Do You Fully Grasp this Powerful Blogging Truth?


Do You Fully Grasp this Powerful Blogging Truth?

Blogging income flows THROUGH clients and customers but FROM the blogging process.

Look no further than my latest video on Twitter:

Blogging Profits: Through Clients From Process

Today, I spent a bunch of time engaged in the blogging process of generously creating content and building strong connections with bloggers and readers. I did nothing else. I did not attach to a few current and prospective clients I engaged through email. Nor did I spend much time engaging current and prospective clients.

Why? Blogging income flows from the process, not through channels or human beings. Blogging income flows from focusing primarily on the process of generously, genuinely and persistently creating helpful content from a patient energy.

Blogging business does not flow from these clients. Blogging business flows from me giving virtually 100% of my attention and energy to creating helpful content and building bonds with bloggers and readers. Blogging business then flows through:

  • clients
  • customers

but not from these people.

Knowing this, I can detach from clients and customers – as well as detaching from prospective clients and customers – because none of these people are the source of my blogging income. I am the source of my blogging income because creating and connecting content generously is in my full power. I create and connect generously. Business flows to me through various channels online but it all comes from me and my generous efforts.

Of course fellow bloggers, looking around for a minute indicates most bloggers totally screw up the blogging income process. Most bloggers attach heavily to prospective – and current – clients and customers as the SOURCE of their blogging income. Big mistake. Being generous is the source of your blogging income. Money comes from YOUR generosity, not from another human being. Money flows through other human beings, not from them. Does this make sense? It better, if you want to become a professional blogger.

Knowing this, I can chill out, relax and keep growing my blogging business by helping people generously. I can also let go any attachment to clients or customers because I never fear that these people are the source of my money, my blogging profits.

Most bloggers confuse themselves into believing blogging income flows FROM clients which is not true. But believing in this illusion scares bloggers into bending over backwards to appease clients because without the client or customer, the blogger falsely believes that they will make no money blogging. In essence, bloggers tend to pin all of their hopes, dreams and pro blogging careers on the whims of human beings. Talk about a lesson in insanity. Humans change ideas with the wind. You want to depend on flighty, dodgy humans as the source of your income?

Good luck with that.

Like all illusions driven by fear, this frame of blogging mind is not true. If you fall prey to this client and customer source of income fear, feel the fear, release it and get busy investing nearly 100% of your energy creating helpful content and building meaningful connections.

Creating and connecting generously cultivates your peace of mind and accelerates your blogging business growth over the long haul. Imagine how much your skills, exposure and credibility grow if you create and connect generously. Skilled bloggers with ample exposure gain credibility. Credible bloggers inspire clients and customers to prosper them through multiple income streams. Making money blogging through multiple income streams allows you to go full time if you spend years generously helping people.

Focus heavily on the process of helping people freely to detach from specific income channels. This is the simplest way to maintain a cool, detached air about your blogging business. Who cares if a client chooses to work with another blogger? All of your generous creating and connecting over years ensures money flows to you freely through 5, 10 or 30 income streams.

Does this sound like a peaceful, relaxing and profitable way to blog? Getting your energy right in terms of blogging more from love and abundance versus fear and poverty makes for a more enjoyable blogging ride. Plus, you get to circle the globe and snap images from stunning New Zealand, like I did with this post featured image, if you so choose.

Making money blogging through 10 income streams – frequently through most streams – guarantees you never fear the loss of a single client through one of those income streams. This is called having an abundant mindset. Having an abundant blogging mindset means you raise your blogging vibe around money and other prosperity channels.

As always, the shift occurs within. Picture people as not the source of income but channels through which money flows, in your mind. Patiently building this image detaches you from human beings a bit. Good. Now, feeling detached, relaxed and seeing the truth, you are free to generously create and connect. Generously creating and connecting follows the blogging income earning process closely.

Increased blogging profits follow.


How can you make more money by raising your vibe?

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