging noise.

Becoming a pro blogger is not getting 100’s of pieces of information from 50 bloggers because noise overwhelms you in such a setting. Becoming a pro blogger is about gathering a handful of smart blogging tips from a few pro bloggers to dissolve noise and to avoid confusing blogging knowledge crosscurrents, pulling you in way too many directions.


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